Elect Teachers

From the Kit Carson Record, September 1, 1910

     The school board has completed teh corps of teachers for the Burlington schools.  The following teachers have been selected for the ensuing year:  C.I. Stafford of Denver, principal; Flora E. Goldsworthy of Boulder, Intermediate department; Mrs. Jennie Long of Burlington, grammar and Rosamond Little of Colorado Springs, primary.

  The members of this year's faculty, with the exception of Mrs. Long are strangers to our people, but come highly recommended.

  Mrs. Jennie Long, who has charge of the grammar department is one of the best known educators of this county and at one time received the nomination on the Republican ticket for office of county superintendent of schools.  Mrs. Long is a former teacher of the Burlington schools and the board had in mind her previous good work in making their selection.

  The fall term opens Monday, September 5, though beyond the assignment of lessons and other preliminary work incident to the opening of the schools but little of the regular work will be done.  By Tuesday it is expected that work will be taken up in earnestl

  It is hoped that the officers and teachers will receive the support and assistance of every patron of the school thus aid in building for our schools a  (sic) organization and standing that will be unexcelled in eastern Colorado.


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