Henry A. and Emily Somers

In 1860 DuPage County, Illinois, Fredk Somers is 52, Sarah J. 31, wih Edward 11, C. 9, Geo 6, Henry 4, and Eliza 2.

 In 1880 McHenry County, Illinois, G.A. Sommers is 72, Sarah 50, with Henry 23 and Charles H. 10.

Henry cash-claimed a quarter in 15, 6N 50W in 1891.


He might be the one in Lincoln Nebraska in 1900, a day laborer born August 1856 in Illinois, married 14 years to Emma B. Feb 1865 in Missouri., with Joanna E. 13 Nebraska, and Frederick A. 11 Colorado.


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Henry Augustus Somers, Emma Beatrice Sweany Somers,  holding Josie  and Fred

Emma's father George was the recipient of this photo. You can imagine the effect upon the grandfather who had not seen his first grandchildren. Without even writing to Emily he and his other 2 children went to Doniphan, Nebraska to surprise her and her family. Even when they arrived in Doniphan, they walked out to the Somers farm which was between a mile and a mile and a half away from the train station. Josie and Fred, the Somers children told their unknown guests that they had lice much to the embarrassment of Emily, the mother. It is not known how long the reunion lasted.

Sarah is widowed in 1900 Doniphan, Nebraska, and is buried in the Doniphan cemetery. 1829-1905.  Fredrick Aiken Somers 1808-1871 is also buried there.

Henry is a carpenter in 1910 Lincoln, both kids with them, and no occupations.

Frederick graduated from the University in 1912, member of the Y.M.C.A., Engineering.

When Frederick A. Somers registered in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, he said he was born April 29, 1889 at LeRoy Colorado, a draughtsman for Westinghouse Machine Company in Pittsburg.  Frederick Augustus Somers registered for WWII still working for Westinghouse in Lester, Pennsylvania, born in Logan County, Colorado.

In 1930 Delaware County, Pennsylvania, Frederick and Bertha are both 40, with Richard, 8, born in Pennsylvania.

 Frederick A. Somers - dying Dec 28, 1950, buried in Delaware County, Pennsylvania.  Bertha, dying Jun 22, 1974, is also buried there.

Joanna Elizabeth Somers married Guy Youtsey Sept 22, 1917, recorded in Kiowa County Colorado, and they're in Kit Carson County in 1920 and 1930.

Henry proved up two quarters in 18S 43W (Kiowa County) in 1919.

1920 Sheridan Lake (Kiowa County)

Emily B. Somers 1865-1926 is buried in Burlington.

Henry is 83, widowed, in 1940 Kit Carson County, Colorado, and daughter Josie, also widowed, 53, is with him.

Henry 1856-1944 is buried in Burlington, Colorado.

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