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Otero County Families

Information about early Otero Co. Colorado residents, as compiled from censuses, histories, directories, and other records. I will be attempting to locate these families in earlier times, as well as later. Check back from time time to see the new families, and any updates to them. If you'd like to contribute your early Otero County family, contact me at and I'll be happy to add your family here.

Please note that Otero County wasn't formed until 1889. If your family was in the area prior to 1889, be sure to check Bent County. I am a coordinator for that county as well, and am compiling family information for early Bent County residents, too.

The basis for this project was taken from the 1900 Census for Otero County. The first page of the census is not readable, so we are beginning with page 2. Looks like the page may have been torn, so tape was used, which makes the surnames *invisible.* If I could not read the surnames due to this tape, I have not included them here. I tried to research these families both before and after 1900, in some cases I was unsuccessful.

The following families were enumerated in Township 22, Precinct 1, District 80.

Alvin Parker

Alvin Parker was born in February 1855 in Maine, according to the census. His parents were both born in Maine. His wife was Hattie, born in May 1864 in Illinois. Alvin and Hattie were married for about 4 years, with one child, a daughter Alvina, age about 6 months. Alvin was a farmer.

In 1910 Alvin, Hattie and their daughter Alvina were still in Otero County, in the town of Fowler.

James Briggs

The second family is that of James Briggs. James was born October 1851 in New York. His wife was Dora, born September 1858 in Wisconsin. James and Dora were married for 22 years in 1900. Dora was the mother of two children--one living. Daughter Wilma was born in 1880 in Wisconsin. James was a plasterer and daughter Wilma was a milliner.

Dora died February 20, 1901 and is buried in the Fowler Cemetery, Fowler, Otero County.

Walter M. Berry

Walter M. Berry was born in October 1864 in Indiana, father born in Virginia and mother born in Indiana. Walter & his wife May had been married for 12 years. May was born in May of 1866 in Missouri. Her parents were both born in Kentucky. May was the mother of 3 children, who are all living in this household:
Son Lawrence, born October 1889 in Missouri
Daughter Mildred, born December 1890 in Missouri
Daughter Dorothy, born June 1892 in Illinois

Walter Berry was a farmer.

This family can be found living in Fowler, Otero County in 1910. A few more children have joined the family:
Marjorie Berry was 8 years old, born in Colorado
Richard was 6 years old, born in Colorado

Walter Berry and May Elhart were married in Johnson Co., Missouri on September 6, 1887.

Charles W. Homer

Charles W. Homer was born in Indiana January of 1859. His occupation was a jeweler. No birthplace is listed for his parents. His wife was Flora A., was born in March 1861, also in Indiana. Her parents were born in Ohio. Charles and Flora were the parents of one child: Mary M. Homer was born in February of 1895 in Colorado.

Alonzo B. Airry

Alonzo B. Airry was living alone in this census. Born in Vermont in March of 1828, he was listed as a farmer, and was divorced.

Charles McKinley

Charles McKinley was born in Illinois in October of 1858. His father was born in Illinois, his mother in Ohio. Charles and his wife Alma had been married for 20 years. Charles' occupation was listed as farmer.
Alma was born in May 1861 in Illinois. Under birthplaces of her parents is written "unknown." She was the mother of 6 children, with 4 living. The four children are living with their parents, as follows:
Maud (daughter) born September 1882 in Nebraska
Alb (son) born August 1886 in Colorado
Iraez (daughter) born November 1889 in New Mexico (her name may be Inez, but it looks like "Iraez" to me)
William (son) born June 1899 in Colorado

Charles & Alma are living in Fowler in 1910, with their 10 year old son William and a daughter, Orry, age 8. Abner McKinley (Alb in the 1900 census?) is living with his in-laws, also in Fowler. His in-laws are A.S. and Maude Wise. Abner's wife is Leda, 18 years old and born in Colorado. They appear to be newlyweds, as the number of years married is "0."

Charles died in 1941, Alma in 1947, both buried in the Fowler Cemetery (Find-a-Grave web site). A couple of their children are also buried in the Fowler Cemetery: Inez May McKinley died May 16, 1903; William died in 1975.

Nelson Rowan

Nelson Rowan was born in June of 1840 in Indiana. He was a farmer. The space for father's birthplace was left blank, Nelson's mother was also born in Indiana. Nelson's wife was Elizabeth, they had been married for 37 years.
Elizabeth J. Rowan was born in October 1838 in Kentucky, as were both of her parents. She was the mother of 6 children, all living. One son lives in this household:
Irvin, born August 1876 in Kansas, is single, nothing under occupation.

James Telle

James Telle was born in March 1846 in Massachusetts, as were his parents. His occupation is that of a farmer. James and his wife Martha had been married for 32 years.
Martha Telle was born March of 1848 in Illinois. Her father was born in North Carolina, mother in Illinois. Martha was the mother of 12 children, 10 living.
Daisy (daughter) born in July 1876 (I think) in Missouri
Rex (son) born April 1880 in Missouri
Earl (son) born June 1882 in Missouri
Carl (son) born June 1883 in Missouri
Frank (son) born December 1885 in Kansas
Albert (son) born July 1887 in Kansas

Leo Long

Leo Long was a 24 year old single man living alone. He was born in November of 1875 in Illinois, as were his parents. His occupation is listed as salesman.

