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BENNETT, Robert Steven
BIRD, Ida and Adah Eldora
BROWNEWELL, George William
CARMAN, Dudley
DAWSON, Emma Margurete
GRUER, James Muir
JOHNSON, Herbert Leroy
KEMPER, Minnie Lee m. Johnson
LEVI, Oliver E.
LEVI, Clarence
MARSH, Della Burdette
NICKERSON, George& Gertie

From: Sun 2:56 PM
Subject: cooper ark-ok-?col

Hello, im new to the colorado list, i am searching for information on A.L. COOPER born 1864-1874? this is my bio.grgrgrandfather all i have is: a post card was sent to him April 1890 from State Board of Trade RE: A.L.Cooper abstract and deed to follow in 10 days, from akron,col. addressed to South Canadian Indian Territory,okla (pittsburg co,okla by South McAlester),and a picture of him, John William DeHart adopted his son born oct 14 1887 in (maybe Mo or Ark?) my grgrandfather named Charley cooper with legal name change to Charley DeHart,on Sep 23,24 1892 in the courts of South McAlester,Oklahoma, only DeHarts kids knew of adoption and charley (why?) john married to Elizabeth Haynes (zelphi or Delpha, one on death certif.other obit) born 1874 in knoxville,tn. john 1864 wv...have a feeling cooper-dehart well aquanted either travel, coal mines or trouble may have been aka...last residence of john dehart ect.wister,okla lelfore co, why did he adopt child (paper work says a.l.cooper and wife eliz died) rumor was of flu. deharts would never discuss any of this till one day 1920-30's or so gave info to son of charley, charley had moved to Mo. died 1918,buried in wife fannie slankard-dehart-smith...any help thank you....

From: "Steve Slater" <> 9/7/00 1:57 PM
Subject: Harry Slater

Looking for information for a Great, Great uncle name of Harry Slater from Keensburg Colorado. lived there about 1948.

Steve Slater

From: Chris <> 9/3/00 8:25 PM
Subject: Bird Family

I am looking for info regarding the Bird family who lived in Lincoln Co. in the year 1910, 1911. The only information I have is Ida Bird. Daughter of Ida Bird named Adah Eldora Bird married to Della Burdette Marsh.

Any info on this family will be helpful.

Thank you,

From: "Nathan" <> 7/17/00 2:14 AM
Subject: Looking for historical links for Limon,COLO or info on a resident

I was wondering if anyone had any information on a gentleman from the Limon, Colorado area by the name of Porter Thompson. I believe he was living in that area around the turn of the century. There is very little info of the web in relation to Limon history (that I could find).


Nathan Huegel

From: Sue Lynn Adams <> 7/3/00 10:39 AM
Subject: Genealogy research

We are searching for the marriage date and obituaries of Herbert Leroy Johnson, b. 4-22-1888, d. 8-19-1960 and Minnie Lee Kemper Johnson, b. Oct. 21, 1891, d. Feb. 14, 1973. They lived in Limon, CO., Lincoln Co., and he died in Hugo, CO. We will appreciate any help or references you can give us. I have found quite a bit on Kempers, but nothing with her marriage info. Thought maybe their obituaries might have info about where and when they married. It would have been about 1928. Thanks.

Sue Lynn Adams

From: Kathy Cardoza <> 6/29/00 9:49 PM
Subject: Brass Bamd about 1907?

I am new to this list but had a question I hope someone may be able to answer for me.

My 2GG was George William BROWNEWELL who lived in Limon around 1907 or so.

Family legend has it that he was a member of a large brass band there during that time. Would anyone have an idea what group that might have been with? I have a photo of him in his band uniform and I would like to know something more about it.


From: 6/16/00 11:55 PM
Subject: Lincoln County

I'm searching for information on my family. I've been to the Lincoln County website to try and find information on the Levi family but have had no luck. I have found out from other sources that my great grandfather - Oliver E. LEVI and my great grandmother - Anna E. Hopkins LEVI, along with some of their children, moved to Arriba,Colorado after 1907. I know that both Oliver and Anna Levi both passed away while living there. My question is, how do you go about finding a list of records that exist before ordering a death certificate and paying the fees. I would be happy to pay for records if I knew that they existed. Is there anyway that you might be able to give me a direction to go in or help me find information on these members of my family. Anything would be greatly appreciated.

