George W. and Ruth H. Eaton, daughter Etta A. Eaton, son Eugene G. Eaton, sister Julia A. Eaton

 In 1880 Hardin County, Iowa, George is 39, born in Canada, with Ruth H. 34, also Canada., with Ellie A. 12, Canada and Eugene O, 6, born in Iowa.  They're in Hardin County in 1885, too.

George proved up a quarter in 15, 6N 48W in 1897. 

1898 Yuma "George Eaton of Bryant was a business visitor in town the first of the week."

He died Nov 19, 1899, aged 58 Ys, 9 Ms, 8 Ds. So he was born Feb 11, 1841

November 24, 1899 Sterling "J.R. Davis and Godfrey Schachterle came in from Rockland this morning bringing news of the death of George W. Eaton."

In 1900 Rockland precinct, Ruth is widowed, born Nov 1844, living with Eugene June 1874 Iowa.  Della, April 67 and Julia A. Eaton , aunt, born Nov 1846 in Canada, is also with them.

May 1902 Bryant Squibs "Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Turner Sundayed with Mrs. Eaton and family."

1903 "Miss Julia Eaton, who has been living in Yuma for the past three or four years, left for her home up near Rockland.  James Sheedy drove over with her."

November 1903 Wray "Miss Julia Eaton came down from Yuma Sunday to live with Mrs. Frank Stoner."

June 1907 "Miss Julia Eaton returned to Yuma Tuesday and will make her home with Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Campbell.

August 1907 Yuma "Miss Julia Eaton left Wednesday for Ft. Morgan where she will make her future home."

In 1908 Etta cash-claimed a quarter, also in section 15.

Eugene D. Eaton married Lillian D. Lucas Feb 11, 1915, recorded in Morgan County, Colorado.

Etta Adell Eaton, Apr 8, 1867 - Jun 30, 1916 and Eugene G. Jun 8, 1874 - Sep 25, 1937 are also buried there.

In 1920 Rockland precinct Eugene is married to Lillian, 36, born in Ohio, and his aunt Julia, now 73, is with them.

Julia is with them in 1930 Rockland, and they have a hired man, Harry M. Andrews, 27.

Julia A. Eaton Nov 19, 1846 - Jul 20, 1932 is in Haxtun, too.

Ruth Eaton married Wm. M. Price June 22, 1935, recorded in Logan County.

Lillian is in Denver in 1948 "Wid Eug G." living at 4833 W. 29th Avenue.