William H. and Erma A.(Watkins) Pirtle, 6 North 52 West

William might be the William "K." Pirtle in 1900 Humphreys County, Tennessee, born June 1877 in Indiana, a teacher, with William D. 49 Indiana and Sarah M. 50 Tennessee. Charles M. is 18, Nancy 12, Edward E. 9. Sister Minnie had married Mahoney Bell.

In 1900 Macoupin County, Illinois, Frank N. Watkins is a day laborer, 43, born in Kentucky, with Agnes 43 Indiana. Alie E. Feb 1883, Alma P, Sept 1885, Virga M. Nov 1887, Ray C. Oct 1890, and Unica S. May 1893 were all born in Illinois.

Frank is buried in Jersey County 1856-1926 # 84632666, with Agnes Jennie (Stipe) Watkins 1857-1919 # 84631733.

William served in the 47th Coastal Artillery in 1898.

William H. Pirtle, 26, and Erma A. Watkins, 21, married February 22, 1903 in Jerseyville, Illinois.

In 1910 Sterling, W. H. Pirtle is single, doing odd jobs, 33, born in Indiana. He's boarding in the Bernice and Bertie Smith lodging house.

William H. Pirtle 1877-1911 is buried in Jersey County # 84515304, with Erma A. 1883 - NO DEATH DATE # 84515264
So is Carl Edgar Pirtle 1906-1914 # 100464642.

Erma, widow of William, claimed 160 acres in sections 12 and 13, 6N 52W in 1915.

In 1920 Springfield, Illinois, Frank Watkins is 63, widowed. So is son Ray 29. So is daughter Erma Pirtle 34, a meter inspector in a factory. Chester is 14, borni nIllinois.

In 1930 Springfield, Erma is 44, widowed, still working at the meter factory , with William 25, both born in Illinois.
In 1940 Springfield, Erma is 52, still working at the meter factory - "auto parts" with Chester 35 a laborer. Nephew Harold Watkisins 20 is with them, a chauffer.

Erma, born Feb 19, 1883, died September 1969.

1956 Medora, Illinois "Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Watkins and Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Watkins visited in Springfield Sunday with Mrs. Erma Pirtle and son, Chester. "

1959 Medora, Illinois "Surprise birthday dinner was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Watkins. Sunday, honoring Watkins, whose birthday will be Wednesday. Guests were: Mrs. Erma Pirtle and son, Chester, W. K."

William C. Pirtle, born Dec 17, 1904, dying January 4, 1990, serving as a private in WWII, is buried in Camp BUtler National, Springfield, Illinois.

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