Andrea Urban

From: "John K. Davis" <> 25 Feb 2004

Would you be so kind to see if any of the county histories that you own mention Clarence and Anita LEVI. The couple lived in Arriba Precinct from about 1925 on. Clarence died in 1966 and Anita died in 2001.

John Davis
Bellevue, NE

From: "Peggy Seidler" <> 6/1/00 1:35 PM
Subject: Lincoln Co Lookup

I am looking for info on George L. MATTESON and his wife Emma Margurete DAWSON. They lived in Limon in the 1890-1900's. Any info would be greatly appreciated.


From: "nmama" <> 5/8/00 8:55 PM
Subject: Lincoln Co Lookup

Does this book have any info on the families of George & Gertie NICKERSON and HALL and BEVINS?
thanks for any info,
Colleen Nickerson

From: <> 2/6/00 10:35 PM

thank you so much for the work you do for the Lincoln County geneology site. My family line includes BROCKWAY (Daniel, Eleanor, Ralph, Crystal and Letha), BOETGER (William, Orpha, Gordon, Letha,), DAVIS (Weaver, Pearl, Crystal, Edna), BUHR (Nicholas) and would like any historical information you can locate about these families.

I have an extensive gedcom file that I'll send as soon as my research is completed. Any help you can provide is much appreciated.

Charlene Boetger Bradley

From: "Daniel E. Herlihy" <> 10/22/99 8:14 PM
Subject: History of Lincoln County, Colorado

Please let me know how to obtain a copy of the Claggett book, "History of Lincoln County,Colorado". My grandfather was William CLIFFORD of Clifford, Colorado. I have been researching family history and am sure the book will be useful. Any other suggestions that you might have would be very much appreciated.


Mary Clifford Herlihy

From: "Dolly Hawks" <> 9/30/99 6:00 PM

Hi. I am Dolly Hawks, from Montrose. My mother is Alice Mae Monahan (maiden name) who was born in Hugo in 1922. We are doing some research on her mother's branch of the family. Mom still has several cousins in Hugo, and I could ask them to do this but they are older now and not in good health so I thought I would talk to you first. What I need is the obituary for Laura Bell Randall Keepers, wife of Stephen Ellisworth Keepers sr. She was born in ohio in 1878 or 1880, and passed away in hugo in 1940 I think. could have been 1942. you know how things get scrambled. If I could get either her obit or death cert, it would give me some needed info. Also, I think her father is buried there in Hugo in the not catholic cemetery, his name was William H. Randall. Again the obit or death cert would help immensly. If you could find the obits for me, I would be forever in your debt, or ifnot, let me know and I'll write to the court house. It's probably $15.00 for Death Cert, (it is here) but I would need to ask them what ID would work through the mail etc.

Appreciate your help. Mom's family was the Monahan/ Cliffords on her dad's side, and the Keepers/?? on her mom/s side. They have lived in or near lincoln county since 1850.

We'll look foreward to hearing from you, and thanks again.

Dolly Hawks

From: "Barbara and Chester Cornett" <> 7/17/99 7:35 AM
Subject: land records circa 1907 to 1912 or so

I am interested in finding the land that my grandfather, Dudley Carman, owned in or around Limon, Colorado around the years 1907 to 1912 or so. He homesteaded there during that time and lived there for about five years.

Are the land records able to be searched on the internet in any way? Or are they only available at the county clerk's office in Hugo? My husband and I plan on coming to Limon around the first of August.

Please let me hear from you at your convenience if possible. Thank you.

Barbara Cornett
email -

"Pam" <> 12/1/98 9:53 PM
Subject: Tri-county history: A Centennial, 1889-1989

Hi. I am looking for information on several ancestors. I will list them below in red. If there is any information regarding my ancestors, how do I get a copy of it or email sent to me?

1: Albert A. Brown listed as the Coroner of Lincoln County in newspaper article of the Denver Times. This was during the Louise Frost/Porter murder during Nov. 1900. A. Brown is my gr.. grandfather and wife, Beside, my grandmother. Their daughter was Louise Mary Brown born in Limn.

2: Hugh and Mary J. Ham Cannily.

