Mary B. (Sheppard) Addis, daughter Lucille (Addis) and John L. Cole and his second wife Maude Cole, 10N 48W

daughter Mable (Addis) and Charles L. Barrie, Sterling

Amos Sheppard married Isabella Moore on January 22, 1840 in Belmont County, Ohio.

In 1850 Morgan County, Ohio, Amos "Sheplune" and Isabel are both 33, Leander 9, Caroline 8, Mary 7, ALfred 5, and Elizabeth 3.

In 1860 Cumberland County, Illinois, Amos "Shephard" is 42, Sarah 42, Caroline 18, Mary 16, Alffred 14, Ann Eliza 12, and James W. 9, all born in Ohio. Franklin is 5, born in Illinois.

March 12, 1865 - Amos Sheppard marries Elizabeth (Kimball) Allen Sparling at Maysville.
December 25, 1865 - Charles Edwin Sheppard was born to Amos and Elizabeth (Kimball) Sheppard of Maysville.  His parents came to Maysville in 1863.

January 1872 Maysville, Iowa " The post office is now under charge of Amos Sheppard."

October 7, 1886 - Stewart Sheppard, grandson of Amos Sheppard, died after a serious illness (menegitis) of but a few days.  He was laid to rest in the Maysville Cemetery.

November 10, 1886 - Eli Sparling, a single man aged 33, and a son of Mrs. A Sheppard of Reeve Township by a former marriage, committed suicide by taking an overdose of laundanum at Mr. Sheppard's residence.  He lived several hours after the discovery was made that he had taken the dose and Dr. Tidd was called, but the poison had taken effect and nothing could be done for his relief. The young man was raised in Reeve Township but has been out west most of this time for several years and latterly has been acting so strangely that suspicions have been raised about his sanity. He was buried in the Maysville Cemetery."

Amos Sheppard 1816-1887 is buried in Franklin County, Iowa # 157450343.
His will left his farm to his wife Elizabeth and upon her death to son Charles Edwin Sheppard, $50 to son Leander C. son David A., James N. Sheppard, Frank Sheppard. Also, $50 to Carrie Button and to Mary B. Addis. $50 to Anna E. Higgins, Edna Shroyer, Mannie Craft and Martha Butterfield.

Elizabeth 1824-1916 has a similar style headstone, # 157450371.

Lydia A. Shepard Higgins, 36, married Brainard B. Harrington on June 3, 1888 in Akron, Iowa.
She must have been the A.E. Sheppard with Mary in the 1870 Dixon County, Nebraska census.

Franklin County, Iowa

In 1870 Dixon County, Nebraska, J. K. Addis is a doctor, 32 born in Pennsylvania, with M.B. 23 Ohio. M. B. is 4, L. M. 2 both born in Iowa, and son T. J. six months born in Nebraska.
Minnie Addis, age 18 months, died November 18, 1870 in Ponca # 36179762.

James Addis, age five months, died November 23, 1870 in Ponca # 36179737.

In 1888 R.F. Addis was justice of the peace in precinct # 11, Logan County, Colorado.
1889 Sterling "Geo. Addis, who formerly held cases on this paper, was in the city Friday, and of course paid his respects to this office. George says he is holding down a claim up near Raymer. Success to you, George."

1889 "Miss Addis, the Record's typo, visited her mother at Raymer Wednesday."
April 1890, William Addis filed for a cash-claim in section 3, 8N 55W, witnesses Lewis T. Reed, Albert M. Bailey, George O. Minor, and Henry G. Miller, all of Merino, Colorado.

John K. Addis 1838-1874 is buried in Ponca # 36179713.

In 1880 Ponca, Dixon County, Nebraska, Lulu M. Addis is 12, born in Iowa with mother Mary B. Addis, a milliner, 35, widowed. Mabel is 8, also born in Iowa.

In 1900 Omaha, Nebraska, John Cole is a bookkeeper, born August 1864 in Canada, married seven years to Lou, April 1869 in Iowa.

They're farming in Logan County in 1910, no kids. Lucielle said here that she was born in Nebraska, father in Illinois, mother in Ohio.

Mary B. Addis cash-claimed a quarter in sections 10 and 1, 10N 48W in 1911.

In 1904 Mary was living in Ponca:
"Died, near Galt, Missouri, on Wednesday, March 30, 1904, of consumption, Mrs. Lyde A. Harrington, aged about 57.
Deceased contracted a severe cold at the age of seventeen while attending J. C. Button's school exhibition at Maysville, Iowa, and for forty years she has suffered with lung trouble. She sold her property here last year and in the fall went to Missouri, with the hope that a warmer climate would benefit her health and then return to Akron to live and buy a residence. But she contracted a cold shortly before her death.
At the age of 28 years she was married to Jerome Higgins at Ponca, Nebraska, who was a teacher of the Indians at Ft. Randall, S.D. After his death of consumption, she came to Akron and for three years lived with her sister, Mrs. J. C. Button, when she was married to Mr. Brainard B. Harrington, a veteran of the Civil war. On August 31, 1892, he answered the roll call, his death resulting from injuries received during the war.
The remains were brought to Ponca, Nebraska, and laid to rest, Wednesday, April 6, by the side of her first husband, Jerome Higgins. She is survived by three brothers - Frank T. Sheppard of Joliet, Montana; J. W. Sheppard, of Clark, S.D., both editors of weekly newspapers, the latter one, the publisher of the first paper in Akron, and L. C. Sheppard, of Lincoln, Neb.; two sisters - Mary B. Addis, of Ponca, Neb., and L. Carrie Button, of Akron. She was a faithful and active member of the M. E. church here and leaves a host of friends to mourn her departure. "

