John H. and Edna (Adamson) McConville, 10 North 48 West

In 1900 Frontier County, Nebraska, Edward McConville is 52, Bridget 40, Gertie 13, Thomas 10, John 9, Edward 8, Joseph 5, and Kate 2.

Bridget (Callan) McConville 1860-1907 is buried in Indianola, Nebraska # 13020638.
So is Edward 1845-1920 # 13020643

John was in Frontier County, Nebraska in 1910, 19, with father Edward 63. Alice is 33, thomas 28, John 19, Edward 17, Joseph 15, and Mary 12, all kids born in Nebraska.
May Adamsonmarried John H. McConville June 16, 1915, recorded in Logan County.

John H. McConville claimed two quarters in sections 28 and 29, 10N 48W in 1919.

In 1920 John H. McConville born April 1891 in Harrison, Nebraska is in Logan County, with Edna May and son James E., 1.

John Henry McConville of Logan County was committed after receiving a severe head injury from being kicked in the head by a horse resulting in 'insanity'. He died 1926. Husband of Edna May Adamson and father of James E. and Charles D. McConville. Brother of Joseph McConville.
He died October 4, 1926.
He is buried at Roselawn Cemetery in Block 5 Lot 2 Grave 2 Space 37. # 183993029.

Edna May Hanson is in Sacramento California, in 1940, married to Nels H. Nelson 43. James E. McConville is 20, C. Delbert 18, both born in Colorado.
James Edward McConville was born December 16, 1918 in Haxtun.

Delbert Charles McConville was born Sept 27, 1920 in Haxtun.
He was in the Klamath Falls, Oregon high school in 1936,

Delbert died June 14, 2006.

James died December 23, 1997 in Hayward, California, buried there # 169737548 with Donna Marie (Sporrer) McConville 1925-1988.

Edward L. McConville married Mrs. Mae Benham on September 18, 1933, recorded in Weld COunty.

Edward Lewis McConville, Jr. 1892-1969 is buried in Sterling # 55438100.

Leslie V. Skeels married Alice Gertrude McConville on October 29, 1919, recorded in Phillips County.
Leslie proved up a quarter in 33, 10N 48W in 1917, and another in section 23 in 1922.
Alice Gertrude (McConville) Skeels 1886-1956 is buried in Sterling # 51162106, with Leslie Skeels 1890-1979.

Mary K. (McConville) Foppe is also buried in Sterling # 57018198, with John Frederick Fopee 1903-1965.


In 1900 Henry County, Missouri, James H. and John W. McConville, born Oct 1898 and Austin J. Nov 1899, are with mother Mary J. McConville born August 1868. They're with her mother Elizabeth kinney 61, and her son August 21. All were born in Missouri.
J.W. McConville 1898-1902 is buried in Henry County # 98345509.

Elizabeth Devinny, born April 1, 1839 in Henry County to Joseph Tieman and Miss Berger, both born in Germany, died August 12, 1910, to be buried in Germantown Cemetery.
James H. McConville is in Boise Idaho in 1920, 21, with Mary J. 51 and Austin J. 20.

James H. McConville married Lucille A. Kinney on June 9, 1925, recorded in Logan County.
In 1930 Logan County, James is a chef in a hotel restaurant, 31, born in Missouri, Lucilee 29, Edward 3, and newborn James.

James is in Merino, Colorado in 1940, 41, with Lucille A. 39, Edward L. 13, James H. 10, Mary A. 7, Virginia C. 4, and Frances J. 2.
His mother Mary is in Greeley in 1930, divorced, 61, with Rose Devinney 59.

James, born October 7, 1898 in Johnstown, Missouri, registered for WWII in Worland, Wyoming, working at the Washakie Hotel.
He died in November 1977, last residence Pueblo, Colorado.
Edward Louis McConville, born May 1, 1926 at Sterling, died January 20, 1999. He had married Nelda D. McConnell, 32, in San Bernardino, California on July 9, 1963.

October 18, 1951 "Edward L. McConville, 25, of Sterling was being held by Chief of Police 0. L. Walker in the investigation of a recent theft of registered mail at Sterling. Walker said that a heavy sealed pouch of registered mail was taken from a baggage room at the railroad station in Sterling shortly before midnight of Oct. 8. A postal inspector, a Union Pacific railroad special agent and police participated in investigation of the incident, with result that McConville was arrested Wednesday morning on a Sterling street. Walker attributed to McConville a statement in which McConville said he had lifted the big pouch of mail from a truck in the railroad station and had carried it.... According to Walker, McConville slit the outer and inner pouches, rifled the contents for cash, and forced the remainder into a large suitcase. McConville, Walker said, related that he boarded a train to Denver, with the suitcase, and at Denver rented a drive-it-yourself automobile, in which he drove back thru Sterling to North Platte and then returned thru Sterling to North Platte, and then returned thru Sterling to Denver. En route to Denver the second time, the statement attributed to McConville said, he cached the residue of the mail and pouch in the toilet of a recreation park near Sterling. Walker added that the pouch, with much letter mail and parrels, was recovered, and that he expects recovery of a portion of the considerable amount of cash taken from the registered mail. McConville, a longtime resident of Sterling, has recently been employed in oil field work near Sterling. Walker said he is held for the U. S. marshal, with possible arraignment before a U. S. commissioner at Sterling."

Virginia McConville was in the 1943 Merino, Colorado high school class.

Austin Joseph McConville, 26, married Ruth B. Johnson in Greeley on July 15, 1925.

In 1940 Greeley, A.J. is 40, a plasterer, with Ruth 38, born in Nebraska. They have Austin 14, Alfred 11, and Robert 6.

Austin J. McConville 1899-1975 is buried in Greeley # 65228553, with Ruth 1902-1993 # 65228554.

March 7, 2004 Greeley, Coloradao
Robert "Bob" McConville will celebrate his 80th birthday with a private family brunch today.
Bob was born in Greeley in 1934, where he also grew up and went to school. He enlisted in the Navy in 1951, and served aboard the destroyer USS Bausell during the Korean conflict. Bob was honorably discharged in 1955, and returned to Greeley.
He worked for Home Light and Power and stayed with the company through several mergers. Bob retired from Xcel Energy in 1994, after 39 years of service to the company.
Bob met Beverly Schmunk in 1956, and they were married two years after. He has three children, Kelli Kubik of Omaha, Neb., Colleen McConville of Greeley and Michael McConville of Denver; four grandsons, Andy, Dan and Marc, all of Omaha, and Paul Kubik of Phoenix; and a great-grandson, Mason Kubik.
Bob has enjoyed nearly 20 years of retirement in which he and his wife have traveled frequently. Their latest vacation was a cruise from New York City to the eastern seaboard and into Canada.
Bob still enjoys his summer garden with many flowers and tomatoes, exercising and coffee with his friends when there is time.


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