Robert A. and Attina (Huscher) Plunkett

In 1870 Detroit, Michigan, "Michael" Plunkett, 35, Ireland, is an engineer for the Revenue Service, Charlotta 28, Ohio, Robert 5, Ohio, Marie 3, Ohio, and Amelia 1, Maryland

In 1880 Baltimore Henry Plunkett is 44, a machinist born in Maryland, and Charlotte 34, Ohio, have Robert A. 15,  May 13, Amelia 11, Florence, and Catharine 2, all born in Maryland. Charlotte's father Charles A. Walters, born about 1793 in Maryland, is also with them.

In 1900 Baltimore Michael Plunkett, born June 1846 in Maryland is a stationary engine engineer, married nine years to Laura E. Dec 1858, wit Amelia May 1870, Florence Mar 1872, Katherine Nov 1877.  So it looks like he's remarried.

In 1881 Bentinck, Ontario, Canada, Attine Husher is 18, with William 45 and Elizabeth 44 Husher, both born in Germany.  Siblings are Emma 23, Letina 21, Gideon 16, Adeline 13, William 11, Levina 6, and Louise 1, all born in Ontario.

Robert A. Plunkett was appointed a notary public in Colorado July 9, 1888.

In 1889 Robert Plunkett and Geo. Eaton were appointed judges of election in precinct No. 9.

Robert, 24 and Attina, 26 were married May 2, 1889 by Andrew Pearson, minister, at his home in Rockland, Colorado, recorded in Washington County.  Rockland was a post office in Logan County 1889-1891.

Robert A. Plunkett cash-claimed a quarter in 35, 6N 48W in 1890.

In 1891 Robert A. Plunkett published the Knights of Pythias monthly - at 1526 1/2 Champa Street, Denver.

One tree said he was "founder of the Greeley Gazette" and that Abbott Henry Plunkett was born Feb 5, 1892 in Greeley, Colorado.

In 1900 Denver, Robert A. Plunkett, born Dec 9, 1865 in Ohio, is a printer, and has been married eleven years to Attena, Dec 3, 1861 in Ontario, Canada.  Charlotte M. July (or Feby)  16, 1889 and Abbott H. July 9, 1890, both Colorado.

In 1910 Denver Robert is a newspaper writer, Attina no occupation, immigrated in 1888, Charlotte a clerk in a general store, Abbott an apprentice printer.

  Thanks to Bonnie Miller for the great photograph.

In 1920 Denver Robert is a printer, and the kids are not with them.

Charlotte is married to Emil Desserkh in 1920 - he's 57, she's 29, and Abbott and Estelle Plunkett, with Frances. E. 2, are also with them.

19l7- Emil married Charlotte M. Plunkett (1890-1972) of Rockland, Colorado, Sister of Abbott Plunkett, who was his son-in-law. They had 2 sons, Robert Plunkett Desserich and Emile P. Desserich.

In 1928 Abbott H. Plunkett (Estelle D_ is a secretary at Desserich Fur Co., and they live at 653 Cook.

Robert was interred May 24, 1930 - dying 1929.

In 1930 Attina, widowed, lives with daughter Charlotte M. Dessserich, also widowed

In 1932 Attina (widow of Robert) lives at 2072 Ash, Denver.

Attina died January 1934 and is buried in Fairmount mausoleum.

Abbott was born in Greeley, Colorado July 7, 1890.

His father Henry Plunkett was founder of the Greeley Gazette newspaper. His family moved to Denver when he was still quite young. After high school he worked for the Denver Post as a typesetter.
He was also very athletic and loved long distance running. Every morning he would run 5 miles with a group of fellow runners. He won several medals in long distance running competitions.
He was also a very good trumpet player in a Dance Band.

He met Estelle Desserich and married her in July, 1916 at Blessed Sacrament Church in Denver.

Abbott worked as a salesman and a buyer for his father-in-law at the Desserich Furniture Company until Emil Desserichs death in 1928. Abbott then worked for Hugh Graham Furniture Company, William Volkers Company and John Roberts Company and eventurally decided to go on the road selling Dearborn furniture, American of Martinsville, Rembrandt Lamps, and Edison Wood Products in the Rocky Mountain States. He asked his son, Robert Desserich Plunkett, to help him and together they formed Plunkett Sales Company representing several different factories and traveling thru six states.

In his free time, Abbott spent many wonderful days at Swisshaven in Evergreen with Estelle.

In April, of 1949, while on his way to Highpoint Furniture Market in Martinsville, Virginia, it was discovered that Abbot had cancer of the throat that later traveled to his lymph glands. They operated, but Abbott only lived one year longer.

He passed away in July, 1950. He was only 58 years old.

Written by Bonnie Kaye (Plunkett) Miller

Jim and Bonnie wrote "My dad was Robert D. Plunkett, son of Abbott Henry Plunkett, son of Robert A. Plunkett, son of Capt. M Henry Plunkett. "