Charles E. Spooner10N 48W

Charles cash claimed 160 acres in 4, 10N 48W in 1894.

In 1910 Logan County, Charles is 57, born in Massachusetts, single, a hired man for the Buchanan family.

He might be the Charles Estes Spooner born September 24, 1852 in Barre, Massachusetts to Timothy J. and Mary E. Spooner.

Timothy, age 30, son of Haven and Hannah Spooner, married Mary E. Sargents in Templeton, Massachusetts on November 27, 1851.

In 1860 Barre, Timothy is 39, Mary 30, Charles E. 7 and Helen L. 3.

Mary, daughter of Daniel and Betsey Sargent, died January 20, 1868 in Barre.

In 1880 Franklin County, Massachusetts, Charles is 27, a farm worker for Susan Gale, 70 and her son Daniel J. Gale 37.

In 1900 Barre, Worcester County, Charles is a a farm laborer, working for John and Etta Smith.

Charles Estes Spooner, born 1853, died in Massachusetts June 6, 1919.
The informant was Mrs. Edward Granger of Westboro, Massachusetts. He was to be buried in Lincoln Cemetery, Barre.

Helen Louise Spooner married Edward Granger in October 1874 at Barre, Worcester, Massachusetts.