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The Amherst Cemetery is laid out on 1 acre land. Originally, this cemetery, which was built in 1915, was owned by St Paul’s Lutheran church.  It is now a public.





The Bryant Cemetery is in very poor condition.  There are 3 partly plowed markers still standing.

 It is located 11 ½ miles South ½ mile West of Haxtun    (Northeast corner of County Rd 6 and 3. West of Hwy 59)


Dunkard Church (May also be the Fisher Cemetery)



The Dunkard Church Cemetery was founded September 25 1889 on one acre of land sold to the church by  John Fisher.. A fence was place around the cemetery.   Members of the Fisher family, the Elder family and others were buried there.  Today the cemetery is all but destroyed.  The fence is gone and only to headstone remain to mark the existence of this cemetery.


 Located in the NW corner of SW ¼ of 22-8-43.  Approximate location is on County road 30 between County roads 53 and 57






The Fairfield Cemetery was originally the Bjorklum family cemetery which was founded in 1888.  In 1905 the family gave an acre of land to the Fairfield Covenant Church (formerly the Swedish Mission Congregation).  In 1956, the church gave the cemetery to the West Phillips County Cemetery District.

73 graves


Fisher Cemetery (May be Dunkard Cemetery)


At the present time location is unknown.     One confirmed burial.





The Holyoke Cemetery was founded in 1888.  When the Holyoke Cemetery Association was formed, each shareholder paid $100.00 to the association. These shareholders were to be paid back from the sale of plots. In 1889 the association was granted land for the formation of the cemetery.





 The Jarvis Cemetery was founded in 1888. The Scottish people have a tradition regarding the burial of a child who was not old enough to establish a home of their own (usually infants). When the child dies they are buried but when the mother of that child dies, the child body is raised and the mother’s body is placed underneath, then the child's body is placed in her arms.


The cemetery is located 9 ½ miles South and 6miles East of Haxtun.






The Paoli Cemetery is located 1mile North ½ West of town.


North Paoli Cemetery


The North Paoli Cemetery is abandoned.  Today, a farmers corn circle covers the spot where the cemetery once was.  There  are no headstones or graves!





The Haxtun Cemetery is located on the West side of town. The first burial in the cemetery was that of Mr. Strohm. It was a simple burial but later his brother-in-law felt bad that there wasn't a marker, so he mixed up a batch of cement at his home in a peach basket and then came to town. By the time he reach town the cement had started to set, so the headstone is marked with the “strips” from the basket. Mr. Strohm name was engraved with a stick, by his brother-in-law, who didn’t position the letter equally so the “h” and the “m” are squeezed together.


Pleasant Valley/State Line



Pleasant Valley Cemetery which is also as State Line was founded in 1885 on 1 acre of land. The wagon road from Champion Nebraska to Sidney, Nebraska is just north of the cemetery. Some of the pioneers of this wagon road are buried in it.

The cemetery is located On Laird Rd 2 miles west of the state line. Which is 11 miles East and 2 ½ miles South of Holyoke.





The Posegate Cemetery was founded in 1895 on land given by Isaac Posegate.  The first burial was in 1908.  A cemetery association was formed to oversee the grounds.

Cemetery is located 2miles South of Paoli.



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