THE STATE HERALD, Holyoke, Phillips, Colorado

J.H. Painter, Editor and Publisher


27 Mar 1908, Friday, Vol. 21 - No. 35




 Elsie Pearl, little daughter of Charles and Bertha Redies was born in Phillips  County, Colorado, January 26, 1907, and died March 17, 1908 at the age of 1 year, 1 month and 20 days. Little Elsie first had an attack of pneumonia but recovered    after a week’s illness and seemed perfectly well but took a cold and that together   with teething caused her sickness to terminate in brain fever which resulted in  death after another week of suffering.


 Little Elsie was a lovely child and was the joy of the home she has left. During   her illness, when she was not suffering keenly, she prattled in her sweet baby   way saying things that she had learned of the loved ones who are now empty hearted   because of their loss. She had a smile for all even in her sickness. The family,    friends and physician all spoke of how sweet she was to the last. The funeral was  held at the home on March 19, Rev. Leitz of German Lutheran church officiating.


 The little body was laid to rest in the Holyoke cemetery. The family have the   sympathy of all their neighbors and friends in their sorrow.


-- M. Mable Evans



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