James A. and Adeline (Layton) Davis, 9 North 48 West

In 1870 Douglas County, Colorado, William "Burgers" is 16, born in Ohio, a farm laborere for his stepfather William Jones 34 and his mother Isabella 44. Isabella has Eliza, 6.
One tree said that William and Isabell had two girls, Eliza and Birdie. Birdie Jones married William H. Beall Oct 17, 1895, recorded in Denver. This one was born 1877 in Missouri, so too young.
One tree said Eliza Jones died 1880 in Douglas County.

Adaline A. Layton married William A. "Burgues" January 4, 1880, recorded in El Paso County.

In 1880 El Paso County, Colorado, William Burgess is 26, born in Ohio, a laborer, with Adeline 16 born in Illinois.
In 1885 El Paso County, Wm. Burgess is 31, farming, Adaline 20, Henry 4, Oscar 3, and newborn Elizabeth.

William A. Burgess cash-claimed a quarter in El Paso County, Colorado - near Colorado Springs in 1891.
An east-west road running through the unincorporated Black Forest area north of Colorado Springs, it apparently was named for the Burgess family. William A. Burgess homesteaded in the Air Force Academy area in 1860; the Burgess Pioneer cabin remains on the academy grounds. Later, a man named Cort Burgess - probably related - owned the land where the Edgar Box and Lumber Co. operated. In 1900 Phillips County, Colorado, James is farming, born Feb 1861 married 18 years to Adie A. Sept 1860, both born in Illinois. Emma May 188? and Olive July 1888 were both born in Colorado.
William M. Burgess is in Grand Junction in 1910, 56, born in Ohio, with Oscar A. 27 COlorado.
On the same page is Henry Burgess, 29, born in Colorado. All are teamsters.
William is farming alone in 1920 El Paso County, divorced, and in 1930 is with son Oscar in Englewood, Colorado.
May 5, 1930

(Oscar A. Burgess 1882-1963 is buried in Colorado Springs # 33409725.)
Henry Alexander Burgess 1881-1955 is also buried in Colorado Springs.# 33409724

James proved up a quarter in 23, 9N 48W in 1908.

Emma Ellen Davis married John Wesley Frank, recorded in Logan County, on May 10, 1906.
In 1910 Emporia Kansas, John W. is a carpenter, 35, born in Illinois, with Emma 23 Colorad. They have Grace, 1, born in California)
In 1915 Emporia J.W. is 46, E.E. 28, G.L. 6, H.M. 4, W.A. 1, and C.A. six months.
In 1920 Geary County, Kansas, they have Grace L. 10, Hazel M. 9, William A. 6, and Chester A. 5. Alonzo A. 71 is living with them.
John Wesley Frank -1874-1922 is buried in Wichita # 33258395.
Emma is widowed in 1930 Wichita, Kansas, a saleslady in insurance and real estate, with Aden A. 16 and Chester A. 15. Richard R. Thomas, 39, divorced, mechanic, kis lodging with them.
Chester Albert Frank 1914-1993 is buried in Covina Clifornia # 94389321. ELIZABETH
One tree said Elizabeth May Burgess was born Oct 17, 1884, and died August 27, 1897 in Fort Morgan.

Olive C. Davis married Eldridge Atkins, recorded in Logan County, on August 22, 1906.
Reverend Robert Sanderson of Sterling performed the ceremony.
In 1920 Coos County, Oregon, Raymond Dean is a road work contrator, 34 born in Wislconsin, with Olive 29 born in Colorado. Son BUford 10 was born in California, Dorothy 6 Washington, Floyd 4, Oregon, and brother Eugene 37 Wiscnsin.
In 1926 Chester R. (Olive C) live at 316 Garvalia in Alhambra. So does Lester B. Dean.
Olive is divorced in 1930 Alhambra, California, with Floyd C. a mechanic 14, Virginia M. 9, California, and Virginia M. 7 California - they said the kids;' father was born in Nebraska.
Olive - born May 7, 1887, died November 9, 1945 in Los Angeles County.
SSDI has her born May 7, 1885 in Colorado Springs to William Burgess and Addie A. Hall.
Leslie Bufford Dean 1909-1978 is buried in Mojave California # 10364713.

Carol Shaw wrote :
Alonzo FRANK and his wife, Roseltha, children Charles b. 1869, Fred A. b. 1871, John Wesley b. 1874 moved to NE Colorado around 1880. Alonzo was living in Colorado in 1890 and 1898 when he applied for Civil War Veterans benefits. In 1890 he purchased 6 plots at the Holyoke Cemetery. Those graves are still not marked, however, it is believed that there are people buried in at least 2 of them. Charles FRANK is only mentioned in the Civil War records, so could he be buried in Holyoke? Seems odd that someone would buy cemetery plots before they bought a home!
( Alonzo claimed a quarter in 1891 in section 6, 8N 47W - Phillips County, Colorado -
In 1891 Alonzo bought a house near Haxtun 4 miles N and 2 miles W of County Line. His son Fred A. FRANK and wife, Lovina "Vina" had the following children born in Colorado: James H. b. 1892, Lonnie b. 1895, John R. b. 1896, Bess b. 1898, Fred b. 1899. In 1906 John Wesley Frank married Emma Ellen BURGESS DAVIS at Sterling. John was farming at that time. Shortly after the marriage John and his new wife moved on to California.
About 1907 Alonzo Frank and his wife moved to Emporia, KS.
Emma was the daughter of William A. BURGESS and Adaline "Addie" Amanda Layton. Addie left her husband about 1890 and went with James A. DAVIS. She took her three daughters with her and left 2 sons in Colorado Springs with William. We have no record of a marriage to James DAVIS. They lived in a wagon and picked up work where ever they found it, mostly in NE Colorado. Emma and her sister, Olive, seemed to use the last name of DAVIS at times instead of BURGESS.

In 1939 Gary, Indiana, Adie (wid Jas) lives at 1645 Polk.


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