Logan County Colorado Pioneers

Eugene J. Rizer (junior and senior), Pearl (Rizer) Howery, 9 North 50 West

W.C. Rizer, age 23, married Nancy J. Hass on November 23, 1865 in Elkport, Clayton County, Iowa.

In 1880 Dawson County, Nebraska, Wm. C. Rizer is farming, 36, born in Ohio, with Nona J. 32 Illinois.Clara 13 adn Wm. A. 12 were born in Iowa, Anna W. 6, Estella 5, Delbert 3, Hattie 2, and Everet two months were born in Nebraska.
In 1885 Buffalo County, Nebraska, Wm. C. is 44, Nancy J. 36, Clara B. 18, Wm. A. 17, Annie M. 11, Estelle 9, Delbert 8, Evertt 5, Hattie 6, and Grace born in July.

In 1900 Buffalo County, W. C. "Riser" born Feb 1842 and Nancy July 1842, have Adolph 31 born in Iowa, Wiliam 21, Evert 20, Pearl 15, and Edmen 8.

William C. Rizer 1842-1916 is buried in Gibbon, Buffalo County # 57972943.

In 1900 Kearney, Nebraska, Pearl Rizer, born April 1885 in Nebraska, is lodging with the T.Q. and Abby George family, going to school.
In 1910 Logan County, Loren Howery is farming, 23, with Pearl 24, both born in Nebraska.
Pearl Howery, formerly Pearl Rizer, proved up a quarter in 21, 9N 53W in 1913.

In 1920 Goshen County, Wyoming, Loren is a gas station attendant, with Pearl J. teaching a country school. Son Lorlys is 3 born in Nebraska.

In 1930 Lancaster County, Nebraska, Loren is a machinist, with Peearl and Lorlys 14.
They're still in Lancaster County in 1940, with Loren a carman in a railroad shop, Lorys a body and fender worker.
Pearl J. Howery born August 4, 1885 at Kearney Nebraska to Wm. Rizer and Nancy Haas both of Iowa, died in Louisville, Kentucky January 2, 1946.
She was to be buried in Lincoln, Nebraska.
She's buried in Lincoln Memorial Park # 80146774. Loren L. 1887-1967 is buried there, too # 80146745.

Lorlys E. Howery died in Jefferson County, Kentucky October 1, 1975.

EUGENE JULIUS RIZER 1842-1913 and son EUGENE J. 1878-1935

This is possibly a relative of Pearl...

1872 Reading, Pennsylvania " Rev. P. Rizer preached his farewell sermon in the Lutheran Church at Hummelstown on Sunday morning. He has resigned to have a pastorate at Stewartsville, New Jersey. Mr. Kizer is the father of Capt. E. J. Rizer, of this city."

1877 Reading "E. J. Rizer, Route Agent in the U. S. Mail service from Allentown to Harrisburg, testified to having gone through the cut on Sunday night in the rear of the crowd; about half way between the Walnut street bridge and the depot shedding, he heard some conversation on the other side of the coal cars, and heard a number of incendiary remarks; he then ran to the depot, and gave information to the officers of the road, as to the remarks he had heard; he then stayed around the depot, and was there a considerable while; he did not go out beyond the engine; heard the stoning of the engine, and saw that it had been damaged when it backed into the depot; heard the pistol shots fired; saw a good many men running around there whom he did not recognize; saw the blaze of the burning cabooses; went to the Dispatcher's office that night; asked Mr. Moll whether a train was going to Allentown on Monday morning, so that he could make his mail train, and was told that there was; later after witness had got home, he saw the light of the Lebanon Valley bridge; he then went to the depot again for the purpose of going to Allentown, and at the depot met parties returning from the burning bridge; saw a suspicious party at the depot who ??? thought wanted to burn the bridge, and after he had reconnoitered around the party fled. The man who used the incendiary language on the way to the depot was ???? Goodhart. The general condition of the town was one of excitement and uproar."

Eugene Rizer in 1880 Burlington, Iowa, 2, born in Pennsylvania ?, with Edward [should be Eugene ] 37 an artist, Sallie 31. Leon 11, Gustav 9, Bessey 7, Lulia 5.

1889 Fort Madison Iowa, directory included " E. J. Rizer & Co. Jobbers of Farming Machinery, Buggies, Wagons, etc. 210 and 212 Cedar St. "

November 1912 Lee County, Iowa "E. J. Rizer returned to his home in Chicago Monday after a few days' visit with his son, Dr. Rizer."

