Did you know the the word Postmaster means keeper of the post.


 Did you know that In the early days of post offices, the postmaster was authorized to carry a gun. He was obligated to protect the mail in his charge.


Did you know that in the early days of the telephones, “the line” was set up on barbed wire fences. As the children walked home from school they were expected to pull the tumbleweeds from the wire, so that the phone reception would be clean and free of static. Most phone call in the early days were made between the hours of 6am and 10pm while the office was staffed. At night however an “operator” would sleep in a bedroom  at the office and if an “emergency” call was needed, the caller would ring an alarm to wake the operator, who would then place the call.


Did you know that haircuts were 25 cents, shaves10 cents and beards and mustaches were trimmed for free.


Did you know that Saturday nights were always a busy night and most store stayed open late.


Did you know that the music for silent movies was provided by a tandem record player that was usually located in the lobby. The movies were previewed and the music was selected to fit the mood of the picture and the records were then put in the order that the would be played. Special music would be played by a piano before the movie started.


Talkies  brought the world to the rural towns. News reels were always shown first and the patrons viewed them with much interest even thought they were usually several days old.. They became the forerunner to the “Nightly News” we all now watch at home.


The cost of admission was.... 10 cents for kids and 25 cent for adults. There were three different shows. One would show Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, the second would show twice on Saturday and the third  on Sunday and Monday.  Westerns featuring Tom Mix or Roy Rodgers played on Friday and Saturday. Sunday usually featured Shirley Temple.


Did you know that when Vaudeville came to town it was SRO(standing room only).



Fun Facts

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