Cloud City Chronicles
March 7, 1927
As Published in The Herald Democrat
7 March 2002

Eight new Citizens-Eight Leadville men became American Citizens Monday when they successfully passed naturalization hearings.

The eight, together with their local address, native country and date of arrival in America, are as follows:

Charles Mitchie Halkett                                     Joseph Gruden
208 E. 7th St.                                                    Box 100
Scotland                                                            Jugoslavia
1908                                                                 1913

Gust Albert Carlson                                            Bert Maich
314 E. 3rd St.                                                     482 W. Chestnut St.
Sweden                                                              Jugoslavia
1886                                                                  1909

Martin Zugel                                                       Tony Urich                             
Box 670                                                              216 W. Chestnut St.
Jugoslavia                                                            Jugoslavia
1913                                                                   1910

William James Lindie                                            August Lety
No address                                                          Bucktown
Finland                                                                 Italy                                  
1905                                                                    1903                                             

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