Fairfield Church

                          The Fairfield Covenant Church




As Swedish settlers moved to this community to build homes and break ground for crops in 1887, a need for spiritual fellowship became necessary to help them survive the hardships they faced.  A group of these settlers meant at the home of Edward Anderson on December 31, 1888.  Under the leadership of fellow homesteader and Pastor G. Norseen, the Fridhem Svenska Mission Forsamling of Logan County, Colorado was formed.  During the meeting, John L. Wilson was elected President, Frank O. Nelson, Secretary, Edward Anderson, Treasurer, Nels Swanson, Per E. Person, John Bjorklun and J O Jacobson as deacons.


Pastor Norseen pledged to minister these God-fearing people whenever possible and the people pledged to help brother Norseen with his farm work.  The following year this gathering was accepted into the Evangelical Mission Covenant Church of America.


As payment for his services, Pastor Norseen received “Mission Corn”, which is the corn harvested from one acre of corn planted by the church member for the services of the pastor.   The first year the crop failed and the pastor received nothing and over the next few years the church faces overwhelming financial trouble, but the small congregation held steadfast.  Church services were held in different schoolhouses, to ease the travel distance for church members.


In 1894, this small church family realized the first church, a sod building, ¾ of a mile north of the cemetery.  This building was never completed. A severe drought that lasted several years, forced many of the church member to move and the ones who stayed were poverty-stricken.  Some of the men and boys of these families, left home to seek work in other areas.  Services became irregular and it seemed the church would surely fail.


In 1905 10 acres of land was purchased from N L Nordquist at $5.00 an acre for the present church.  1907 a parsonage was built at the cost of $ 600.00 By 1909 a church was finally built at the cost of $1800.00  Since then the church has been remodeled twice and so hasn’t the parsonage.


Today, because of the decreasing size of the community and the increase mobility of  families, the congregation consist of only a few families.





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