Logan County Colorado Pioneers

George W. Franklin, 9 North 49 West

George claimed a quarter in 20, 9N 49W in 1891.
Possibly the teamster in 1900 Madison County, Montana, bonr March 1867 in Illinois, married nine years to Ila Feb 1874 Kansas. Minnie was born May 1892 Kansas, Edith 3 and Nora four months in Montana.
He had been in Kansas in 1880, and it looks like most of his large family moved there, too.
J.H. Franklin was 43, Elisabeth 33, Henry 15, George 13, Albert 11, Marie 9, John C. 7, Charles 5, Sarah A. 2, and Jefferson O. five months.

1901 Durango - Ralph Thompson fell from a ladder while painting the George W. Franklin residence.
1902 Durango "Mr. and Mrs. George W. Franklin will depart tomorrow for a visit to relatives in Los Angels, California. They wil be absent several weeks.
In 1902 Ruth Scibird of Del Norte was visiting with grnadparents Mr. and Mrs. George W. Franklin.
1906 George was in Denver, and sold the Boston coal mine to Forester.

1911 Durango, Colorado, "George W. Franklin was an arrival on the train from Silverton this morningt, having come in from Denver, wehre he spent the past few months. Mr. Franklin will probably remain in Durango and vicinity the rest of the summer."


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