Nathan H. and Emma (Axelson) Chalburg, Victor  Axelson

Henry County Illinois  

In 1870 Henry County Nathan "Challberg" is 6, Chas. A. 8, Christene A. 4. with Jonas 36 and Matilda, 28.

 In 1870 Henry County Axil Axilson is 34, Louissa 33, Axil V. 19, Andrew 17, Frank 15, Alfred 7, Vernard 5, Alma 12, and Mary 11.

Emma was in Henry County, Illinois in 1880, age 9, with Axel Axelson 56 and Louisa 52.  Siblings are Victor 29, Olive 19, Warner 15, Alfred 16.  (Olive Axelson cash-claimed one quarter in 1890, and another next to it in 1898 timber-claimed a quarter in 7N 47W - Phillips County, about ten miles from Nathan and Emma )

Nathan married Emma Sophia Axelson  born Oct 22, 1870, on Feb 21, 1893 at the Swedish Lutheran parsonage in Bertrand, Phelps County, Nebraska.

Nathan timber-claimed a quarter in 18, 8N 48W in 1895.

In 1910 Gosper County, Nebraska, Nathan H. is 45, Emma 39, with Viola M.O. 16, Effa K.E. 12, Gertrude E.H. 10, Rubie E. 8, and Roy C. J. 6.

In 1920 Dawson County, Nathan "Chalbes" is 55, Emma 49, Viola 25, Effie 22, Gertrude 20, Rubbie 18, Roy 16, and Len six months.  (this must be Evelyn Christopher, Effie's daughter.)

In 1930 Dawson County, Nebraska Nathan H. "Chalberg" 'is 65, born in Illinois, Emma S. 59, also Illinois.

N.H. "Chalberg" "is widowed in 1940 Dawson County, living alone.

Nathan H. Chalburg 1864-1940 is buried in Overton, Dawson County, Nebraska 7650387 with Emma S. Chalburg 1870-1937.

California death records have Nathan Henry Chalberg born June 25, 1864 dying in Fresno Dec 16, 1940.

Jonas Chalberg, born June 1834 in Sweden, is in Phelps County, Nebraska in 1900, 1910, and 1920.

Jonas 1834-1920 and Matilda 1842-1918 are buried in Sandstrom Cemetery, Phelps County, Nebraska.  44606557

Effie Amelia Katrina Chalberg Christopher born Mar 22, 189, died Feb 18,1975 in San Diego 103108840

Viola married Albert A. Bingell and they're buried  in Overton. 62841552

Gertrude Emma Huey in California death records have her born Sep 24, 1899 in Nebraska, dying Nov 17, 1984, father Chalberg, mother Axelson.

Rubie E. Smith  - Oct 1, 1901 - Feb 1, 1968 is buried in Highland Cemetery, Phelps County  45062802

Roy Charles Chalberg - Sep 9, 1903 Apr 6, 1967 is buried in Golden Gate National 356013.  In 1940 he was a waiter / partner is a Los Angeles restaurant.


Alfred G. Axelson timber-claimed a quarter in 15, 7N 47W - Phillips County - but only a few miles from Nathan - in 1898.


Haxtun Harvest, Haxtun, Colorado, September 9, 1931

A.M. Axelson Succumbs to Heart Attack After More Than 45 Years Continuous Residence in the Haxtun District, Sunday

A.M. Axelson, 78, one of the earliest settlers in the Haxtun country, died suddenly last Sunday morning while on his way to attend church services. He had not been in good health for several years, and a short time ago was confined to his home for several weeks by a heart attack from which he later rallied. He had just left the house last Sunday morning and when within a few feet of the street, a neighbor lady, Mrs. Davis, who happened to be looking out of the window of her home, next door to the north, saw him falter and fall. She and her husband and others who happened to be passing, went to his assistance immediately and carried him back into the house.

