Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

Eugenia Florence (Schultz) St John, 9 South 48 West

Eugenia Florence S. John was born June 4, 1847 at Elgin Illinois, to Nancy Darling Rice (Currier) and Norman L. Shults, born in Indiana, and died in Long Beach, California in 1932, husband Frank W. Mann.
In 1850 Kane County, Illinois, Normal L. "Shoats" is 28, Nancy 30, "Eugene" 3, and Celestia Currier 11.
In 1860 Kane County, Illinois, N.L. Shults is 37, born in New York, Mary D. 40 New Hampshire. Eugenia is 12, Charlotte 11, Adin 7, and Alice 4, all born in Illinois.
Nancy D. Currier married Norman S. Shutes September 6, 1846 in Kane County, Illinois.
Charles H. Saint John married Eugenia F. Schultz April 10, 1869 in McLean County, Illinois.
In 1870 McLean County, Charles is 25, a railroad conductor, Jennie 23.

In 1880 Knox County, Illinois, Charles St. John is a minister, 37, Eugenia 32, with adopted daughter Jenana 8, born in Illinois.
In 1889 Charles and Eugenia of Beloit, Kansas attended the World Sunday convention in London.

Eugenia & Charles St. John officiated at the weddings of Beulah (Daughter of Vienna Celestia Currier and Isaac Finley) & Frank Fouts and Jessie & Darrell Riley. Eugenia was half sister to Celestia Currier Finley and Susan Currier Smith. Their mother was Nancy Darling Rice Currier Shults.
1896 Kansas City 1896 Description of ministries
(Isaac and Celestia Finley, natives of Ohio and Illinois, respectively, were honored residents of Ottawa, Kansas)
In 1904 Salina, Kansas, Eugenia is a temperance lecturer, widow, living at 1316 Highland (Winnie St John, a stenographer, and Mayme St John live at 232 S. 8th.)

In 1905 Salina, Eugenia is 57, living alone, an evangelist, moving to Kansas from Colorado.

1907 Laramie, Wyoming

Lawrence, Kansas, January 1908 "Mrs. Eugenia St. John, an officer in the National W. C. T. U., will leave next Tuesday for Colorado where she will file papers on a new claim. Mrs. St. John is an exceptionally level headed business woman, whose ways have won her much admiration, and on the way she has arranged to file her papers and conduct her business in Colorado, her capabilities are well shown. The claim which consists of 160 acres, is three miles from the new town of Vona, Kit Carson county, in the heart of an agricultural district which has been opened for a year. Her farming will be carried on without irrigation. The claim consists of prairie land, fine for grazing, and last year's crop which was the first crop on the land, was good. The town of Vona is a new one, not quite a year old, has a good start in every way, and this winter the school children numbered 87. The main line of the Rock Island road runs through the town, which is but 100 miles from Denver. The houses are with few exceptions, of sod, cemented both inside and out."
1908 Longmont, Colorado
In 1909 Mrs. St. John lectured in Red Cloud, Nebraska.

In 1910 Kit Carson County, Eugenia is 63, born in Illinois, widowed, farming, living alone.
Eugenia proved up a two quarters in 22, 9 South, 48W in 1913.

Also in 1913, Topeka Kansas
In 1920 she's back in Salina Kansas, 74, a "hospital mother" for a U.S. government hospital.
Salina Kansas 1920 "Mrs. Eugenia St. John of Salina, a temperance and church worker with a statewide reputation, was married there at the home of her niece, Mrs. W. E. Mayer, to Frank W. Mann of Devils Lake, N.D. The bride is a regularly ordained minister in the Protestant Methodist Church, and in the early nineties was a pastor of a church in Kansas City, Kansas.."
In 1930 Los Angeles, Eugeneia, 83, is married to Frank W. Mann, 84 IllinoisEugenia F. St. John, "wife of Charles H. St. John, 1847-1932" is buried in Salina, Kansas, # 19259483.
The informant for her California death certificate was Geneva McClaskey of 350 Wanamac SAve, Chicazgo, Illinois - one tree said she was an adopted daughter.
In 1930 Chicago, Claude M. McClaskey is 59, born in Nebraska, a voucher clerk for the railroad. Geneva E. is 49, born in Scotland, with Frances G. 17 Illinois.
In 1924 Francis McClaskey, twelve years old, gave two readings at a party of the Radio Lullaby club of teh Sears-Roebuck Agricultural Foundation's Radiocast WL5.
Claude born in Nebraska City in 1872, died July 9, 1937, to be buried at Elmwood, Cook County.
Claude had married Geneva E. Boyd January 1, 1907 in Chicago.
Claude Martin McClaskey, born in Nebraska City, and Geneva Evelyn Boyd, born in Glasgow Scotland, had Francis Gertrude McClaskey January 2, 1913 in Chichago.
In 1940 Chicago, "Genva McClasky" is widowed, 59, with Frances, 26.

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