William N. Payton , 6 North 52 West

In 1860 Schuyler County, Missouri, William is 13, with Benjamin Payton 41 and Susan 42, farming. John is 17, Nancy 15, William 13, Joseph 12, Benjamin 10, Susan 8, James 6, Martha 4, adn Edwin 2.
All were born in Kentucky except Edwin in Missouri.

Benjamin 1821-1897 is buried in Schuyler County # 47181301.
Susan (Burford) Payton 1818-1885 is also buried there # 71446380.
"Benjamin and Susan (Burford) Payton. Benjamin is of Irish descent, and was born in Anderson County, Ky., in 1820. In 1857 he came to Schuyler County, Mo., and settled one and one-half miles north of Lancaster, where he owns 160 acres of land, but for the past eight months he has been a resident of Lancaster. Susan was also born in Anderson County, Ky., in 1818, and died in 1885. She was the mother of twelve children, ten of whom are living: John (a farmer), W. M. (a farmer), Amanda J. (wife of Josiah Beasley), Joseph B. (a farmer), Benjamin L. (a farmer), Sisie, James P. (farmer and stock dealer), Martha E. (wife of Lewis Van Aken), Edwin F. and Elmer E. (a farmer). "

William Payton and Miss Harriet Jewett married in Schuyler County, Missouri on May 5, 1867.

In 1868 the Larimer County Grand Jury called petit jurors including W.N. Payton.

In 1869 arriving on the John Hughes Lines from Evans, Colorado was W. N. Payton.

In 1880 Scyuyler County, Harriet Payton is widowed, 33, born in Vermont, with Joseph 12 and Dewitt 10, both born in Colorado. Harriet is 8, born in Missouri. They're living with her father Jared C. 66, a farmer born in Vermont, married but no spouse. Samuel J.is 36 a plasterer.

Jared 1813-1888 is buried in Schuyler County # 183624466, with Harriet Sarah (Butler) Jewett 1816-1871.

William N. Payton filed for an invalid pension on June 11, 1889, for service in companies F and I, 26th Missouri Infantry.

May 1890 Sterling " 'Going back to Denver again, going to enlist once more too, utterly too, after passing through the excitement I did while in the Salvation Army,' said Mr. William Payton, as he was getting ready to catch the Chicago Express to the city."

November 13, 1890

William claimed a tract in sections 31 and 35, 6N 52W and in section 1, 5N 53W (Washington County) in 1891.

William N. Payton was admitted to Sawtelle National in 1895 from Colorado, relative Joseph C. Payton of 1450 Ntional Avenue, San Diego, dying August 15, 1927.

In 1900 Schuyler County, Missouri, William N. Payton born June 1846 in Kentucky, is divorced, living with Ssister Susan E. Payton born August 1851 in Kentucky, single. Next to thim is Margaret A. Payton August 1849 Ohio, widowed, with her daughter Della C. Feb 1879 Missouri.

The military history says he was born in Kentucky, and enroled at Little Rock in 1862, discharged at Little Rock 1865.

In 1910 at the National Home for Disabled Soldiers, Leavenworth County, Kansas, William is a hotel keeper, 63

1911 "William N. Payton, I, 26th Missouri Infantry, is a readmission assigned to D Barracks last week."

W. N. Payton dying January 11, 1927 is buried at Los Angeles National # 3742096.

June 1890 "Dewitt Payton is getting able to be around after a hard tussle with the measles."
" In 1892 Henry Schneider married Mrs. Hattie H. (Jewett) Peyton, widow of William N. Peyton, and mother of three children, of whom the only survivor is Joseph C. Peyton, deputy sheriff of Logan County and a resident of Sterling."
Hattie H. Payton and Henry Schneider married in Logan County on March 12, 1891.


"Joe Payton has got down to real hard work, that of painting. He was watched very closely at first, it was feared by the boys he would overheat himself and get the colic. A sponge and water was kept handy , but wo are pleased to say, was not needed."

April 6, 1889 " At this important juncture we hurried home. Upon arrival found J. C. Payton and May Belle Kerby awaiting like ministerial duties. This couple was united in marriage at 8:30 p. m. Mr. and Mrs. Dave Beattie were present and witnessed the ceremony, the latter being a sister of the bride. Mr. Payton has a good business situation. While we are comparative strangers to each other, yet we feel a deep interest in their prosperity and happiness through life.
R. A. Williams"

"Article appears in the Abilene Daily Reflector, Abilene, Kansas, Wednesday, 10 April 1889 reads... The Logan County (Colorado) Advocate contains a notice of marriage of Miss May Belle Kirby, formerly of this county, and J. C. Payton, of Atwood, Colorado. Miss Kirby is well known to a large circle of acquaintances and friends in Dickinson County who will be glad to hear of her happiness."

