Wallace G. and Minnie F. (Patton) Keim

In 1870 Sangamon County, Illinois, William K. Patton is 25, Addie 23, Minnie F. 2.

William D. Patton married Caroline A. Jones Feb 16, 1876, recorded in Sangamon County.

In 1880 Sangamon County, W.D. is a druggist , 35, Carrie A. 30, with Minnie F. 12 and Mabel 5 months. (In 1900 William and Caroline A. said they'd been married 24 years,   Mable, born Dec 1879 is a stenographer.)

When son Thurman Edward Keim registered in Denver, he said he was born May 12, 1888 in Hastings, Nebraska.

His California death records say he died in Los Angeles April 27, 1968, mother's maiden name Patton.

October 14, 1892 McCook, Nebraska "Clayton Keim was called to Blue Springs, last Friday evening, by the death of a sister.  He returned via Lincoln, Monday night."

In 1885 Gage County Nebraska, Edward Keim is 50, Margaret 47, W.G. 23 (must be Wallace), W.C. 21 (must be William), and W.C. 13 (must be Wilson)

In 1898 Nebraska incorporation filing by Wallace G. Keim, Edward Keim, Clayton W. Keim.

In 1900 Lincoln, Nebraska, Wallace is a granite and marble dealer, born May 1864 in Pennsylvania, Minnie December 1867 Illinois, with Thurman May 1888, Noel March 1892, and Marie August 1896.

On the same page is Edward Keim, who deals in marble, born Sep 1834 in Vermont and Margaret Keim Dec 1837, both Pennsylvania.  Amanda E. Smith, daughter widowed, born June 1867 is with them. 

Wallace cash-claimed a quarter in 19, 7N 48W in 1904.  He cash-claimed another 80 acres in 12, 7N 48W in 1907.

In 1910 Denver Wallace is a commercial dealer in monumental tombstones, 47, born in Pennsylvania, married 23 years to Minnie F. 42, Illinois,.  Thurman E. 21, Howe P. 18, Marie 13, and Donald F. 7. were all born in Nebraska.


Edward, widowed, is living with Alfred and Amanda Guile in Lincoln in 1910.

September 16, 1916 Lincoln - The body of Edward Keim, who died in Colorado, was brought to Lincoln Saturday. Mr. Keim lived at 3326 R Street. He was eighty-three years old. He leaves four children, W. G. Keim of Denver, C. W. Keim of Lincoln, "W. C. Keim of Albuquerque, N. Mex., and Mrs. A. L. Guyle of St Joseph. 

Edward, per FindAGrave 70499557 was born Sep 8, 1834, and is buried in Wyuka cemetery, Lincoln.

Same plot as Ann M. Keim - Oct 2, 1838- Nov 28, 1906  70499555

So is Clayton William Keim - Dec 24, 1863-  Nov 3, 1943.

So is Amanda L. Guile - June 7, 1869 - April 28, 1937 70100794  - in the same plot as Alford L. Guile -1862-1936

Wilson C. Keim 1872-1952 and Bertha C. are buried in Fairview, Albuquerque  17960491


Emma Keim, 17, married Emanuel Whitmarsh in Gage County Jan 20, 1884.  He was 24, born in Canada.

State census, Rockford Precinct, Gage Co., Ne., June 1st, 1885:
Frame 43, line 18:
Whitemarsh, Del W M 25 farmer b. Canada father b. Can. mother b. Can.
" Laura W F 24 wife b. Ill. Ky. O

Island Grove Precinct, frame 436, line 44:
Whitmarsh, Manuel W M 26 farmer Canada N.Y. Canada
" Emma W F 19 wife Penn. Penn. Penn.
" David W M 22 retired Canada York Canada

David 1863-1892 is buried in Gage County - FAG says spouse was Nancy Clothier married George Snuffin 1893. 

In the Church of the Brethren cemetery, Holmesville, Nebraska  " Emma B. Keim Wife of Emanuel Whitmarsh Jan 22, 1866. Oct 8, 1893."