Jerome F. Higgins 1849-1884 is buried in Ponca # 120181386.
"1880 US census for Ponca, Dixon County, Nebraska
Jerome F. Higgins 31 Eliza Higgins 31

US federal mortality schedule - married - was a retail grocer - died of consumption at 35y 10m 1d."

Brainard 1841-1892 is buried in Akron, Iowa # 4775164.

In 1917 Mary was living in Ponca, Nebraska:
"Akron, Iowa Register May 24, 1917

Mrs. J.C. Button one of Akron's oldest and most beloved residents was called to the Master's Home Sunday evening May 20, 1917. She had been in failing health for a couple of years particularly since the death of her husband on August 7, 1916 since which time she has resided with the family of her daughter, Mrs. R.J. Hauck. About two weeks ago she became seriously ill and despite all that loving care and medical skill could accomplish pneumonia developed and her previously weakened condition and advanced age, 74 years, could not long withstand the added affliction.
L. Carrie Sheppard was born in the state of Ohio near Morristown, Belmont County in the year 1843. She lived at her birthplace until her fifth year, when her folks moved to Morgan County, Ohio, where they resided until 1850 at which time they located in Cumberland County, Illinois. There she finished her schooling and afterward taught in the schools of that county until 1861 when the family came to Iowa locating at Knoxville. They then moved to Maysville, Franklin County, Iowa where she also engaged in school teaching up to the time of her marriage to Joshua C. Button on November 7, 1865.
After their marriage, Mr. and Mrs. Button made their home at Alden, Iowa where they were located for four years and then moved west to Lincoln County, South Dakota, the Dakota Territory, taking a homestead and preemption claim a few miles southwest of Canton experiencing the early day trials of pioneers in a newly settled country. After living there a short time they came to Akron, Iowa, which has since remained the family home. Four children were born to this union, Greeley, Orley, William and May of whom the two former have passed on. There are left to mourn the loss of an ever kind and loving mother, one son William A. Button of Kansas City, Missouri and one daughter Mrs. May L. Hauck of Akron along with one sister Mrs. Mary Addis of Ponca, Nebraska, one brother Frank Sheppard of Wallace, South Dakota and eleven grandchildren and one great grandson. A host of staunch friends mingle their sorrow with and unite in sympathy to the bereaved family.
Mrs. Button was a noble, consistent Christian woman throughout the more than three score and ten years allotted her. She was one of the pioneer workers in the Akron Methodist Episcopal Church and a charter member of the W.C.T.U. of this city to both of which for many years she gave unstintingly of her time and services. While in active health it was her great ambition to help others in sickness and distress and many are the memories cherished of her kindly deeds and words of sympathy and encouragement, but during the past two years of her sickness and affliction she has been hindered in her desires for helpful service, much to her regret.
Funeral services were held Tuesday afternoon in the Akron Methodist Episcopal Church Rev. W.W. Tyrrell in his sermon paying tender tribute to her beautiful character and useful life. A goodly number of friends and neighbors assembled to pay a final tribute of respect. Interment was made beside her departed husband and two sons in Riverside Cemetery.
Relatives who came from a distance were W.A. Button of Kansas City, Missouri; Mrs. Mary Addis of Ponca, Nebraska; and Mrs. A.G. Button and son, James of Highmore, South Dakota; Mrs. Rose Treglia of Sioux City, a friend of the family came to attend the funeral.  

Find A Grave Memorial# 40038257

Frank T. Sheppard and Emma L. Newman married in Plymouth County, Iowa on March 13, 1882.
In 1900 Stafford County, Kansas, Frank "Shepherd" is 53, Emma 51, Clyde A. 16, Paul C. 12, Harlie A. 9, Nellie J. 8 and Clay 6.

In 1910 Kootenai County, Idaho, "Thayer" Sheppard is 53 (sic), born in Illinois, a printer, with Emma 51 Missouri. Arleigh 26 was born in Iowa, Paul E. 22 in California, Harley 15 in Iowa, all printers. Clay H. is 15, born in California and Nellie J. 17 in Minnesota.

Frank T. Sheppard 1856-1921 is buried in Riverside Memorial Park, Spokane, Washington>

Emma is widowed in 1930 Placer County, California, living with son Charley 36 and his son Harley 6.

Emma L. (Newman) Sheppard 1858-1934 is buried in Placer County, California # 45345722.

Nelle Ione (Sheppard) Lohman 1892-1953 is buried in Sacramento, California # 27348126.

Clayton H. Sheppard, 86, died in Spokane, Washington on Sept 1, 1980.

