Edgar B. and Josephine (Brainerd)(Peck) Bunnell, 8 North 50 West

In 1870 Wyoming County, Pennsylvania, John W. Bunnell is farming, with Arrelia, both 53 born in Pennsylvania. Edgar B. 17 works on the farm.

In 1870 Cattaraugus County, New York, Clark Brainard is 59, Clarisa 56, Allison C. 19, Hellen 17, and Josephine 14.

In 1880 Cattaraugus County, New York, Josie Peck is 24, the widowed daughter of R. C. and Clauise 66 Brainard. Jose has WSarren Peck, eight months old.
Rufus died August 1882 in Cattaraugus County.

Rufus Clark Brainard of Gibson, Susquehanna Co., Pa.; m., about 1835, Clarissa H. Lyon, b. July 1, 1814, in Otsego Co., N. Y., dau. of Abel and Nancy Ann (Finney) Lyon. After spending some years in Palmer, Mass., he went to his brother, Seth, in Wayne, IST. Y, He was an employee of the New York & Erie Railroad for about twenty years. He was one of the pioneers of Cattaraugns Co., having been a resident of that county for more than forty years. He lived in Salamanca, N. Y., and afterwards moved to Napoli, N. Y., about 1837, where he continued to reside until his death. Mr. Rufus Clark Brainard d. Aug. 9 or 20, 1882 Mrs. Clarissa H. (Lyon) Brainard died Apr. 8, 1891.
Children :

i. Moses Frederick, b. Nov. 33, 1837 or 1838, in Napoli or New Albion, N. Y.
ii. Nancy A., b. May 3, 1840, in New Albion, N. Y. married George Wheeler, farming in Salamanca, children Viola H. (married Erastus Winship, Clark, Charles S. and Ida C.

ill. Seth Hastings, b. Mch. ?¦ 1843, in New Albion, N. Y.
iv. Frances L., b. Mch. 23, 1845, in Napoli, N. Y.
v. Alson T., b. Jan. 9, 1848, in South Valley, N. Y.; d. Sept., 1849. He was a hotel keeper in Olean, N. Y. ???
vii. Helen C, b. March. 10, 1853.
viii, Josephine M., b. Aug. 10, 1855.

(Clarissa H. Brainard 1814-1891 is buried in Hall County, Nebraska, # 51841997.
So is Francis Louise (Brainard) Thomas 1845-1926, "Daughter of Rufus Clark Brainerd and Clarissa H. Lyon".)

Edgar B. Bunnell and Josephine Peck married September 23, 1881 in Buffalo County, Nebraska.

In 1885 Buffalo County, Nebraska, Edgar is a barber, 33, with Josephine 29 and Maude 2.

Edgar claimed a tract in sections 9 and 24, 8N 50W in 1890.

In 1898 Denver, Edgar is a barber, living at 1510 W. 12th.

August 26, 1898 Sterling Colorado "E. B. Bunnell was in the city to-day with his traveling barber shop. He is an old timer in this section and did a huge business here grinding scissors, etc."

Edgar is in the 1900 census of Denver, a barber, born Nov 1850 in Pennsylvania, married 20 years to Josephine August 1855 New York. Mary March 1883, Buella April 1886, and Bethel Nov 1887 were born in Nebraska.
Maude Frances Bunnell married Lawson P. Shelton on September 9, 1903, recorded in Denver.

In 1910 Denver, Josephine is widowed, 54, with daughter Maude F. Shelton, 26 and her son Wayne H. 5. Maude is an assistant in a dental office.

Maude Frances Shelton and Lawson B. Shelton divorced in Denver August 30, 1911.

Josephine is in Chicago in 1920, with daughter Buela Gethell 32 and her husban Frank H. 34 born in Illiniois. Frances is 7, Mary Jane 4.

Beulah Helen Bunnell married Frank Hudson Getchell on January 3, 1912, recorded in Denver.
Daughter Frances Virgina (Getchell) Oettel died December 12, 1973 in Loma Linda, California.
Another daughter Mary, born March 4, 1915 in Chicago, died January 8, 2003.

Josephine 1855-1922 is buried in Chicago, # 120449991. Her daughter Frances Maude (Bunnell)(Shelton) Beatty 1883-1940 is buried in Glendale, California # 116396228
Maude was in Seattle in 1920, 31, with Charles H. Beatty 49. Wsayne Roger Shelton 15 is with them.
Wayne was in Los Angeles in 1930, a buyer for a store, 25, single. He's the nephew of Helen B. Lewis 43 divorced, 43 born in Nebraska and her daughter Maryanne E. 15 born in Illinois. Francis M. Beatty 46 burn in Nebraska is with them, widowed?

Frances M. Beatty 57 and Wayne R. Shelton 36 are in Los Angeles in 1940.

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