Kit Carson County Marriages
Marriages of Kit Carson Residents in Another County
By Larry A. Kirkpatrick©
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Last Name    First Name     Residence/City   County/State     Sp Last Name   Sp First Name    City/Residence    County/State   Marriage Date Marriage Location
Fruehling    Jacob A        Flagler          Kit Carson Co    Wright         Everene          Flagler           Kit Carson Co    11/12/1924  Flagler Kit Carson Co
Day          Harell Edd     Colby            Thomas Co  KS    Hamill         Esther Beulah    Colby             Thomas Co  KS    8/16/1925   Burlington Kit Carson Co
Burnett      Lewis Holmes   Fort Collins     Larimer Co       Hendrich       Constance Elaine Burlington        Kit Carson Co    8/17/1925   Burlington Kit Carson Co
Gassner      Robert J       Burlington       Kit Carson Co    Chase          Mary L           Burlington        Kit Carson Co    8/26/1925   Burlington Kit Carson Co
Keese        James C        Burlington       Kit Carson Co    Boggs          Erma             Burlington        Kit Carson Co    10/30/1925  Flagler Kit Carson Co
Moore        Leland H       Flagler          Kit Carson Co    Roberts        Vivienne         Flagler           Kit Carson Co    11/1/1925   Stratton Kit Carson Co
Warner       Lloyd Paul     New Castle       Weston Co        Jones          Bertha A         Laird             Yuma Co          11/11/1925  Burlington Kit Carson Co
Roberts      Clyde E        Flagler          Kit Carson Co    Whittaker      Mary Alice       Genoa             Lincoln Co       3/20/1926   Flagler Kit Carson Co
Sims         Owen           Sterling         Logan Co         Rinearson      Evelyne          Arapahoe          Cheyenne Co      9/12/1927   Burlington Kit Carson Co
Moss         Harry E        Boulder          Boulder Co       Fetty          Laverna          Stratton          Kit Carson Co     9/4/1927   Burlington Kit Carson Co
Hoar         James William  Denver           Colorado         McGinnity      Mary Roose       Denver            Colorado         11/7/1927   Stratton Kit Carson Co
Clark        Forest Stanley Greeley          Weld Co          Teller         Ruth Louise      Greeley           Weld Co          12/3/1927   Vona Kit Carson Co
Murphy       Floyd R        Cheyenne Wells   Cheyenne Co      Claus          Elva Jassie      Cheyenne Wells    Cheyenne Co       4/2/1927   Burlington Kit Carson Co
Lattimer     Clarence W     Lander           Fremont Co  WY   Longenecker    Helen C          Lander            Fremont Co  WY   6/19/1929   Burlington Kit Carson Co
Ringo        Fred D         Limon            Lincoln Co       Leath          Mrs Mabel        Limon             Lincoln Co       12/19/1929  Burlington Kit Carson Co
Thompson     Roy            Arapahoe         Cheyenne Co      Driscoll       Sylvia Pearl     Arapahoe          Cheyenne Co      3/20/1930   Burlington Kit Carson Co
Synder       John E         Westcliffe       Custer Co        Beek           Viola O          Cheyenne Wells    Cheyenne Co      5/28/1930   Burlington Kit Carson Co
Johnson      Herby L        Burlington       Kit Carson Co    Presley        Edith M          Burlington        Kit Carson Co     8/2/1930   Burlington Kit Carson Co
Lautzenhiser L D            Flagler          Kit Carson Co    Nelson         Mary             Flagler           Kit Carson Co    11/27/1930  Flagler Kit Carson Co
Anderson     George O       Greeley          Weld Co          Jensen         Kathleen L       Vona              Kit Carson Co    5/31/1931   Vona Kit Carson Co
Carr         James L        Wild Horse       Cheyenne Co      Schallenberger Olive            Wild Horse        Cheyenne Co       7/1/1931   Burlington Kit Carson Co
Epperson     Roy A          Flagler          Kit Carson Co    Strode         Alta Vareta      Flagler           Kit Carson Co     9/9/1931   Flagler Kit Carson Co
Maley        Earl           Ogallala         Keith Co  NE     Wright         Mrs Lola E       Ogallala          Keith Co  NE     10/17/1931  Burlington Kit Carson Co
King         John E         Mathesne         Elbert Co        Havard         Orpha            Flagler           Kit Carson Co    6/12/1932   Flagler Kit Carson Co
Winn         Donald B       Flagler          Kit Carson Co    Bryan          Pauline Fay      Flagler           Kit Carson Co     4/2/1933   Flagler Kit Carson Co
McKellips    Everett Vernon Cheyenne Wells   Cheyenne Co      Ardrey         Opal Irene       Cheyenne Wells    Cheyenne Co      7/27/1933   Burlington Kit Carson Co
Turpin       Harlan D       Louisville       Jefferson Co  KY Keever         Melissa A        Norton            Norton Co  KS    9/16/1933   Burlington Kit Carson Co
Thomas       Ralph Harrison Flagler          Kit Carson Co    Johnson        Myrtle Ruth      Flagler           Kit Carson Co     8/8/1934   Denver Denver Co
