State Herald, Holyoke, Colorado, September 5, 1913


Anson B. Hanway was born on the 14th day of November 1856 in Clarksburg, Indiana and died at Springfield, Missouri on Tuesday August 26, 1913.


At St. Morris, Indiana, 1899, he and Miss Luella Higdon were united in marriage. No children were born to them.


About ten years ago, he and his wife became residents of our county. During their residence in the county he made many acquaintances and all who met him in a social or business way learned to hold him in high esteem for his many good qualities of character.


He was a member of the Congregational church and, as that denomination was not represented in our county, he still held his membership in the Denver church of which Dr. Thomas Uzzel was the founder and pastor up to the time of his death.


He was a member of the K.P. Lodge of Holyoke.


He had been troubled for some time with his heart and a few months ago his family physician advised him to try a lower altitude. He regretted very much to leave his friends but finally disposed of his property and with his wife went to West Plains, Missouri in the hope that the lower altitude would benefit him. The change failed to improve his condition.


He leaves his wife, two brothers John and Amos of Bridgeport, Colorado, who attended the funeral and one sister.


The body was brought to Holyoke for burial and the funeral services were conducted from the Baptist church on Sunday afternoon, August 31. Rev. Ellie Zinger preaching the sermon and the burial services were conducted by the Holyoke K.P. Lodge. A large number of friends of the family attended the services and accompanied the remains to the cemetery.





Anson B. Hanway

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