Kit Carson County, Colorado

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Kit Carson County Pioneers:

Reuel and Sarah (Powers) Cain, Burlington

Ruell M. Cain married Nancy Darby on July 29, 1841 in Scotland County, Missouri.

Ruell M. Cain and Nancy (Darby) Cain had Amanda Melvina Cain in May 27, 1843 in Scotland County - who married a Hamilton.

Ruell M. Cain married Sarah Powers March 11, 1847 in Scotland County, Missouri.

In 1856 Wapello County, Iowa, Rewel and Sarah are both 35, with Amanda 14 and Indiana 6.

In 1860 Wapello County, Iowa, Reul Kane is a laborer 42, born in Indiana, with Sarah 32 Indiana. Indiana is 10, born in Missouri, Mary 3 and Emily 1 in Iowa.
In 1870 Scotland County, Missouri, Ruel Cain is 51, Sarah 42 (both born in Indiana, although his obituary says Reuel was born in Adams County, Ohio), Jular/John (female) 22, Mary 14, Emily 12, Gillie 9, Edward 5, Roy 3 and Walter 1.

In 1900 Kit Carson County, Ruel has no occupation, born July 1819 in Ohio, married 47 years to Sarah E. September 1828 Indiana.

Reuel proved up a quarter in 12, 9S 44W in 1902.

March 23, 1909 Aspen, Colorado

January 11, 1912 "Grandpa Rhule Cain is lying very low at the home of his daughter, Mrs. C. A. Pearce. He has taken practically no nourishment for several days and it is feared that his death is but a matter of a short time. Mr. Cain is in his 92nd year."

Reuel 1819-1912 is buried in Burlington # 61508412, with Sarah 1828-1909 # 61508412. January 18, 1912.


Roy B. Cain married Maud M. Penfold on April 1, 1893 in Kit Carson County.
Roy proved up a quarter in 24, 9S 43W in 1895.
December 5, 1896 "A freak election bet between Roy Cain and J. D. Waring was paid by Mr. Cain today. The terms of the bet were that in the event of McKinley's election, Mr. Cain was to give Mr. Ware a wheelbarrow ride over the streets of Burlington. The ride took place this morning amid the jeers of the crowd. This is the only bet of this nature that was made in Burlington."

In 1900 Burlington, Roy is a day laborer, born March 1868 in Missouri, with maude M. April 1877 Iowa. Ruth was born Feb 1894, Lyle B. December 1895.

They're next to Ruel Cain July 1819 born in Ohio, and Sarah E. Sept 1828 born in Indiana.

In 1870 Clark County, Missouri, W. G. Carveth is 27, a laborer born in Canada, with Amanda 27 and Stephen 1, both born in Missouri.

In 1880 Lincoln, Nebraska, Walter G. Carveth is 38, born in England, with Amanda 37 Missouri. Stephen 11 and Devliet 5 were born in Missouri, Kate 4, Mark 3, and Roy 1 were born in Nebraska.
Amanda's sister Mary Cain, 23 born in Iowa is with them.

September 30, 1895 Lincoln "Walter G. Carveth, an aged driver of an express wagon, who lived at 1321 South Tenth street, dropped dead Sunday afternoon while shining his shoes. When his daughter returned from church he complained that his arm was stiff. She started to rub it, but as it pained him she desisted and ran to a neighbor's to telephone for a physician. When the latter arrived Mr. Carveth was dead. His ailment was found to have been neuralgia of the heart. He was fifty-five years of age and had lived in Lincoln twenty-three years. He leaves a wife and four children. Mrs. Carveth was absent visiting friends in Kearney when her husband died. His wife and daughter returned from Kearney today and the funeral will occur from the residence at 2 p. m. Tuesday."

In 1900 Lincoln, Amanda is widowed, 58, with Mark 22, Roy 21, and Bessie 15.

1909 "Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Streeter, of North Platte, are spending the holidays with Mrs. Streeter's mother, Mrs. W. G. Carveth, 1321 South Tenth street."
Amanda Melvina (Cain) Carveth 1842-1921 is buried in Lincoln, Nebraska # 62799723, with Walter Giles Carveth 1841-1895.
Roy Carveth, a stagehand of Lincoln Nebraska, married Marcella Schleing of Lincoln, in Sidney, Iowa on August 30, 1923.
Stephen Carveth, 25, born in Missouri, married Lena Kruger 20 born in Germany, on February 1, 1893 Lincoln, Nebraska.