Emmanuel E. Whitmarsh died Mar 7, 1930 buried in Wyuka sec 4FG space 472

Minnie's father William D. Patton and his wife Caroline are also in Denver in 1910, with daughter Mabel J. Rogers and her daughter Lorraine, 3, born in Colorado.  Lorraine was born Feb 11, 1907 in Denver, according to her February 1940 arrival on a cruise ship in New Orleans.

In 1920 Denver, W.G. is a realty dealer, and he and Minnie have Thurman E. and his wife Helen, Marie, Donald, and grandson Gordon, 8, born in Colorado.

Wallace Gassaway Keim - Birth: 21 May 1863 Somerset County PA - Death: 23
November 1920 Denver CO, Denver County - Parents: Edward Keim & Ann Margaret
McVicker - Spouse: Minnie Florence Patton (she born 24 Dec 1867 Auburn IL -
died 01 Oct 1960)




Wallace G. Keim, 36 years old, widely know Denver realty dealer, is dead Tuesday at his home, 1379 Detroit Street.

Members of the family and the police say Keim's death is the results of a beating administered by three men Sunday evening on the Twentieth Street viaduct, after an automobile collision to which Keim was a witness.

J. Calaianni, 19 years old, a tailor, and L. Cofalu, 19 years old, a laborer, are in the city jail. The police are searching for a third man, Hickey McAndrews, 1323 West Thirty-ninth Avenue, said to have been employed as a truck driver for the W. H. Kistler Company.


According to the Policeman John Pitt, who was near the viaduct at the time of the accident. Mr. Keim alighted from his limousine and stepped to the side of the driver of the small touring car which had been struck by a truck. Mr. Keim explained, according to Pitt, that he had witnessed the accident and would appear in behalf of the touring car driver.

Keim was accompanied by his son Thurman Keim and his daughter-in-law and grandchild. As he adjusted his eyeglasses preparatory to taking the license number of the auto truck, knocking him to his knees, it is charged.

Thurman Keim interfered but was unable to stave off the attack of the three men. After several minutes he succeeded in dragging his father to their own car.

"My father told me that while he was inside his car the men broke the locks off the doors trying to get him out, but help arrived in time." Miss. Marie Keim, the daughter, said Tuesday.

Cofalu and Calaianni were arrested charged with disturbance, and lodged in the city jail. After the attack Keim seemed to suffering only from abrasions on the head and injuries were not regarded as serious.

Monday morning Mr. Keim appeared in police court to prosecute the three assailants. The case was continued until Tuesday, when it was reported that McAndrews had not been apprehended. Tuesday morning, when Keim's death was announced, the two men were order held for an investigation.

Coroner Thomas Hunter., who has charge of the body, said Tuesday:


"I have not yet had time to make an investigation of the affair. Dr. C. S. Bluemel, who attended the dead man, told me the death was directly due to the blows struck in the assault. Keim sustained a fracture of the skull." Dr. Bluemel said, and that is what cause his death. I reported the matter to the police. They have two men in jail and are making further investigation. I understand. I will order and inquest some time Wednesday."

After attending police court Monday morning, Mr. Keim went to his home and complained of severe pains in his head. After spending several hours in bed he arose and said the rest had refreshed him. Later in the day he became critically ill. Early Tuesday morning he lapsed in unconsciousness and died shortly afterward.


"In my opinion there is no doubt that Mr. Keim's death was directly due to the injuries received when the blows were struck," said Dr. C. S. Bluemel Tuesday. "I am not positive that there was a fracture of the skull. The autopsy will show if there was."

Mr. Keim was an old-time resident of Denver. He was formerly the proprietor of a tombstone and monument company. In recent years he has handled state land projects.

Besides a widow he leaves three sons, Noel, Thurman and Donald and one daughter, Marie.

Source: Published in the Denver Post in Denver, CO on November 23, 1920.


Wallace G. Keim, at the residence, 1379 Detroit Street, Notice of service later.

Source: Published in the Denver Post in Denver, CO on November 24, 1920.



Harry McAndrws Faces Murder Charge, Two Others Named as Accessories to Crime Dead Man's Son Tells of Assault.

A corner's jury Wednesday recommended the prosecution of Harry McAndrews for the murder of Wallace G. keim and the trial of J. Calaianni and Louis Cafalu as accessories to the crime.