Eugene 1840-1913 is buried in Lee County, Iowa # 153923491, with Sallie 1848-1888 Memorial # 153923604. William 1869-1895, Gustavus 1871-1941, and Roscoe 1888-1888. William 1869-1895, Gustavus 1871-1941, and Roscoe 1888-1888.
He was born Feb 15, 1842, in Pennsylvania to Peter Rizer and Margaret Rogers, and died Sept 23, 1913 in Chicago, widowed, to be buried in Fort Madison, Iowa.
In 1900 Chicago he was 57, married only three years to Effie J. 37. Bessie 27 is a nurse, Louise 25 a stenographer, Eugene 22 an insurance agent, David 19 in the Navy, were born in Pennsylvania, Peter 18 a laborer and Luther 15 in Iowa.
David Hoffman Rizer, born August 26, 1880 to Eugene Julius Rizer and Sallie Seltzer Earnest, . in Desmoines County, Iowa. Eugene eas 38, Salie 31.

In 1910 Chicago Eugene is 68, living with daughter Louise S. Arnesen 33 and her husband Alfred P. Arnesen 32.
Louise (Rizer) Arnesen 1875-1962 is buried in Chicago # 166563004.

In 1912 Lee County, Iowa, heirs included Nona Earnest, widow, E.J. Rizer, Sr. Widowere, Louis and her husband Alfred Arnesen, Elizabeth McMurry widow, E. J. Rizer, Jr. and Laura his wife, D.H. Rizer and julia his wife, Martin Lluther Rizer unmarried, P. Robin Rizer and his wife Ethel.

Eugene J. Rizer, age 31, married Laura Murphy in Weber County Utah on September 22, 1909. They said she was born in Denver.

In 1910 Sterling, Eugene 32 born in Wisconsin [should be Pennsylvania] , just married (her second marriage) to Laura 28, Louisiana, are staying at the Samuel and Mary Parker house in Sterling.

Eugene proved up two quarters in sections 4, 9, and 10, 9N 50W in 1915.

Eugene Julius Rizer, a railroad conductor, registered for WWI in Sterling, born May 26, 1878, living with lauar at 516 Lincoln in Sterling.

May 1917 " Sterling - Viola Fleming, 21 years old, is dead from injuries received when an automobile took a flying leap from the roadway east of this place and, after turning clear over, brought up against a telegraph pole. G. Rizer, a railway conductor, of Denver, suffered a broken rib; Ella Walker, 20 years old, received a broken collarbone, and Isaac McCoul, roundhouse foreman at this place, was injured and bruised."

In 1920 and 1930 Eugene and Laura are in Sterling. In 1930 a nephew William Harvey 15, born in Colorado, is with them.

June 1934 San Bernardino, California "M. L. Rizer and his sister, Mrs. Elizabeth McMurray, will leave this morning in company with their brother, D. H. Rizer, and family of Long Beach for Sterling, Colo. There they will be met by another brother, Gene Rizer, and his family and go on to Fort Madison, Iowa, for a family reunion, still another brother, Dr. G. E. Rizer, meeting them at Fort Madison, their "home town." A brother, P. R. Rizer, and sister, Mrs. Louise Arneson, of Chicago also are expected to join them for the reunion and the Californians will return to Chicago with them for a view of the exposition."

In 1938 Denver, Laura L. (wid Eugene J.) lives at 1355 Adams.

Laura L. is widowed in 1940 Denver, 58, born in Lousiana, with her brother William S. Watson 56, widowed, also born in Louisiana. He was in Vancouver, Washington in 1935
In 1961 Denver, Laura L. (wid Eug J.) is a maid at the Denver Country Club, living at 1110 Clarkson apt 5.

Eugene 1878-1985 [should be 1935] is buried in Wheat Ridge, Colorado # 47514243, with Laura L. 1878-1967, # 47514244.
Thanks to the Denver Public Library

William S. Watson 1883-1955 is buried in Wheat Ridge, too # 143908121.
There was a William S. Watson of Milliken, Colorado, marrying Mrs. Pansy Watson of Miliken in Sterling wee married on July 19, 1923.
William Stuart Watson registered for WWII in Denver, born January 29, 1886 at Mobile, Alabama, reference Henry Fandis of Denver. He was working at the Sportland Beach Club of 32nd and Monroe, Denver.


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