Bess, born 1884 in Nebraska, married William Roy Streeter, and they're in Lincoln in 1920, and in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1940, both 55.

1931 Lincoln "One of Lincoln’s younger physicians, Dr. Walter W. Carveth, deputy superintendent of the city health department, had an enviable record as a warbird. On May 15, 1917, Dr. Carveth, then just plain "Walt Carveth," was mustered into the United States air corps, an enlisted man. Like so many other Lincoln air warriors, Dr. Carveth took his ground training at the University of Texas in Austin and his flight training at Kelly field No. 1, San Antonio. He, too, received a second lieutenant's commission. For a time he instructed student fliers at Love field, Dallas, but later instructed in night bombing at Ellington field, Houston. It was while he was instructing at the latter place that he "washed out" three army planes. Although he was injured on at least one occasion, Dr. Carveth prefers not to talk about that part of it. On one occasion Dr. Carveth came very near causing a little private war between the United States government and one of the greater railroads of the south. While making a cross-country hop from Ellington field to Louisville, Ky., he made a forced landing in some rough country. In fact the surrounding country looked so rough that by contrast the raised railroad ties appeared glass smooth. To say Dr. Carveth made a "happy landing” would be stretching the truth, because Uncle Sam had to dig down in his pockets and pay the railroad company several thousand dollars for damage to telegraph wires and poles and to the railway right-of-way. Because a pilot makes a safe forced landing does not necessarily mean that his life is no longer in jeopardy, as Dr. Carveth will testify. After making a successful forced landing near Austin, Tex., it was necessary for Dr. Carveth to take off cross wind. In attempting to do so, a gust of wind tossed his ship into a nearby tree. All tne government was out this time was what was then termed a "good airplane."

October 5, 1939 "Steven Carveth, 70, 1220 C, head of Carveth Construction company here, died unexpected early Thursday at his home. Born at Canton, Mo., he had lived in Lincoln for the past 53 years and built up the business of the company that bears his name. He remained active until his death, being at his office Wednesday. Surviving are his wife, Lena, two sons. Dr. W. W. Carveth and D’V1iet Carveth of Lincoin; four daughters. Mrs. H. J. Bull, and Helen and Madeline Carveth of Lincoln, and Ruth Carveth of Oakland; sister, Mrs. W. R. Streeter of Milwaukee, and three grandchildren."

"Dr. Walt F. Weaver's dedication to the Hippocratic Oath guided him in his practice of medicine. He always put his patients first.    He was a life long student of medicine and published many papers and lectured numerous times in the States, Japan, China, England, Norway and Sweden.    He was Lincoln's pioneer cardiologist who with Dr.  Stephen Carveth developed Bryan Memorial Hospital's first heart catheterization laboratory in 1962, later joined by Dr.  Herb Reese "


Edward W. Cain married Belle V. Kyle on September 25, 1889 in Kit Carson County.

Edward W. Cain cash-claimed a quarter in 14, 9S 44W in 1891. He proved up a quarter in 31, 9S 42W in 1895.

He's in Teller County in 1900, married eleven years to Belle V. 34. Roy is 8, Ray 2, .

In 1913 Leavenworth, Washington, Edward W. Cain sold 18 acres to Walter G. Cain.


October 1, 1898 Aspen "Walter Cain expects to leave tomorrow tor Cripple Creek, from whence he will do the carnival at Denver and then go on to Burlington, Colo., to enjoy a visit with his parents. He expects to be absent about three weeks."

July 19, 1912 Aspen

Walter Giles Cain married Nettie May Stafford on Sept 25, 1899 in Aspen, and was in Aspen Colorado in 1900, with Nettie, and died February 17, 1934, buried in Wenatchee, Chelan County, washingotn>
September 27, 1899 "By a typographical error the name of Walter Cain, who was married to Miss Stafford Monday evening, was made to read Cain in the announcement of the wedding which appeared in this paper yesterday morning."

October 4, 1902 "Mr. Cain, the well known clerk at Woods commission house, leaves this evening for Burlington, Colo. Mr. Cain came to Aspen five years ago and was engaged Immediately by Mr. Woods, where he has worked ever since. Several years ago he married Miss Nellie Stafford and since then they have resided on South First. Mr. Cain leaves Aspen to go into business for himself. He has the best wishes of Aspen for success in his new ventures."

