STATE HERALD, Holyoke, Phillips, Colorado

A.A. Spahr, Editor & Publisher


16 Aug 1889, Friday, Vol. II - No. 50


DIED - Guy, son of Albert Carson, at their home on Saturday, August10th of diphtheria.   Also on the Sabbath while the family and friends were at the grave of little Guy, a second one, Frank, passed away to join his brother in a brighter world.


Their sickness was of short duration but their suffering was severe. The bereaved family has the sympathy of the entire community. You will miss the flowers God has taken from your home to transplant in another sphere, but although they cannot come to you, it will be a comfort to you in your grief to know you can go to them.


All through the dismal night

Little Guy in pain did moan,

Until like a chilling wavey

Death bore his spirit home.


Sad and lonely are our hearts,

Bereft of Little Guy.

His little spirit had taken wings

And flown beyond the sky.


Weep not for him though he has gone;

He’s safe beyond the sea.

Bow to the Saviour’s will, and say:

“We trust him, God, with thee.”


Farewell, Sweet Guy, we give thee up;

Death triumphs over all

It is in vain for us to weep;

All must obey the master’s call.


Again the hand of affliction’

Is laid upon our home so drear;

It has severed us forever

From Little Frank, so dear.


Oh, why should the hand of death

Both children from us take?

But there, we will not murmur;

We’ll bear it for His sake.


We miss them in our home:

Miss their merry laugh and play.

Their little toys and playthings

Recall them every day.


Although it seemeth cruel,

God knoweth what is best.

Early in life he called them home

To enjoy eternal rest.


Oh, that home of the soul,

So bright and so fair

That all of earth’s beauties

With it cannot compare.








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