The three accused are in the city jail, McAndrews, known as "Hickey," having been arrested Wednesday. Mr. Keim, a prominent business man, living at 1379 Detroit Street, died Tuesday of injuries alleged to have been inflicted by the three men held responsible by the coroner's jury.

The Coroner's jury found that Mr. Keim died of injuries "inflicted by Hicky McAndrews, who was aided by J. Calaianni and L. Cafalu and others whose names are unknown; that said injuries were inflicted by said McAndrews with felonious intent and solely because the deceased had protested against McAndrews driving a truck at between forty and fifty miles an hour, thereby running into and wrecking an automobile.

Thurman E. Kelm, son of the murdered man, was the principal witness. According to his story Mr. Keim stopped his automobile near the scene of a collision on the Twentieth Street viaduct, near Blake Street.

"Father jumped out and went over to the man who was driving the wrecked machine to tell him he would appear as a witness and testify the truck was responsible for the accident," he said. "Father stooped over to look at the license number and as he straightened up the man called McAndrews hit him in the face.

"Father fell and then two other men in McAndrews' party rushed up and were striking him when I got to him."

Source: Published in the Denver Post in Denver, CO on November 25, 1920.



"Harry McAndrews and possibly J. Calaianni and Louis Cafalu, will be charged with the murder of Wallace G. Keim in an information which positively will be filed Friday afternoon." Said Deputy District Attorney A. L. Betke Friday morning.

Kiem's son, Thurman E. Keim and others who witnesses of the attack upon the Denver real estate dealer have been asked to appear in the district attorney's office Friday afternoon for the filing of the information.

Keim widely know Denver real estate dealer died Tuesday of a fractured skull, said to have been received when McAndrews, Calaianni and Cofalu attacked him near the north end of the Twentieth Street viaduct Sunday.

Source: Published in the Denver Post in Denver, CO on November 26, 1920.


Three Men Are Accused of Beating Real Estate Dealer to Death.

Murder charges against three men accused of inflicting a fatal beating last Sunday on Wallace G. Keim widely-known Denver realty man, were filed Sunday in the West Side court. They accurse Harry McAnderw, J. Calaianni and Louis Cofolu of the crime.

The informations were sworn to late Friday afternoon by Thruman E. Keim, son of the realty man, and other witnesses before A. L. Betke, assistant district attorney.

Mr. Keim was attacked, it is alleged, when he offered to be a witness in behalf of Japanese whose car was struck by a truck in which the three accused men were riding. It is charged that the death blow was dealt by McAndrews but the other two men are alleged to have been accessories.

Source: Published in the Denver Post in Denver, CO on November 27, 1920.

Keim Burial Plot:

1. Wallace G. Keim (1863 - 1920)
2. Minnie F. Keim (1867 - 1960)
3. James Wallace Keim (1944 - 1944)
4. Beulah R. Keim (1892 1981)
5. Noel P. Keim (1892 1970)
6. Audrey Martha Keim (2002 -2002)

William, an agent for a nursery company,  and Caroline are back in Macoupin County in 1930.

In Auburn Cemetery, Sangamon County is William H. Patton 1850-1940 -per FindAGrave 44864640

In 1930 Hawaii, Minnie is living with daughter Marie and her husband Robert Faus, both physicians, both  32 and their two kids.  She's still there with them in 1940.

Marie - Aug 29, 1896 - Sep 16, 1975 is buried in National Memorial, Honolulu 3774390 .   Robert B. Faus 1897-1983 is also buried there.  "Col. U.S. Army."

Mabel J. (Martin) Patton 1879-1928 is buried in Oak Ridge, Sangamon County  24201866 says "Native of Auburn, Illinois, Daughter of William D. and Carole Martin " - Illinois death records have an incorrect date of birth (Nov 7, 188) dying Aug 2, 1928 in Springfield, wife of William McNamar, father W.D. Patton, mother Caroline Jones, buried in Virden, Macoupin County.

Mabel Rogers, born about 1880, married William McNamar April 16, 1918 in St. Louis County, Missouri.

In 1920 Virden, Macoupin County, William manages a theatre, and Mabel and Lorraine C. - adopted daughter - are with him.  He's widowed in 1940, living with his mother.

