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 Alma Junction
previously London Junction
 Called Alma Junction after 1895,
closed in 1924
 Alma  Est. 1872, Inc. 1873
PO est. March 7, 1873
located 5 miles NW of Fairplay
 Antelope Springs  
 Antero Junction  
 Badger City  gone by 1900
 Bailey  Est. 1864, PO est. 1878
(PO moved from Deer Valley)
Balfour  PO 1894-1907
also called Hilltop and Summit
 RR station on Trout Creek Pass
Park & Chaffee county line
 Bear Creek listed 1896
Bellford Mountain Heights  
 Benkleys  listed 1896
Black Dumps  spans Chaffee/Park border
 Black Mountain
previously Devine
 PO 1898-1911
 Bordenville  PO 1879-1884
Buckskin/Buckskin Joe
previously Laurette
PO est June 1, 1861 disc. January 24, 1873
Park County Seat 1862-1866
located 2 miles west of Alma
 Buffalo Springs  PO 1875-1912
 Cassels  PO 1899-1929
Centerville  listed 1895
located 17 miles east of Fairplay 4 miles North
previously Weller
PO 1892-1911; RR station
 Chile Springs  listed 1896
 Coal Branch Junction  
 Como PO est. January 23, 1879; Inc. 1883
 Condon listed on map 1880
 Conrad  PO 1897-1905
 Contrite/Cortrite  PO 1889-1892
 Cottage Grove  listed early 1880's
located between Alma & Holland
 Dake  PO 1883-1892
 Deer Valley  PO 1871-1878
later Black Mountain
 PO 1898-1911
previously Leavick
 PO 1901-1907
 Dudley  PO 1872-1880 
 East Leadville  
 Eleven Mile Village  
 Estabrook  PO 1880-1937
1859 "Fair Play" then became "Fairplay Diggings" then in 1861 "Platte City" then "Fairplay" until 1869, then name officially changed to "South Park City" in 1874 "Fairplay' restored.
PO est August 2, 1862 as Fair Play
Inc. 1880
later Slaughts
 PO 1878-1900
previously Selkirk
see Sacramento
 Est. 1878
 Fortune Placer  
now Guffy
Inc. 1897