Eugene M. and Josephine (Kearney) Nobles, 10N 48W

In 1860 St. Paul, Minnesota, Eugene is 3, with Wm. H. 43 and Susan 42. Lemuel is 13.

They're still in St. Paul in 1870, Wm. 53, Susan J. 52, Lemuel 24, Nellie 19, Eugene 13, and Alice A. 10.
Susan G. Nobles is in Denver in 1880, 63, living with Alice A. Brownyard 20 and J. N 24. They have Flora Bell Brownyard, nine months.

Eugene is a laborer in 1880 Denver, 22, living with merchant J.H. Wagnon 43.

Eugene was appointed a notary in Denver in 1882.

Josephine Kearney is in St. Louis in 1880, 16, a servant for Charles and Anna Graefen.

Eugene M. Nobles and Josie Kearney married in Denver April 15, 1884.

Eugene claimed 120 acres in section 9, 10N 48W in 1888.

Eugene Marquette Nobles and Josephine Kearney had Lon William Nobles on Feb 14, 1893 in Ouray, Colorado.

July 1888 Aspen " Eugene Nobles is rapidly getting under way the foundation work of the new J . B . Wheeler two story brick block on Cooper avenue . The block will bo built for store and office purposes."

July 31, 1888 "Eugene Nobles, contractor upon the J. B. Wheeler building on Cooper avenue, hammered all the more heavily yesterday as he thought of one more little mouth to feed, said mouth having puckered for the first time yesterday morning."

1891 Ouray, Colorado "Orders left with E. M. Nobles will be filled with fresh and pure goods. Shipments by express received every night Sundays included."

February 1891 Ouray "E. M. Nobles has purchased the meat market formerly conducted by B. K. Giberson and will continue the business at the commission house of Ross Bros, below MULDOON office. Especial attention given to the wants of the trade."

May 1897 Telluride
August 1898 Telluride "Gene Nobles will serve the dinner for the Labor Day picnic, at Trout Lake. It will be a fine meal at fifty cents."

October 18, 1899 "Gene Nobles, accompanied by his son, Milton, started on the 8:15 train this morning for Denver, where he will be treated by a specialist for a few months at the home of his niece."

November 1, 1899 Telluride, Colorado
In 1900 Denver, Eugene is a merchant, born August 1855 in St. Paul Minnesota, with Josephine 1864 in St. Louis Missouri. Milton July 1888 in Aspen, Lemuel July 1890 in "Uray", and Louis in 1892 in Leadville.

November 1900 "Gene Nobles is now in San Diego, California, and writes that his health is greatly improved. He is running a lunch counter and fruit stand."

January 1901 "In a letter to a Journal employee from San Diego, Gene Nobles says he has the grip and that Mrs. Nobles is very sick with it. So far the boys are free from the disease."

March 1901

October 1901

March 1902

October 1902
January 1903 In 1911 Portland, Oregon, Josephine (Wid Eugene M.) is a nurse, living at the Y W C A.

January 22, 1903 "Gene Nobles and family are now located at Tombstone, Arizona, and are figuring on going into business at that point, which he says is the best camp in the territory."

September 13, 1904 " A telegram reached Telluride this morning dated the 12th, from Hot Springs, Arkansas, sent by Mrs. E. M. Nobles, who with her family is located at that point, conveying the sad intelligence that her husband had died that evening. The notice is a shock to Gene's many friends, although it is known that he has been a constant sufferer from locomotor ataxia or creeping paralysis for upwards of eight years, the ailment coming upon him in the spring of 1896, in Telluride, while he was superintendent of The Telluride Electric Light & Power Company. After being stricken Mr. Nobles went to Denver, thence to Salt Lake, to California points, Hot Springs, Arkansas, Arizona, then back to Hot Springs a few months since, where he died.
His travels were designed to prolong life, as specialists had informed him a cure was impossible in the early stages of his sickness. However, he never lost sight of the fact that where there's life there's hope, and all these years he has conducted a little fruit and cigar stand, paying his own way, with the help of his family, and trying such cures as his meagre earnings would warrant.
In life the deceased was an enthusiastic member of Bridal Veil Lodge No. 80, Knights of Pythias, and Cornet Falls Lodge No. 52, A. O. U. W., of Telluride, and will be buried under the joint auspices and impressive rights of these orders.
To the bereaved wife and fatherless boys Telluride friends extend their sympathies. The burial will probably take place at Hot Springs tomorrow."

September 29, 1904 "A private letter to a Telluride friend from Mrs. E. M. Nobles states that Gene's death was just as if he had gone to sleep. In fact, she at first thought he was asleep and cautioned the children not to arouse him. It's a mighty kind Providence that arranges a man's dissolution at times. Gene suffered tortures for years, yet passed away peacefully and quietly after all. It is well."

March 2, 1907 "Mrs. E. M. Nobles, well known in this city, is said to have married a prosperous Italian ranchman living near Dolores. A gentleman claiming to know Mrs. Nobles well says that he saw and talked with her at the ranch. Two of the youngest boys are with their mother and all seem to be enjoying good health and happiness."

In 1913 Sacramento, California, Josephine is living at 2002 J. So is Louis C. Nobles, a clerk.

Josephine 1864-1931 is buried in Hot Springs, Arkansas # 97533459, on a stone with Eugene M. 1857-1904 # 97533443.

Lemuel William Nobles registered for WWI in Reno, Nevada, a chauffer, born February 14, 1890 at Ouray, Colorado, suporting a mother, wife and child.

He's in San Francisco in 1920, boarding with M. E. Hughes 31, single and her son R.K. Hughes 12. He's in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1930, 39, a car salesman, married but no spouse, in a boarding house,

William Oliver Nobles was born Feb 14, 1895 in Colorado, and died in the Nevada State Hospital June 25, 1957. He was to be buried in Mountain iew, Reno, Nevada.

Louis Clarence Nobles registered for WWI in San Francisco, an elevator operator, with a wife and child.

In 1920 San Francisco, Jane Nobles is 28, with Richard, 2, living with her mother Rosa Cornelius 56.

October 13, 1920 San Francisco " In this city October 13, Evelyn J. Nobles beloved wife of Louis C. Nobles and loving mother of the lets Richard 0 Nobles and daughter of Mrs. Rose Cornelius and sister of Mrs. Rose Machado s nstlrs of as H F Suhr."

He's in the 1940 census of San Diego twice, once as a patient in the county hospital, and then as the husband of Mary Noble, 65 born in Norway - Louis is 47.

Louis Clarence Nobles registered for WWII living in the San Diego County Hospital, born Feb 6, 1893 at Telluride, COlorado, reference Nate Barnet of San Diego or Milton Nobles of Hot Springs, Arkanss.

He died October 22, 1969 in Los Angeles County.

Milton Eugene Nobles was born July 30, 1888 in Aspen, dying June 15, 1974 in Hot Springs.
He was living in the Hot Springs Arkansas Park Hotel in 1910, 21, married but no spouse.

Milton, 35, married Hattie E. Rosmond, 21, in Hot Springs March 22, 1924.