Guernsey, Mary E.  1867-1908

Guernsey, Tom Griffin 1862-1946

Mother Guernsey

Hendrickson, Peter 1839-1925

Bodner, Michael Walter Sr.  1956-2008

Guernsey, Craig Allan 1950- 2004

Crossland, Mary Anna  1923-1925

Crossland, Griffin W.  1911-1936

Crossland, Edgar W 1887-1966

Crossland, Elizabeth Ann 1891-1973


Sack, Betty Mae 1930-2015

No headstones were found for the following:

Bergner, Dale Alfred                   1925-1930

Bergner, Frank                           1863-1943

Guernsey, Anna Bergner.           1865 1949


Larson, Anna                              1845-1889

Larson, Eustis                             1893-1894

Nelson, Dell.                               1894-1903

Nelson, Lena A Plog                   1885-1912

Nelson, Corp Sam

Plog, Florence A.                        1897-1911

Smith, Edith A.                            1877-1889

Wagner, Minnie Emelie .             1880-1951



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