Phillips County Post Offices



The following is a list of post offices that were once or are still operational with the boundaries of Phillips County.





Wakeman 1887 to 1897



Originally established in Logan County in September 1887, Wakeman became the first post office in Phillips County.  It was located about 7 miles east and 3 miles south of Holyoke.




Holyoke 1887 to present day



Originally located in Logan County, this post office was established in November 1887.





Amherst  1888 to 1889, reopened in 1907



Originally established in Logan County in February 1888, it became the third post office in Phillips County.


Conrad Jung postmaster 1915-1940



Bryant 1888 to 1916




Originally established in Logan County in March 1888, this post office is also listed in Phillips County and Yuma County, suggesting that the post office was moved from one ranch to another, with each ranch in a different county. This post office was discontinued in March 1916.





Emerson      1888 to 1890



Established in Logan County in March of 1888, this post office had a very short life as it was discontinued in September 1890.





Haxtum/Haxtun   1888 to present



Originally this post office was established in Logan County in April 1888. Due to a misspelling of the name by the post office the name was changed from Haxtum to Haxtun in January 1922.  It is interesting to note that the name on the railroad depot, always read “Haxtun”





Paoli 1888 to 1890 reopened 1910 to present



Like its counterparts, this post office was also established in Logan County in June 18888. When it reopened in 1910 it was then in Phillips county.





Starr  1907



Like the Emerson post office, Starr had a very short life, being open from February 1907 to June 1907.





Ford/Wages 1909 to 1950



This post office was established in June 1909. In March of 1917 the name was changed to Wages. Its exact location is listed as: “near the southeast corner of Section11, Township5 North, Range 46 West in Yuma County”. This point is 12 miles south and 8 miles west of Holyoke. The Wages post office was closed in May 1950.





Alvin   1910 to 1919



The post office at Alvin was opened in September of 1910. It appears that there might have been a small town at Alvin, as my research shows that there was a store located here. Alvin was located on a Star Route from Wray to Holyoke. Its exact location is shown to be: “The NE ¼ of Section 23, Township 4 North, and Range 43 West”. This point is about 19 miles south and about 9 miles east of Holyoke. This location closed in February of 1919.





Witherbee    1912 to 1918



The post office at Witherbee was established in May of 1912 in Yuma County. Its exact location is said to be, “At the southeast corner of the SW1//4 of Section 31, Township 5 North, Range 42 West. This point is about 15 ¼ miles south and 11 ¼ miles east of Holyoke.




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