Richard H. and Nora (Hall) Bruce, sons Richard, Jr. and Roscoe C. and Dollie A. (Fullerton) Bruce, 6 North 52 West

In 1900 Cass County, Missouri, Richard Bruce is 40, Mary E. 36, Leslie A. 17, Callie H. 14, Roscoe C. 11, Goldie O. 8, Chester F. 5, Richard H.4, and Marie E. three months.

R.H. Bruce of Pleasant Hill, Cass County, and Nora K. Hall of Columbia, Boone COunty, married in Cass County on July 4, 1906.

In 1910, Richard is living on Platte Street in Sterling , 50, married four years to Nora 32 b. Chester is 15, Richard 12, Marie 10, and Florence 8 born in Missouri, daughter "Keith/Ruth" 3 born inColorado.

January 1911 "Mr. Bruce, father of Mrs. Emmett Parker, who is ranching near Merino, was in Akron Wednesday."
May 1913 Akron, Colorado "Mr and Mrs. R. H. Bruce and daughters of Sterling, Colorado, visited with the family of their daughter, Mrs. Emmet Parker Sunday."

October 1919 Akron "Richard Bruce, a well known stockman of Sterling, purchased a bunch of sheep in this vicinity last Friday."

In 1920 Sterling, R.H. is 59, Nora 40, Marie 19, Florence 17 - now saying born in Colorado, and daughter Keith 12 in Colorado.

Richard and Nora are alone in Washington County in 1930, farming.

Richard Henry Bruce 1859-1931, dying in Sterling, is buried in Pleasant Hill, Cass County # 66628075.
"He was the son of James Thomas & Frances E. (Vivian) Bruce.
He married 1st Mary Elizabeth Howland, 13 Jan 1881, Cass County, Missouri.
He married 2nd Nora K. Hall, 4 July 1906, Cass County, Missouri.

Richard H. Bruce cash-claimed 80 acres in section 10, 5N 52 W. in 1912.
Also in 1912, he cash-claimed 120 acres in sections 11 and 12, 5N 52W.

In 1915, he cash-claimed a quarter in sections 2 and 11, 5N 52W.

Nora K. Bruce cash-claimed 320 acres in sections 1, 11, and 12, 5N 52W in 1915.


In 1910 Akron, Emmett Parker is a barber, married seven years to Callie H. 24, with Nadine E. 6, all three born in Missouri. They have four single male lodgers, with varying occupations.

Emmet registered for WWI in Akron, farming and in the oil business, born December 26, 1882.

In 1920 Callie, Emmet and Nadine are in Red Willow County, Nebraska, where he's working at a filling station.

Emmet registered for WWII in Portland Oregon, born December 26, 1882 at Pleasant Hill, Missouri, working for Timber Structures, with Callie at 2432 N.E. Glison.

1943 Portland "A Multnomah county circuit court judgment awarding $10,000 damages to Mrs. Callie H. Parker against Dr. Joseph A. Pettit, Portland surgeon. Dr. Pettit, who removed a growth from Mrs. Parker's head, was accused of leaving a piece of gauze in her head for five months after the operation The jury awarded her $20,000 but Circuit Judge Martin W Hawkins reduced the amount to $10,000."

Emmet is buried in Pleasant Hill 1882-1952 # 38742566, with Callie (Brue) OParker 1885-1957 # 38742448.

He was born December 26, 1882 in Pleasant Hill, Missouri to Greenberry Parker and Margaret Dorsett, dying in Bluefield, Mercer County, West Virginia on June 8, 1952, a retired gas and oil worker.
Callie Howland Bruce Parker died April 17, 1957 in Mercer County, West VIrginia.

Nadine Parker, of McCook, Nebraska married Laurence S. Swisher of Atwood, Rawlins County, Kansas on September 17, 1923 in Logan County, Colorado.
Witnesses were Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Bruce.

In 1930 Atwood, Kansas, Lawrence is a druggist, 25 born in Kansas, with Nadine 25 born in Missouri. His parnets Lawrence H 76 born in Pennsylvania and Mary E. 67 born in New York.

They're in Portland, Oregon in 1934, Lawrence S. and Nadine at 1121 SW Harrison, Apt 305, and Lawrence H. and Elizabeth in Apartment 104.

Lawrence Sahler Swisher, born April 29, 1897 at Atchison, Kansas, registered for WWII at Northfork, McDowell COunty, West Virginia

1947 Staunton, Virginia "Three persons, Frank Willis, Rt. 1, Alton; Leonard D. Cash, Rt. 2, Staunton; and Lawrence Swisher, Brownsburg; were each fined $5 and costs on charges of being drunk."

1949 Bluefield, West Virginia "DOGS BOARDED Trimming • Clipping • Bathing By Professional Handlers
Mrs. Lawrence S. Swisher.

He died November 4, 1976 in Bedford Virginia, residing at Roanoke, Virginia, wife Nadine Parker Swisher.

He was to be buried in Sherwood Cemetery, Salem, Virginia.