John claimed a quarter in sections 10 and 15, 10N 48W in 1914.

In 1920 Sterling, John is a produce dealer, divorced, living alone.

John L. Cole and Lucille Addis Cole divorced in Logan County in 1921.

Lucille Cole is in Sterling in 1920, divorced, born in Iowa, living with Mable Barrie 35, widowed.
Lucille says that she's an actress in shows. Elizabeth Drake, 76, single born in New York is a boarder.

In 1930 Sterling, Mable A. Barrie is widowed, 48, born in Nebraska, and a roomer is Leota Stanley 20, born in New Mexico.

In 1930 Excelsior Springs, Missouri, John is 65, running a grocery store with Maud 54, married ten years, born in England.

Lucille Cole is in Ponca City, Dixon County, Nebraska in 1930, divorced, 60 born in Iowa, with mother Mary B. Addis 84 widowed, born in Ohio.

In 1940 Dixon County, Lou Addis Cole is 71, divorced, born in Iowa, and sister Mabel Addis Barrie 66 is widowed. Mabel was in Sterling Colorado in 1935.

In 1941 the Dixon County commissioners bought coal for Lou Addis Cole.

One tree said Luella died January 8, 1942.

John and Maud are in Sterling in 1940, running a grocery store, John 76 and Maude 67. They had been in Excelsior Springs in 1935.

John L. Cole had a probate case in Weld County in 1962.
John 1874-1962 is buried in Greeley # 170357556, with Flora C. 1874-1964.
John and Flora were in Greeley in 1940, so he is not the Logan County one.

Charles L. Barrie proved up a quarter in 15, 10N 48W in 1917.

Charles L. Barrie of Monterey, Mexico, and Mabel J. Addis of Sterling, married in Sterling on August 14, 1910. Mrs. Louella Addis Cole was a witness.

Charles Berry, born 1888 in Monterey Mexico, and Marie Spicer born 1900 at Coketon, West Virginia, had Bessie Berry in Chicago on December 12, 1917.
In 1920 Chicago, Charles Berry is an electrical coil winder, 34, immigrating in 1914, with May 20 born in West Virginia, have Bessie 2 born in Illinois.

In 1930 Muskegon, Michigan, Marie Haldorsen is 31, married to Joseph. They have Mildred 2 and Priscilla eight months born inMichigan. Bessie Berry is 12, Alfred 7, both born in Illinois.
Marie Ann Haldorsen 1899-1980 is buried in Muskegon, # 92087967.

Charles Berrey, born in Mexico, and Marie Spicer, born in North Dakota, had Fred Berry in 1921, who died February 20, 1921, to be buried in Oakridge cemetery.

In 1926, a Charles B. Berrey is an assistant superintendent for the San Pedro transportation company, with Mary .

POSSIBLE Maria Carlota Eugena Berry was born in 1928 to Charles Berry and Maria Antonieta Beltri De Iris, and died June 28, 1984 in the Distrito Federal, Mexico, spouse Jorge Iris Jordan.
In 1888 R.F. Addis was justice of the peace in precinct # 11, Logan County, Colorado.
George Ezra Addis was born Oct 20, 1864 in Minonk Illinois to Robert D. Addis and Emyline Fairchild.

In 1880 Omaha, R.D. Addis is 37, Sarah E. 31, Philip 7, Geroge E. 5. H.C. Addis is 40.

Roberet D. Addis attested that George E. Addis, 23 born in Illinois to Robert D. Addis and Sarah E. Fairchild, and Miss Gusta Peterson, 25 of Sweden, daughter of Ole Peterson, could be married in Omaha Nebraska October 13, 1887.

1889 Sterling "Geo. Addis, who formerly held cases on this paper, was in the city Friday, and of course paid his respects to this office. George says he is holding down a claim up near Raymer. Success to you, George."

George Addis is a fruit peddler in 1900 San Francisco, married 13 years to Augusta November 1860, in Sweden. George was born Oct 1865 in Illinois. Alma April 1889, Esther January 1891 and Nellie January 1891 were born in California.

In 1910 Los Angeles, George is a laborer, 45, Augusta 55, with Alma 20, Ester adn Mamie both 18.

Gusta M. Addis, 55, died in Los Angeles October 7, 1910.

In 1920 Los Angeles, George is 52, Alma 23, Nellie and Esther 21, Ruth 19, and George 4.

Ruth Wordworth Addis 1892-1926 is buried in Los Angeles # 40965413 "wife of G.E. Addis"

George E. Addis is a painter, widowed in 1930 Los Angeles, Esther Lewis and Dorothy Minker, both 31 divorced are with him.

George, born October 20, 1964 in Illinois, died in Los Angeles January 18, 1940.

Alma, born April 27, 1896, died February 18, 1962 in Los Angeles County.

1889 "Miss Addis, the Record's typo, visited her mother at Raymer Wednesday."
April 1890, William Addis filed for a cash-claim in section 3, 8N 55W, witnesses Lewis T. Reed, Albert M. Bailey, George O. Minor, and Henry G. Miller, all of Merino, Colorado.