1. HUGH1 CONNOLLY was born March 17, 1829 in Ireland, and died March 23, 1898 in Limon, Lincoln Co., Colorado. Hugh was a mail carrier in Stratton at time of death. He married MARY JANE HAMM January 06, 1861 in Hanover, Pennsylvania, daughter of HERMAN HAMM and EMMA ?. d: April 30, 1919 Stratton, Colorado buried in Limon, CO

Children of HUGH CONNOLLY and MARY HAMM are:




iv. ANNIE/ANNA CONNOLLY, b. Abt. 1864, PA; m. JESS JOHNSON, Bef. March 1898.

v. WILLIAM CONNOLLY, b. March 1867, Pennsylvania; m. GERTRUDE ?, 1895.

vi. ROSE CONNOLLY, b. Abt. 1869, PA; m. CHARLES Hauge/Hegg??, Bef. March 1898.

vii. SARAH "SADE" JANE CONNOLLY, b. August 1869, Pennsylvania; m. (1) ? (FRANKLIN?); m. (2) LON E. FOOTE, 1894.

viii. CHARLES HUGH CONNOLLY, b. September 1871, Kansas; m. SUSAN MELINDA PERSHING, 1900-1903.

ix. CLARA ALICE CONNOLLY, b. July 28, 1876, PA; m. CHARLES ELMER MCNAIR, Aft. March 1898.

x. BESSIE AGNES CONNOLLY, b. August 22, 1883, Trego Co., KS; d. November 17, 1969, Denver, Colorado; m. ALBERT AGUSTUS BROWN, December 24, 1896, Limon, Colorado.

If any of the above other names are listed in the book, I would be interested in finding out what it says about them also.

Thank you for your consideration to my inquiry.

Pam H.

From: 3 Aug 2003
Subject: Watts in Hugo

My Granfather was born in Hugo Colorado in 1883. I was wondering if I could get info on this his name was Ray WATTS his parents were Edward WATTS and Ida WATTS.

Thank you Ray Clinite

From: 17 Jul 2003

I am seeking information about James Muir GRUER, who died June 09, 1902 near Bovina, Lincoln County. I have a copy of his death certificate, which states he was buried on Gruer Ranch near Bovina. I believe he came to Colorado from Canada between 1876 and January 1889, when he married Libbie McGill near Denver.

Kelly McCarley

From: 25 Apr 2003

I am trying to find out if there are any records from 1912-1925 having to do with land records, school records, etc. for William, Anna, Evelyn and Clarence BRESSLER in Lincoln County. My grandfather is Clarence BRESSLER and his father was William BRESSLER his mother was Anna BRESSLER and his sister was Evelyn BRESSLER. Evelyn went to college in Greeley, Co. I am not sure if the college at that time was called Greeley College or not.

The information that I know about these members of my family is limited, but maybe it will help you. My great grandfather and grandmother William and Anna Bressler moved from Sterling, Illinois around 1910 to homestead just about 1-2 miles south of the creek (don't know the name) in southeast Lincoln County, CO which I think puts there farm about 10-15 miles north and a bit west of Haswell, CO. My grandfather said that to this day there is a farm owned by David Ansley a couple miles north of where my great grandfather's farm was. My grandfather said that his mother, Anna went back to Sterling, IL in 1912 to give birth to him and then she brought my grandfather back to Lincoln, CO a short time later. Anna died around 1920 and my great grandfather took her back to Illinois to bury her. It must have been soon after that my great grandfather moved back to Illinois permanently. At that time, my grandfather, Clarence stayed in Colorado and lived with his sister Evelyn and her new husband William McFalls. Clarence, my grandfather moved back to Sterling, Illinois to live with his father again around 1925-26. If you can provide any information about their time in south Lincoln County, we would be grateful.

Thank you for any help you can provide.

Scott Bressler

From: 17 Apr 2003
Subject: Bennett-Cooper

My grandparents were Robert Steven BENNETT, born 2/24/1888 and Ruth Winifred COOPER, born 9/19/1890. They lived in Hugo, Colorado and then migrated to California in the late 1930s to early '40s. If anyone has any information regarding them, please let me know. My mother is looking for any information regarding any land or mineral rights that may still be in effect.


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