Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

Samuel J. and Mary E. Miller , Flagler

In 1910 Flagler precinct, Samuel 54 Indiana, and Mary E. 53 Indiana, have Walter V. 29, Elvira 24, Emma F. 21 -Robert N. 17 - these four in Iowa, and Lettie M. 14 Nebraska.

On the same page are Robert B. 34 and Carrie L. 26, Cooley married seven years. They have Dale E. 7 and Morton B. 2, both born in Nebraska.
In 1920 Samuel 68, Mary 63, and Robert 26 are in Thurman precinct, Washington County, Colorado.
Samuel 1851-1921 # 11069988 is buried in Otis, Colorado.
So is Mary E. Miller 1856-1932 # 11071255.

Carrie Louella (Miller) Cooley 1883-1973
"Carrie Louella Miller was born 27 May 1883 in Beaman, Grundy County, Iowa, the daughter of Samuel Jasper Miller and Mary Ellen Nickerson.
Carrie, better known as Lou, was married to Robert Berton Cooley in Pierce County, Nebraska on 2 Jan 1903. Later that year, they had their first child, Orville Dale. Tragedy was to follow with their next two children, however. Carlyle Berton, "Lyle", was born 18 May 1905 near Plainview but died in childhood on 10 May 1909. Leo Cooley was born 17 Feb 1907 but survived only 14 days to 3 Mar 1907. The young couple didn't attempt any more children until 1912.
Before 1909 Lou and Bert moved to McLean, Nebr, where they both taught school.
In 1910 three families in Northeastern Nebraska migrated to plains of northeastern Colorado: The Robert Berton Cooley consisting of Bert, Lou, Dale, and a nephew Beth took up a homestead 4 miles west and 5 miles north of Flagler in Kit Carson County. The Robert Reed Cooley family consisting of RR, Stella his wife and grand nephew Ronald Cooley bought a relinquishment just west of Flagler. The SJ Miller family consisting of SJ, wife Mary Ellen and six children homesteaded in Washington County near Arickaree about 30 miles north of Flagler.
Life on the Colorado prairie was not a bed of roses for the kids and mom, who continued teaching. Beth had to be "farmed out" (taken to childcare) every morning and Dale accompanied his mom to school. Quoting Dale Cooley: "One day we came home and my mother was about to lay Beth on the bed when she heard the warning, characteristic "w-h-r-r-r" of the rattlesnake. She leaped backwards, went to the stove and got the poker with which she made short work of the rattler. How it to into the house and under the bed, we never knew. Of course, it was an old soddy and so we just had to think that in had been up in the roof area and had fallen down [inside]."
Another day, my mother went to the barn to get the mare "Bess" out to hitch up to go to town when she again got the "message" from a rattlesnake. This one was near the feedbox in the barn. She came to the house, got the "hog-laig" and went back out and with a couple of well-place shots, got rid of that threat. She was an excellent shot with a revolver because she had practiced a lot.
Mrs. Cooley was a Worthy Matron (presiding officer) of the Order of the Eastern Star and received a pin for 50 year membership in the organization in July 1966. In 1967 she became a life member of the Martha Washington Chapter of the Order of the Eastern Star. She was also an active member of the Akron Fortnightly Club, serving as president for one term.
Carrie Louella Miller Cooley had been a patient for almost four years in the nursing wing of Washington County Hospital in Akron Colo, when she died 10 Aug 1973. She was buried alongside her husband Robert Berton Cooley in the Otis Colorado Cemetery."

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