Fred L. Young

Fred L. Young was born in February 1864 in New York, as were both his parents. His occupation is day laborer, his wife is Francis (sic), born in Minnesota in May 1867. Her parents were both born in Norway. They had been married 4 years, and had one child:
Alfreda, age 1, born in Colorado.

Julia C. Solerth

Julia C. Solerth is listed as the head of household, born in March 1838 in Norway. She stated she was married, had been married for 43 years, and was the mother of 11 children, 7 living. Julia's parents were also born in Norway. Two of her children are enumerated with her in this census:
Andrew B. Solerth was born in Minnesota in April 1870. He is a farmer.
Mary G. Solerth (daughter) was born in Minnesota in May, 1872.

Frank Herrington

Frank Herrington was born in Iowa in April of 1866. His parents were also born in Iowa. Frank was a blacksmith. He has been married for 7 years. His wife is
Lula, born in July of 1873 in Arkansas. Her father's birthplace is unknown, mother also born in Arkansas. She is the mother of one child:
John C., born November 1893 in Colorado. The census enumerator put his age at 3, in spite of the birthdate and in spite of stating that John attended school during the year.

George W. Hulse

George W. Hulse was born in November 1849 in Maryland, and is a farmer. His father was born in New Jersey, his mother in Pennsylvania. George had been married for 26 years.
Mary, his wife, was born in February 1851 in Illinois. Her father was born in Indiana and her mother born in Ohio. Mary was the mother of one child.

Samuel Stevens or Sturns

Samuel was born in October 1852 in Connecticut, and was a harnessmaker. The spaces for parents' birthplaces has been left blank, He was married for 17 years to
Clara, who was born in September 1862 in Pennsylvania. She was the mother of 6 children, 5 living. Her father was born in New York, her mother in New Jersey.
Charles, a son, born March 1885 in Nebraska
Harry, a son, born in October 1889 in Kansas
Myrtle, a daughter, born in October 1890 in Kansas (Note: that dreaded tape has appeared over Myrtle's information--taking my best guess)
Hulda, a daughter, born November 1893 in Kansas (More tape--not sure if this is correct)
Katie, a daughter, born March 1898 in Colorado (she is on the next page--the tape does not interfere with her information)

(The rest of the page is not readable again, due to the tape.)

Mathias L. Loucks

Mathias L. Loucks was born in Canada in October, 1846. His father was born in New York and his mother was also born in Pennsylvania. His occupation is listed as a farmer.
His wife, Harriet, was born in Pennsylvania in February, 1849. Both of her parents were born in England. They have been married 25 years. Harriet is the mother of three children.
Kyle, born October, 1883 in Iowa, attended school.
Glenn, born February, 1886 in Kansas, attended school.
Tice, born June 1890 in Kansas, attended school.

In 1910 this family is enumerated in the census for Kutcher, Crook County Oregon. Mathias and Harriet's sons Kyle and Warren T. are living with them. Warren T. is 20 years old, it is possible is full name is "Warren Tice Loucks." Son Glen is living a few doors down, with wife Bessie, age 23, step-daughter Maud , age 4; and daughter Thelma, age 5 months. Glen & Bessie have been married for one year. Bessie is the mother of 3 children, 2 living.

Jasper T. Browning

Jasper Browning was born in July, 1861 in Illinois. His father was born in Ohio, his mother born in Illinois. Jasper's occupation is listed as a farmer. He has been married for 16 years.
Anna, his wife, was born in Illinois in June of 1865. She is the mother of 6 children, all living. "Unknown" is marked under birthplaces for both parents.
Warner C. was born in Missouri in September, 1886, and attended school.
Violet M. was born in Missouri in April, 1888, and attended school.
Onny (?) was born in Missouri in July 1890, and attended school. Her name is not easy to read, but she is a daughter.
Tessie T. was born in April, 1894 in Oklahoma. She attended school.
John F. was born in July, 1899 in Oklahoma.

Jasper and his daughter Tessie and son John are living in Metaline, Stevens County, Washington. Jasper is a widower. A search of the Washington State Death Index does not return a death date for Anna. She either died before 1907 when the state began keeping records, or did not die in Washington. Jasper does not appear in a search of the Death Index, either.

Charles A. Trent

Charles A. Trent was born in December, 1872 in Canada. His occupation is listed as grocer. His father was born in Canada, his mother born in England.
His wife, Susan H., was born in May of 1876 in Canada, as were her parents. Charles and Susan have been married for one year with no children.

Paul Hardy

Paul Hardy is a single young man aged 18, born in April, 1882 in Missouri. His occupation is listed as a salesman. His father was born in Missouri, his mother in Indiana.

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