July 25, 1910 Aspen "Mr. Stafford returned yesterday from Seattle where he visited his son-in-law Walter Cain and family. He says it is a prosperous country and growing in population rapidly, but he much prefers old Aspen."s

August 5, 1925 "Mrs. Walter Cain and two daughters of Wenatchee, Wash., are now visiting grandma in Cripple Creek and are expected in Aspen next week to visit Mrs. Cains sister, Mrs. Matheson. Mrs. Cain is a former Aspenite and a large circle of friends will be pleased to learn of her visit."

September 11, 1941 "Elizabeth Stafford Matheson, 71, died Monday afternoon at the Citizens hospital after having been in ill health for several years. She had been confined to the hospital since July , 1939.
Funeral services for Mrs. Matheson will be held this afternoon at the Sardy mortuary at 2:00 o clock with Rev. Orman C. King in charge. Burial will be made in Aspen Grove cemetery. Elizabeth Stafford was born July 2, 1870, at Fredonia, Kan. She came to Colorado in 1881 and to Pitkin county in 1921. She was married in 1891 to Dougald Matheson and to this union were born four children, three of them dying in infancy. Mr. Matheson died in 1918 and one son, Kenneth, died here in 1925.
Surviving are a brother, Harry Stafford of Cripple Creek; a sister, Mrs. Walter Cain of Wenatchee, Wash.; five nieces in Washington and one in Ohio.
As a child, the famous big league ball player, Monte Pearson, made his home with Mrs. Matheson and she cared for him .

Walter Giles Cain 1870-1934 is buried in Wenatchee, Washington, with Nettie May (Stafford Cain 1877-1942.


Indiana Cain, 19, married Henry Gillespie 21 in 1868 in Missouri.
In 1880, Henry 32 and India 30 are in Fillmore County, Nebraska, with Millie 11, Maggie 7, Bertha 4, and Ruel 2.

In 1885 Fillmore County, Henry Gillespie is 37, Indian 35, Millie 16, Maggie 13, Bertha 9, Moss 4, Clarke 3.

Henry died April 1885 of consumption in Fillmore County.
Their daughter Millie A. Gillespie married Oscar L. Fairley, 32, in Buffalo County, Nebraska on May 22, 1901. Oscar was born in Wisconsin, living at Cripple Creek.
December 25, 1914 Plateau, Colorado "Oscar L. Fairley, Grand Junction agent of the Columbia National Life Insurance Co., was in tbe valley this week writing life and accident insurance."
Millie died in Carson City, Nevada May 22, 1948, to be buried there. O.L. Fariley of 704 Phillips, Carson City was the informant.
Mary B. Gillespie, 22, married Frank Huston in Kearney, Nebraska on June 29, 1898.
Frank and Mary are in Kearney in 1900, and in 1910 are in Rifle, Colorado, where he's an electric lineman, 40, Berhta 34, Harold 9, Don 8, Lucille 5 in Nebraska, Howard nine months in COlorado.

They're in Twin Falls, Idaho in 1930, with Donald, Lucille, and Howard.
Frank 1870-1938 is buried in Twin Falls County # 28820343, with Bertha 1875-1976, and Lucile 1904-1954.
October 15, 1938 "Services were held at the Methodist church Tuesday for Frank Huston, Buhl service station owner and operator who died from a heart attack Saturday. Leroy Wal Methodist conducted the .... A .....composed of John Bryan Rogers and Aldrich furnished the music. Interment was in the Buhl cemetery. Pallbearers were James Oliver Mdrsdeiir George Luyne and Olin... Frank Huston was a native of.... coming to Buhl in.... Surviving members of the family are his daughter Lucille of Buhl, sons Don and Howard of... and a...who lives in .

Bertha is widowed in 1940 Twin Falls, with Lucille 35 and Howard 31.

September 11, 1959 "Funeral services for Don C. Huston will be held Tuesday at the First Methodis Church. Last rites will be held in the Buhl ccemetery."


Lizzie A. (Cain) Curry 1861-1951 is buried in Scotland County, Missouri # 73356785, with James H. 1855-1930.


Emma, born August 3, 1858 in Iowa, marriedSamuel E. Lutz on December 9, 1890 in Kit Carson County, and they're in Teller County in 1900, with Hazel 5 and Kyle 3.

S.E. Lutz was one of the miners deported in the 1905 Cripple Creek strike.

