Annie Gallagher McMahon, being of Lawful age and being duly sworn upon oath, deposes and says: That the full name of the deceased was Catherine Kate Gallagher, That the deceased was born at County Donegal, Ireland, and was 77years of age on or about the 9th day of May, A.D. 1919, last past, and belonged to the Caucasian race.

That the residence of the deceased at the time of death was at Leadville, in the County of Lake in the State of Colorado.

That the deceased died at Leadville, in the County of Lake and State of Colorado on the 23rd day of October, A.D. 1919.

That according to the law of descent and distribution of the State of Colorado, the following are all of the heirs of the deceased:

Annie McMahon Salida, Colorado Adult Sister

Mary Burke Crough, County Adult Sister

Donegal Ireland

Frank Gallagher Greenville AL Adult Brother

James Gallagher Castle Ogura, Adult Brother

Co. Donegal

Michael Gallagher Baltimore, MD Adult Brother

That the affiant is a sister of the deceased and has personal knowledge of all of the facts herein set forth.

Signed: Annie McMahon

Submitted by:  Sharon R. Shaffer

Date of death:  Friday, January 29, 1937

Here are a list of names that Annie McMahon left things too in her will.   Her only survivors were nieces and nephews.

Father Maddox     Baltimore, MD
 James Gallagher  512 North Main ST   Butte, Montana
 James Burke     Crough Co Donegal
 St. Joseph's Catholic School    Salida, Colorado
 Robert Bernard Gallagher    Charlo Montana
 Paddy Meehan     Charlo Montana
 Frank Gallagher     Charlo Montana
 Mike Gallagher     Charlo Montana
 Mary McGroarty  100-105 Astor Ave Long Island City, NY
 Kate Monroe  3110-103 Street  Elmhurst NJ
 James Gallagher Jr.    Butte, Montana
 Bernard Smith  Kidder Street  Wilkes Barre Pa
 Eddie Gallagher  204 8th Street  Long Island City NY
 Mary Martin  204 8th Street  Long Island City NY
 John McGeever  Franklin Street  Wilkes Barre, PA
 P.J. Gallagher  Frank Street  Wilkes Barre, PA
 Hannah Robinson  420 East 10th St.  Leadville Colorado
 Austin McKenna     Salida Colorado
 Mrs. J.J. McKenna     Salida Colorado
 Joseph J. McKenna     Salida Colorado
 Mrs. Bernard Smith     Wilkes Barre PA
 Mrs. Smith     Salida Colorado 
 Mrs. Anna Rivers     Salida Colorado
 Home for Dependent
 and Neclected Boys Box 117 S. Hill Branch Pittsburg, PA
Submitted by:  Sharon R. Shaffer

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