Dr. McKnight, who had passed the home just a few minutes before was called back, but the stricken man was dead when the doctor arrived.

Mr. Axelson first settled in the Haxtun district in 1885. At that time this section of the state was very sparsely settled. He was married a year later to Lottie A. Johnson and they made their home six and a half miles southeast of the present town of Haxtun.

He was a very public spirited man and was actively identified with the development of Haxtun and Phillips County for more than 46 years. He was especially interested in crop development and devoted a great deal of time to a study of crops best adapted to this climate and soil.

Few men in Phillips County have been as instrumental in the upbuilding and development of this section of the state over so long a period of time.

Funeral services were held Tuesday afternoon from the Radford Funeral Home and from the Elim Lutheran Church. The funeral sermon was preached by the Rev. Stromquist of Greeley, former pastor of the Haxtun church, who read the following obituary.

A.M. Axelson was born at Ostergotland, Sweden, in the year 1853. In 1869 he immigrated to America and first settled at Andover, Illinois where he made his home until the year 1878 when he moved to Bertrand, Nebraska.

In the year 1885 he moved to Haxtun, Colorado where he has since resided. In 1886 he was united in marriage with Lottie A. Johnson. This union was blessed with eight children, seven of whom survive, one having died in infancy.

Mr. Axelson was one of the pioneers of the Haxtun district. He was very public spirited and always interested in the improvement and upbuilding of the community. No question concerning the progress or betterment of Haxtun and community escaped his attention, whether material, social or spiritual.

As a neighbor he was very sociable, hospitable and accommodating. Of a kind, genial disposition visitors in his home always received a friendly welcome.

He was baptized and confirmed in the Lutheran church of which he has been an active member all of his lifetime. He was very faithful to his church, both in attendance and in support. His interest was not only local; it extended to conference and Synod as well. It was a very common thing to meet him at the annual conference and Synodical meetings.

He died very suddenly September 6, 1931, while on his way to church, at the age of 77 years, 9 months and 29 days.

He leaves to mourn his departure his wife, Lottie, three sons, Gust, George and Carl; four daughters, Effie, Louise, Mabel and Ella; two sons-in-law, three daughters-in-law and 12 grandchildren. There are also two brothers and two sisters and other relatives and friends.


    A.M. Axelson was a notary public and real estate dealer advertising in Holyoke in 1888.

    Lottie Johnson Axelson timber-claimed a quarter in 8N 47W in 1900.

Haxtun Harvest, Haxtun, Colorado, May 15, 1929

Death Claims Victor Axelson Following Long and Tedious Illness

Victor Axelson, 78, another of the earlier settlers at Haxtun passed away Wednesday morning at the home of his sister, Mrs. H.A. Green of Haxtun.

Mr. Axelson has been seriously ill since October 1928, and was a patient sufferer. Although suffering from a malady from which he knew there was little hope of relief, he accepted his lot with stoic fortitude until death relieved his suffering.

Mr. Axelson was interested in the development of the Haxtun country and always took an active part in the Haxtun Corn Festival, it being due largely to his efforts that the products of the Haxtun country have been so attractively displayed at these annual functions.

He was a man of wonderful physique and in his younger days was a tireless worker.

He is survived by four brothers and two sisters. They are Mrs. H.A. Green and A.M. Axelson, of Haxtun, Alfred Axelson of Orleans, Nebraska, Mrs. Chelberg of Overton, Nebraska, Frank Axelson of Portland, Oregon, Harner Axelson of Long Beach, Oregon.

Funeral services will be held from the Elim Lutheran church at Haxtun Thursday afternoon following which the body will be shipped to Bertrand, Nebraska for interment.

Harry and Olive Green are in Kearney, Nebraska in 1900, where he is a painter, born Dec 1861in Illinois, Olive July 1860 in Sweden, with Dewey 1898 and Olivette four months.

They're inHaxtun in 1930, Harry still a painter, with William C. 26, Nebraska.