Hollis E. Wood

Hollis cash-claimed 80 acres in 5, 7N 48W in 1908, and another 80 acres in section 21, 7N 48W in 1910.

Possibly the Hollis E. Wood buried in Wyuka, Lincoln, Nebraska, born Feb 3, 1856, dying March 20, 1923.

In 1900 Lincoln Hollis, born Feb 1857 in Pennsylvania, has been married 15 years to Hellen L. April 1857 Illinois.  He's a real estate agent.  They have Harold W, April 1888, Fannie L. August 1891, and Florence H. September 1894,, all three in Nebraska.

In 1910 Lincoln, Hollis and Harold are working in real estate, and they've added Marion E. , now 8.Nephew Caryl Clarke, 11, born in Illinois is with them.

In 1920 H.C. and Helen are both 63, with Marian 18, and Florence Oshen 25, married to Edward Oshen 25.

Helen is widowed in 1930 Lincoln, a mother-in-law living with Walter C. Langeman and Kathryn Langman, both 30.