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The card is postmarked Seibert, CO June 22, 1919. The correspondent is a "Florence"
 and she has marked herself with an 'X' in the picture. The the other three girls with
her are the 'seniors' in the class. This picture does not look like the same school that you already
 have a picture of on this site. Submitted by Becky Beatty

Seibert School
Submitted by Jerry Cox

Submitted by Jerry Cox

Limon Water Tank Oct 3 1990
Submitted by Jerry Cox

Submitted by Jerry Cox

Submitted by Jerry Cox

Submitted by Jerry Cox

Picnic at Strodes July 4, 1914
Submitted by Jerry Cox

Here are two post cards of Flagler. The one in color is from 1911.
The black and white has 1913 on the front.
Becky Beatty

Burlington High School 1927 Freshman Class
submitted by William Burr

names on photo as they appeared

Clarence Olsen
Carl Davis
John Beal
Glen Montgomery
Lowell Dunlap
Elmer Guthrie
Bob Winegar
Wayne Smith
Ivan Wood
Bob Davis
Harold Yarnell
John Lidhir?
Raymond Konkle
Milliard Leir
John Aurner
Dover or Doves? Eicher
Edna Kukuk
Eliu Zick
Marjorie With
Rosabe? Benard
Francis Pugh
Lindall? Whit
Elsie Kukuk
Matilda Lucke
Carroll Gerger
Dorothy Morgan
Alice Bogart
Martha Clip
Mia Goldsby
Hazel Kennedy
Bertha Klog
Janette Tibolt
Mildred Klink

Cowboys working for the MET Ranch at Riverbend about 8-10 miles west of Limon, Colorado. The crew consisted of Left to Right, George Epperson, Lafey Brafford, Albert Fisher, Frank Edwards, Will Strode, Ed Beaver. Information provided by Jay Strode.  Submitted by Edward Roberts email

Class Photo ca. 1892
Front row L to R: Ryth Rogers, Sam Rogers, Miriam Blake, Mabel Blake, Bess Kistler, Corda hendricks, Herbert Bandy
Second row: Belle Lee, Leona Bell, Clara Blake, Audrey Blake, Jim Kistler, Rolland Rose, Roy Hendricks, Clarence Bandy, Jesse Bandy-hat.
Back Row: Mildred Blake, Elda Blake, Roy Rogers, Grover Blake, Harry Rose, Ralph Rogers, Milton Rose, Mettie Rose, Maude Rogers,
Back row: Teacher: J. S. scheib, teacher. 

The picture is from the Seibert school, in Kit Carson County, Colorado.  By Gerald Cox

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