Kenneth Meredith Adamson

Haxtun Harvest, Haxtun, Colorado, June 11, 1925


Kenneth Meredith Adamson was born November 20, 1913 at the home of his parents northwest of Haxtun, and died following an operation at the Sterling Hospital, Saturday morning, June 6, 1925. He was 12 years, six months and 16 days old.


He is the son of Carl and Cora Adamson. Those of his family still left are four sisters, three brothers and two nephews.


Kenneth attended this past winter at the Haxtun grade school. Before that he received his schooling out at the Pumpkin Vine school.


He attended Sunday school at the Methodist church during the time when they were in town.


He had many friends and gathered more during his school year in Haxtun.



We wish to thank our friends and neighbors for their acts of kindness and words of sympathy during our recent bereavement caused by the death of our son and brother, Kenneth. Especially do we wish to express our gratitude to Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Radford - Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Adamson and family.



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