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Logan County Pioneers:

Frank J. Guilmette, Fleming

In 1887 Frank Guilmette was a new subscriber to the Holyoke newspaper.

November 1, 1890 Sterling "Would you like to go duck hunting by moon-light, was inquired of his nibs Monday by the versatile Frank Guilmette, Esq. Having never before hunted members of the web-footed family by the light of the moon, we accepted. In a short time the party were seated behind Nellie Bly, the famous little globe circular, and counting telegraph posts, on their way to R. J. Patterson's farm, three miles north. Lovely drive down the river-passing pretty farms, dotted here and there with small herds of cattle, alfalfa fields green as some of our soft dudes, and last but not least the farmers' pretty milk maids after the cows. Arriving at our destination Nellie was tied and the fun broke out.
"Turn us over, before you saw our leg, mother!" In the distance came Sheriff Buchanan and Charles Don Carlos. At first we thought it was a put-up job on Lu-Lu, but as the state laws do not forbid a person hunting by moon-light we were dead-safe. Each one took up a station around the swamp and waited developments. In a short time the familar notes of a duck was heard and answered by Frank. Whiz! Bang! bang! bang! went our old fusee, but no ducks were heard to drop. By this time the moon was quite high and the ducks kept coming faster and swifter. After spending perhaps two hours at the lake, Sheriff Buchanan doing the most shooting, the party were called in and proceeded to count the game.
The Sheriff brought in one duck but said he had them all over the lake. A search was made but no ducks found. Don said he must be crazy. At last the Sheriff looked at the moon and saw another duck, took aim and fired — nothing fell—he tumbled at last and picked a grayback off of his right eye lasher. "Some-few" "O, yes, don't care if I do!"

Frank cash-claimed a quarter in 11, 8N 49W in 1891.

He might be the Frank Guilmette farming in 1900 Cloud County, Kansas, born March 1850 in Canaada, married 24 years to Filemine Feb 1856 Canada. Adlee Sept 1883, Caroline April 1887, and Clare April 1894 were born in Kansas.
He's in 1905 Cloud County, Kansas, 55, with Philomena 45, Clara 11, Frances and Blanch both three.

Francis Xavier "Frank" Guilmette 1843-1911 is buried in Cloud County # 100362542.

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