Edward G. Kuhler, William J. Kuhler, John B. Kuhler

In 1880 Clay County, Dakota Territory, August Kuhler is 43, Augusta 32, with Louisa 16, Anna 14, IOtto 11, Clara 9, William 8, Edward 6, Ella 4, Lydia 3, and Mary 1.

August 1837-1925 and Augusta 1845-1943 are buried in Clay County.

The August and Augusta Kuhler family history is discussed in detail in the 1895-1995 Centennial of Wakonda, South Dakota, edited by Warren Kuhler, Wakonda, South Dakota.

The Kuhler's in Union index are:
August Kuhler #11491919
Spouse, Augusta Kuhler #11499122
John W. Kuhler, #11491929, father of August Kuhler.
His spouse, Mary Catherine Kuhler, #11491932, mother of August Kuhler.

The obituary for August said they had seventeen children, fourteen alive at the time of his death.  "Otio" KUhler of Shannon, Illinois, Mrs. A. ? Tilton, Canton, Ohio, Mrs. ?V. Sluempges of Halway, Minn, Edward of Pasadena California, Tho. Sterling, Colo, Mrs. Esther Kggle of Jameston N.D., Mrs ??bert Mack, Omaha, Neb. Mathilda Kuhler Sioux City, Iowa, Mrs. W.G. Wright, Mrs. ?? S. Kil??


In 1900 Clay County, Wm. J. born May 1872 in Iowa, is married to Minnie Kuhler

 The Dakota Farmers' Leader 1910 "Wm. Kuhler of Wakonda has made arrangements to have what is probably the oldest alfalfa field in the state, plowed up this spring.  For 19 years this field has yielded good crops each year from the one planting, in 1891."

In 1910 Rockland precinct, William 38 and Nettie 39 have Ralph L. 6.

 William proved up  a quarter in 22, 6N 49W in 1914.

Still farming in Logan County  in 1920 and 1930, with only Ralph.

Ralph L. Kuhler married Carrie Whittington Nov 9, 1930, recorded in Logan County

In 1940, William is widowed, in Sal Luis Obispo County, with son Ralph L. 36, born in South Dakota and his wife and son.  All were in Fleming Colorado in 1935.

William acquired some land in section 16 of 6N 49W in 1936 - that's probably a "school section" , so maybe he acquired it and then left for California....

William, born May 27, 1872, died Feb 28, 1962 in San Luis Obispo County, mother's maiden name "Hillebra"

William and "Nettie E." 1871-1939 are buried in San Luis Cemetery, California. # 94377088

Ralph, born Nov 22, 1903 in South Dakota, died Aug 7, 1994 in San Luis Obispo County, mother's maiden name Shaw.


In 1900 Clay County, South Dakota (like the Ketchum and Rubel families)  Edward, born March 1874 in Iowa, is single, living alone.

Edward G. Kuhler married Elizabeth Verman April 28, 1909, recorded in Logan County.

In 1910 Rockland precinct, Logan County, Edward is married to Elizabeth, A. 42, born in Pennsylvania.

Edward proved up a quarter in 15, 6N 49W in 1915

Edward George Kuhler registered with a Fleming address, born March 20, 1874. - nearest relative Mrs. Elizabeth Kuhler.

In 1920 Edward and Elizabeth are in Pasadena, California, farming, living with Roscoe S. and Martha A. Baldwin and their daughter Dorothy V. 9, born in California.  Martha is born in Pennsylvania, so probably Elizabeth's sister.

Edward died Feb 14, 1967 in Los Angeles County.  Elizabeth, born Jan 23, 1867 in Pennsylvania, died May 4, 1959 in Los Angeles, father's surname Vernam.


John was living with parents in Clay County South Dakota in 1900.

John proved up a quarter in 29, 8N 49W in 1914.

John Benjamin Kuhler registered with a Fleming address, born October 8, 1882, nearest relative Ina M. Kuhler.

In 1920 Logan County, John B. is married to Dora A., 29, born in Iowa, and they have Kenneth J. five months. old.

They're still in Logan County in 1930.

Kenneth is living alone in 1940 Logan County, a farm laborer.

John is divorced in 1940 Los Angeles County, a caretaker for a private family.

John, born Oct 8, 1883 in South Dakota, died Feb 8, 1975 in Los Angeles.

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