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Last Updated: April 13, 2009
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Otero County GenWeb Timeline

1996 - 1999 It apears that Joyce Johnson was one of the first county coordinators for this site. If anyone knows about any other volunteers, please contact the current coordinator know so we can credit that volunteer by name on this website.

August 18, 1999 - November 2004 (?) Jay and De Bond adopted this website. They added to original content that included several databases useful to researchers. As of August 2007, they continue to offer original and new material they created and are an asset to the genealogy community. They can be found at their website Otero County Genealogy and History.

November 2004 (?) - August 2005 (?) The site did not have a volunteer coordinator.

August 2005 (?) - 2007 Don Kelly was the volunteer coordinator for this website. In his own words: "My grandfather Marcus Lafayette Kelly came from North-West Arkansas with his wagon and horses to Otero County about 1924. He was a part time miller on Sugar Creek, but his lifelong trade was as a stone cutter of great talent who cut and polished beautiful tombstones and headstones during his adult life. Though 70 years old in 1925, he may still have worked with stone and some of his monument work may still be found in the cemeteries around here. His initials/trademark left on his creations was MLK. He was killed in an auto accident in 1937. [It is] believe[d] that, from information provided by Peacock Mortuary, that he was buried in Fairview Cemetery." He has kept his promise to leave all the information he acquired intact for the next Otero County Colorado GenWeb coordinator.

August 2007 - April 2009 Kristina Corey Fuiks - She became interested in genealogy when her grandmother's family had a family reunion in 1996. She finished her degree and started a family of her own. While she is working on her research, since the birth of her daughter, she has scaled back her activities, including genealogy.

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