First        Darwin Mangus  Limon            Lincoln Co       Baldwin        Dorothy Helen    Limon             Lincoln Co        1/5/1935   Burlington Kit Carson Co
Norden       Henry          Denver           Denver Co        Broomer        Lena             Denver            Denver Co         3/7/1935   Vona Kit Carson Co
Jones        Hugh F         Harmony          Fillmore Co  MN  Reichards      Elizabeth        Burlington        Kit Carson Co    12/4/1935   Burlington Kit Carson Co
Collins      Earl           Stratton         Kit Carson Co    Arneal         Fern             Stratton          Kit Carson Co    2/12/1936   Stratton Kit Carson Co
Brownswell   Harlow J       Burlington       Kit Carson Co    Dunn           Thilda           Burlington        Kit Carson Co     4/8/1936   Burlington Kit Carson Co
VanHeukelem  Walter W Jr    Denver           Denver Co        Brouwer        Ada              Vona              Kit Carson Co    4/13/1936   Vona Kit Carson Co
Taber        Ben            Colorado Springs El Paso Co       Yoder          Mrs Frances      Colorado Springs  El Paso Co       6/15/1936   Burlington Kit Carson Co
Morgan       Winston        Denver           Denver Co        Snyder         Helen Gertrude   Denver            Denver Co        10/24/1936  Burlington Kit Carson Co
McCormick    James D        Burlington       Kit Carson Co    FitzSimmons    Janis C          Burlington        Kit Carson Co    6/10/1939   Burlington Kit Carson Co
Boger        Vernis Ninnian Seibert          Kit Carson Co    Livingston     Viva May         Seibert           Kit Carson Co    6/10/1940   Kit Carson Co
Hulse        Lewis E        Colorado Springs El Paso Co       Copley         Doris J          Colorado Springs  El Paso Co       6/22/1941   Flagler Kit Carson Co
Keith        James W        Golden           Jefferson Co     Wells          Mary Evelyn      Golden            Jefferson Co      8/3/1941   Flagler Kit Carson Co
Lobaugh      Harry E        Pueblo           Pueblo Co        Farwell        Dorothy          Pueblo            Pueblo Co         7/6/1947   Burlington Kit Carson Co
Sharp        Clayton R      Kirk             Yuma Co          Andrews        Lyda Gertrude    Idalia            Yuma Co          1/20/1908   Kit Carson Co
Last Name     First Name      Notes
Fruehling     Jacob A         witnesses Clarence Wright and Nora Wright
Day           Harell Edd
Burnett       Lewis Holmes
Gassner       Robert J
Keese         James C         license #1187 issued at Hugo, Colorado 10/30/1925
Moore         Leland H
Warner        Lloyd Paul
Roberts       Clyde E         license #1208 issued at Hugo, Colorado 3/20/1926
Sims          Owen
Moss          Harry E         license #9546 issued at Boulder, Colorado 9/2/1927
Hoar          James William
Clark         Forest Stanley
Murphy        Floyd R
Lattimer      Clarence W      license isssued at Denver Denver Co Colorado
Ringo         Fred D
Thompson      Roy             witnesses E C Driscoll and Mrs. E C Driscoll  certificate issued in Cheyenne County
Synder        John E
Johnson       Herby L
Lautzenhiser  L D             witness H H Nelson
Anderson      George O        witness Miss Helen Anderson
Carr          James L         witness Marta J Schallenberger
Epperson      Roy A           witness Will Strode
Maley         Earl
King          John E          witnesses E S Havord and Georgia Havord
Winn          Donald B        witness Mrs R S Bryan and M P Winn
McKellips     Everett Vernon  witnesses Mr & Mrs Myrl Ardrey
Turpin        Harlan D
Thomas        Ralph Harrison  license #2333 issued 8/2/1934 at Flagler Kit Carson Co  CO
                              marriage probably took place in Kit Carson County not Denver Co as indicated on the certificate
First         Darwin Mangus   license #1777 but no mention of county of issue
Norden        Henry           license #3619 issued by Denver County Colorado
Jones         Hugh F
Collins       Earl            license #21129 issued by El Paso Co  Colorado
Brownswell    Harlow J        license #B-2 issued by Cheyenne Co  Colorado
VanHeukelem   Walter W jr     license #6483 isssued by Denver Co  Colorado
Taber         Ben             license #21325 issued by El Paso Co  Colorado
Morgan        Winston         license #8249 issued by Denver Co  Colorado  witness E Maxine Snyder
McCormick     James D         license #2066 issued by Lincoln Co  Colorado
Boger         Vernis Ninnian  license #23792 issued by El Paso Co  Colorado
Hulse         Lewis E         license #24188 issued by El Paso Co  Colorado
Keith         James W         license #5963 issued by Jefferson Co  Colorado  witness Mrs Alta Wells
Lobaugh       Harry E         license #8521 issued by Pueblo Co  Colorado  witness John Lobaugh
Sharp         Clayton R       license issued by the county clerk of Yuma Co  Colorado  witness Edna M Andrews