In 1907 Emma Lutz, formerly Emma Cain, timber-claimed a quarter in 24, 8S 44W.
She died September 18, 1928 in Tonopah, Nevada # 167274608.
Samuel is in Los Angeles in 1930, with daughter Hazel Aurelia Smith. She died July 21, 1945 in Los Angeles.
Kyle J. Lutz, born Nov 23, 1896 in Colorado, died January 15, 1968 in Alameda County, California.
His first wife Cissily V. (Freeman) Lutz dying June 24, 1935 in Alameda County, is buried in British Columbia # 146489401.
They had Cissily Ann Lutz on Nov 13, 1932, who died October 23, 204 , name Rutherford in 1954, and Flynn in 1965.

Kyle then married Viola May, born December 3, 1892 in Indiana, maiden name Cooper, who then married a Jewell.
Viola died Sept 6, 1942 in Alameda County.


Mary Cain married Carman A. Pearce in Scotland County January 20, 1886, and they're farming in Kit Carson County in 1900. Carman was January 1856 in Missouri, married 14 years to Mary August 1856, with Arthur J. March 1882 Missouri, Edna January 1890 and Carl May 1896, both born in Colorado.

In 1910 Carman is 52, born in Missouri, Mary 53 in Iowa, with Carl 14 born in Colorado.

Carman is a teamster in 1920 Burlington, 63, with Mary 62 and Carl W. 23 no occupation. They also hae a boarding house.
Mary Pearce 1856-1920 is buried in Burlington # 89631161.

Arthur 1882-1955 is buried in Burlington # 89630569, with Ella 1884-1964.

Edna married Orin C. Powelson, and they're farming in Kit Carson County in 1910. Oris is 23, Edna 20.
They're in Adams County, Iowa in 1925, Orin 38, Edna 35, Frank 7, Orin Jr. 5, and Waunita M. 3.
Edna 1890-1955 is buried in Corning, Iowa # 57966387, with Orin C. 1886-1956 3 57966396.

Carl was a salesman in 1930 Denver, and was incarcerated June 3, 1933 in Leavenworth>
February 9, 1934 "
Pearce's Information Put Police On Trail Of Boettcher Kidnapers;
Trial Of Women At Pierre Final Chapter Of Episode.
PIERRE, S. D., May 17.
Charle Boettcher, was kidnaped about midnight Feb. 12, 1933, as he parked his auto mobile in the garage at his Denver home. Verne Sankay, gang leader, and Gordo Alcorn, confessed accomplice, rushed Boettcher from Colorado to a hideout on.the Sankey turkey ranch in Burial county, South Dakota.
For more than two weeks negotiations were carried on by the gang and Claude K. Boettcher for his son's release, which took place the night of March 1 in Denver. Later, the father had $60,000 placed under a culvert for the gang, carrying out an agreement he made for the young broker's release. Several days later Carl W. Pearce another member of the gang, was arrested in Denver. He talked and police went to South Dakota by airplane to raid the Sankey ranch, Arthur Youngberg, who guarded Boettcher during the time he was held, was arrested at a neighboring ranch, but Sankey and Alcorn could not be found. A total of $9,360 of the ransom, Youngberg's share, was recovered on the ranch. Pearce and Youngberg confessed in Denver. The former was sentenced to 26 years in Leavenworth penitentiary and Youngberg was given a shorter term. Mrs. Sankey and Mrs. Kohler were arrested with Pearce in Denver, but later were released. A nation-wide hunt was started for Sankey and Alcom but they were not apprehended until early in 1934. During this time Mrs. Sankey was indicted by a grand jury at Deadwood, S. D., for conspiracy in the kidnaping. Sankey was arrested last Jan. 31, in a Chicago barber shop. Two days later Alcorn was apprehended in a Chicago apartment where he lived. Both were taken to Sioux Falls.

"Youngberg's arrest followed the apprehensions of three suspects in Denver: Carl W. Pearce, an insurance salesman accused of typing out the ransom notes; Sankey's wife, Fern; and Alvina Ruth Kohler, Fern's sister and a close friend of Carl Pearce. Pearce had boasted about the case to an acquaintance while drinking, providing the police with a major break in the case. "

Carl registered for WWII in Cleveland Ohio, care of the U.S. Probation Officer, born May 5, 1895 at Burlington, Colorado.

James F. Cain cash-claimed a quarter in 22, 11S 44W in 1891.

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