Joseph B. Payton was a witness for the land claim of William Kelly near this, also in 1891.

August 1898 Sterling "Mrs. Harry Schneider and Mrs. Joe Payton drove down from the Schneider ranch this evening."

October 21, 1898 "Deputy Sheriff Payton was in Julesburg yesterday on official business."
March 1899 "D. T. Shea was in the city from the Schneider ranch this morning. He leaves in the morning for Yuma, near which point he has a valuable homestead."

June 1900 "Col. Joseph Payton went up to Denver this morning taking his pair of fine St. Bernard dogs which he will enter in the dog show. Mrs. Payton accompanied Joe and will visit Denver friends."

July 1900 "Mrs. Joseph Payton drove up to Atwood yesterday and reports that her mother, Mrs. J. L. Kerby, is constantly improving."

James L. Kirby and Lucy Jane Oldshue married in Parke County Indiana on March 4, 1857.
Lucy's sister Nancy Oldshue 1824-1890 is buried in Parke County # 24454531.
John Oldshue 1790-1861 is also buried there # 24459129, with Jemima 1793-1870 # 24459141. Jemima was the niece of John Lincoln, dying 1846 in Missouri, with widow Matilda. His heirs
"Jemima, born before 1790; married John Oldshue and both died before the Civil war, near Waveland, Ind. He was a farmer. They removed to Ashland, Ohio, and later to Crawfordsville, Ind. He was a lieutenant in Capt. Lyme's Company of Pennsylvania militia in the War of 1812. "

In 1870 Dickinson County, Kansas, James Kerby is 43, Lucy J. 34, Jos D. 11, Mollie B. 9, Sallie P. 4, Samuel D. 36.

In 1875 Dickinson County, Kansas, J. L. Kerby is 48, L. 37, with S. D. Kerby 39, J. 16, M 15, and P. 9.

In 1880 James is 53, Lucy J. 45, Joseph D. 21, Molly B. 18, and Sally P. 14.

In 1900 Logan County, James L. Kerby is farming, born October 1826 in Indiana, married 43 years to Lucy J. June 1865 Ohio. They have Joseph D. Sept 1858 Indiana.

Joseph D. Kerby is in Oregon in 1910 and 1920, a laborer, single.

August 1900 "Mrs. Joseph Payton returned home from Denver last night. Mrs. Payton brought home with her a little girl, eighteen months old, which she and Mr. Payton will adopt."

In 1900 Logan County, Joseph P. born May 1865 in Colorado, father in Virginia, mother in Ohio, is with Belle 35 born in Indiana.,

In 1910 Joseph, 43 and Mollie 42 born in Kansas, have Payton 11, an adopted daughter. His mother Harriet Snyder 62 born in Vermont is living with them.

Joseph Cassius Payton was born at LaPorte Colorado May 5, 1868, and was residing in San Diego in 1918.

In 1920 San Diego, Joseph is 52, Mollie B. 49, with Thelma K. Manser, daughter, 24 and her husband Lawrence 21, both born in Colorado. Harriet H. Snyder 73 is with them.

July 1920 Santa Ana " with embezzling $13,000 belonging to the estate of his deceased uncle, Benjamin L. Payton, formerly of Los Angeles, Joseph C. Payton, 52, administrator for the estate, was brought to this city from San Diego and lodged in the city jail pending arraignment in a justice court Payton was arrested Thursday in his cigar store, 422 Broadway,... “Had I known the District Attorney or the grand jury wanted me, I would have come up here voluntarily,” declared Payton at the jail.
my losses. About $30,000 was the price I paid for my betting folly. Most of the money was my own, hut $13,000 belonged to the estate of which 1 was administrator. There are fifteen heirs, nine of whom are brothers and sisters of my uncle.” It Is said that Payton, deceased, left an estate of $37,000, mostly in notes and mortgages. The prisoner declares that he Lad made considerable money in his own right from two cigar stores in San Diego, where he has resided for eight years. “I have a wife, daughter and granddaughter,” he said, “and don't want them to suffer from the notoriety caused‘by this arrest.” Payton was named administrator of his uncle's estate about two months after his death, September 6, 1918. "

In 1940 San Mateo, California, Mollie Payton is widowed, 73, born in Kansas, living with Willis 60 and Josephine Yoder 48, both born in Nebraska.

She died in San Diego County June 14, 1951, born May 9, 1869 in Kansas, mother Eauldsue, father Kerby.

Thelma Maried Payton Manger, 23, daughter of Joseph Payton and Mollie Kerby, married George Harold Mehl in Lewis County, Washington on September 6, 1924.

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