His parents were Lawrence H. Swisher and Mary Elizabeth Sahler. Lawrence's grandfather Solomon Sahler, son of Abraham (4) and Catherine (Davis) Sahler, was born in the town of Rochester, Ulster county. New York, December 22, 1827. He inherited the Van Wagenen homestead at Kyserike. He married, February 24, 1852, Caroline, daughter of Casparus and Jane (Van Aken) Winfield, who was born February 20, 1832
. Children: Charles Oliver, referred to below ; Kate Jane, married Luther H., son of Abraham J. and grandson of Jacob R. H. and Elmira (van de Mark) Sahler, referred to above ; Mary Elizabeth, married Lawrence H. Swisher;

June 1965 "The audience gave Jo-Jo a good hand at the end of a television show. One of the hands was wearing his coat. Jo-Jo is a miniature French poodle owned by Mrs. II. R. Dovel of Roanoke. At the beginning of the show Mrs. Lawrence S. Swisher of Roanoke, who has been grooming Jo-Jo every two weeks for the past few years, clipped him. As Jo-Jo's coat came off, it was given to Mrs. Persis Grayson of Kingsport, Tenn., president of the Southern Highlands Handicrafts Guild. Mrs. Grayson put Jo-Jo's coat on two carding combs she held on her lap, added a drop of olive oil, and worked it into a long fluffy lump. Then she spun it, using a spinning wheel that once belonged to Wait Whitman's mother. It's called a gossip wheel because two persons can spin at one time. Mrs. Henry Hewitt of Roanoke took the spun yarn and cast on stitches for a mitten, remarking that "we don't ordinarily make mittens out of poddle wool because it is so expensive."

In 1983 a number of people from Roanoke, Virginia, including Nadine Swisher attended the weddit of Karen Southern and Alan Martin in Bluefield, West Virginia.

Nadine E. Swisher - October 1, 1903- February 18, 2003, Roanoke, Virginia.


Leslie, born Dec 22, 1882, registered for WWII as a judge for the 175h Judicial Circuit, Missouri, living in Cass County, with Mrs. Franie Beeler Bruce.

He's buried in Pleasant Hill 1882-1966 # 66559507 "He married Frankie Beeler, 25 June 1913, Pleasant Hill, Cass County, Missouri."

Richard registered for WWI in Sterling, living at 326 Beech, farming, born Novemer 6, 1897.

In 1920 he's in Washington County, Colorado, farming next to Roscoe.

He's buried in Pleasant Hille 1898-1926 # 46605676.


At the age of five, George W. Fullerton migrated with his parents from Ohio to Des Moines Co., Iowa. He married Lenora Palmer, daughter of Alfred Palmer at Leon, Ia., Jan. 27, 1878. They had seven children.

Dollie Alzada Fullerton was born January 26, 1889 north of Grand River, Decatur County, Iowa to G. W. Fullerton of Ohio and Lenora Palmer of Wisconsin.

In 1900 Decatur County, G. W. Fullerton is farming, born Dec 1849 in Ohio, married 23 years to Lenora Marh 1851 Ohio. Myrtle March 1880, Julia April 1885, Thomas A. May 1887, Dolly A. January 1889, Nettie January 1891, and Leo L. Nov 1893 were all born in Iowa.

Myrtle Fullerton, 23, married Wilbert McIntosh 32 of Westerville, Iowa in Decatur COunty on October 3, 1092>

Dollie is with her parents in 1910 Decatur County, Nettie 19, and Leo 18.
Next household is Thomas Fullerton Jr. 22 born in Iowa with a wife and daughter.

George 1847-1923 is buried in Clarke County, Iowa # 31245984, although dying in Decatur County.
Lenora 1851-1931 is also buried there, # 31246018.

In 1910 Washington County, Colorado, Roscoe is a foreman at a stock ranch,22, Richard H. 12,
Roscoe Bruce of Sterling, and Dollie Fullerton of Messer, both Logan County, married in Sterling on September 13, 1914. Rev. B.G. Mitchell of Sterling performed the ceremony.

Roscoe claimed land in 1914, 1915, and 1922 in township 5N 52W, Washington COunty.

Dollie claimed two quarters in sections 28 and 33, 6N 52W in 1918.

Roscoe registered for WWI in Atwood, Logan County, born September 22, 1887 at Pleasant Hill, Missouri.

In 1920 Washington County, Colorado, Roscoe is farming, 32, born in Missouri, Dolly A. 31 in Iowa.
Next household is Richard H. Bruce, Jr. 22, born in Missouri, living alone.

Dollie, a milliner, and Bruce a laborer at a dry cleaner, are in Los Angeles in 1930

In 1940 they're back in Washington County, Colorado, ranching, with a hired hand.

Dollie A. Fullerton and Roscoe C. Bruce divorced in Los Angeles, California in January 1973.

Roscoe Clay Bruce, born Sept 22, 1888 in Missouri, died in Los Angeles County on February 9, 1985, mother's name Howland.
He's buried in Pleasant Hill, Cass County # 46605643.

Laura Alzada Fullerton died January 9, 1980 in Los Angeles County, mother's name Palmer.
She's buried as Dollie A. Bruce in Hollywood, # 6543688.

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