Donald D Keim - Birth: 11 June 1902 Lincoln NE, Lancaster County - Death: 02
June 1983 Honolulu HI - Burial: Crown Hill Cemetery, Denver CO, Denver
Parents: Wallace Gassaway Keim & Minnie Florence Patton
Spouse: Marie Loucks (born 06 Jan 1902 Colorado Springs CO)
Marriage: 17 January 1925 Denver CO, Denver County

newspaper source - Rocky Mountin News Saturday 13 August 1955, page 12
columns 1-3 - (included in this article is a photo of Donald D Keim)

"Colorado C of C Offical Fired By Directors Without Explanation - by Robert L

Donald D. Keim, secretary-manager of the Colorado Chamber of Commerce, was
fired Friday by his board of directors. No explanation was given for the action,
but it was known that Keim had been under sharp crossfire from local chambers
of commerce throughout the state for more than a year. The criticism centered
on two ineffective attempts by Keim to lobby a ban on union shop labor
contracts through the State Legislature. In both cases the controversial 'right to
work' bill died in committee through the efforts of Mayor Nicholson, then a
state senator.

OTHERS PROPOSED - Local chamber of commerce managers also opposed Keim, both
informally and by action of their state association, on grounds he had failed
to provide aggressive and effective leadership and that the state chamber was
not offering proper services to local chambers. The board made no mention of
these things in discharging Keim, who was in on the founding of the state
chamber 21 years ago and had served as its full-time executive officer since.

The 21 members of the board, drawn from all parts of the state, emerged from
a 4-hour executive session with only the flat announcement that they had
terminated Keim's services as of Friday and would pay him a month's salary in lieu
of 30-day notice. John J. Harpel, Chamber president, said he was not
authorized by the board to go beyond this single announcement.

NO SUCCESSOR YET - He said Keim's successor will be named later after board
members have conferred with officers and committees of civic and trade groups
around the state. Meantime, Winston Overhults, the chamber's membership
director, who has been with the organization three years, will serve as acting
manager, Harpel said. Keim had no specific comment on his ouster.

NO QUESTIONS - 'The board of directors runs the organization,' he said, 'and
that's as it should be. I think I'll go fishing. I have no plans for the
present.' Keim was in his office throughout the 4-hour board session at the
chamber's headquarters, 1036 Grant st., but 'no one saw fit to ask me any questions.'
He said he had not been informed officially or personally of the board's

At the beginning of its meeting, the board filled three unexpired terms by
election of three new directors. Two of these - Lyle Barnard and Chris Sorenson
- are from Longmont, one of the focal points of opposition to Keim's policies.
The third new member is Tymer Rice of Englewood, president of the State
Junior Chamber of Commerce.

In announcing the decision to fire Keim, Harpel said it is hoped to 'develop
a potent and active state chamber that will work closely with local chambers
and all sections of the state.'

SOMETHING BIGGER - 'There's a feeling throughout the state that something
bigger is needed,' he said. 'A feeling that better coordination is needed.' These
sentiments were endorsed by George Reitemeier, manager of the Longmont
Chamber of Commerce. Reitemeier is chairman of a committee of the Managers Assn. of
Colorado named last March to seek recognition of the state chamber or the
removal of Keim.

'I'm sorry to see Keim leave,' Reitemeier said, 'but I look forward to an
organization that will tend to bring the economic standards of Colorado up. I
hope that when the board of the state chamber hires a man as the new manager they
will hire one with a lot of know-how and ability to work hard for Colorado -
within the state.'

FULL SUPPORT - 'Local chambers of commerce and the managers association will
support a strong state chamber movement fully.' Only a few local chambers now
are members of the state organization, although its individual membership is
presently at a peak (727). It was understood that at least one local chamber
withheld payment of its dues to the state group until Friday's board meeting was
called. Speculation on a possible successor to Keim named Howard N. Yates,
former manager of the Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce and now executive
vice president of the San Antonio, Tex., chamber; and Milt Andrus, who formerly
held local managerships in several Colorado cities and is now with the Colorado
Good Roads Assn."
(end of article)