THE STATE HERALD, Holyoke, Phillips, Colorado

J.H. Painter, Editor and Publisher


25 Dec 1908, Friday, Vol.  22 - No. 22    Holyoke Cemetery




 Henry Tschauner was born June 10, 1877 in Austria across the sea. About 1880  is parents came to this country and landed in New York. About one year later the family moved to Keya Paha County, Nebraska. His mother died about 15 years ago. Mr. Tschauner came to Phillips County and took up a homestead near Amherst.


  It was in the house on this homestead where he lived alone that he was found  dead in bed on Friday. From all appearances he must have died sometime Wednesday  night. The live stock and other appearances about the place all indicated that he  had been dead more than 24 hours. Other matters requiring the time and consideration

 of the coroner made it necessary that the inquest be postponed till Sunday.


This  worked considerable inconvenience but it could not be helped. Among other things  it made it impossible to announce the hour of the funeral. Consequently many of  our people who would always show respect on such an occasion as this by attending the funeral service were not privileged to attend. Rev. Ledrew Rulison preached a  sermon on immortality from the “Question of the ages” in Job 14, 14.


 The deceased  leaves two brothers and four sisters to mourn the loss of a brother. Only one brother, Louis, was present at the funeral. His sister, Mrs. Kimmel at Amherst was  unable to be present. The deceased had been a member of the Catholic church. May he rest in peace. We extend our sympathies to the bereaved.



We wish to thank the kind neighbors and friends who so generously assisted us in our sore bereavement in the recent loss of our brother Henry. -- Louis Tschauner,


Mr. and Mrs. Kimmel and family sympathies to the bereaved.




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