State Harold September,23, 1887


DIED - Irena, wife of Dell Gue, living one mile south of the city, died Wednesday night, of typhoid fever. This young couple came from Nebraska about one year ago. They were very affectionate, and Mr.Gue loved his young wife dearly; and her loss will be keenly felt by him. It seems hard to be thus left alone but meeting and parting must ever be on this mundane sphere. Mr. Gue has our heartfelt sympathy in his bereavement. We did not learn the time of burial. Typhoid Fever  September 5 1868 birth not buried in county




7 Oct 1887, Friday, Vol. I - No. 5


  Mrs. Rena Gue, wife of Della M. Gue, died at her home near Holyoke, September 21st. Death never wears bright colors, but in some cases his sad livery is darker than in others. And so in this. Mrs. Gue was remarkable for her beauty, goodness and gentleness. She was a kind friend and alike dutiful, affectionate and devout as a daughter, sister and wife. In the latter relation we knew her best.


Wed at the poetic age of sweet sixteen, she clung lovingly to the one choice of her young heart. With him she twice endured the hardships of frontier life. Whatever they were, she murmured not, but with strong hope looked forward to better things. Just as the struggle was nearly over and the good things of civilization came pouring into the wild country that she helped to settle, "The silver cord was loosed and the golden bowl was broken." Only nineteen beautiful years to gladden those around her then faded as a flower when summer dies. And now the lives that were lighted by the sunshine of her smiles, know only darkness.


   May remembrance of her worth lighten the gloom, and when time softens their sorrows, be an enduring solace through after years. Hope and consoling words for the living, sweet rest for the virtuous dead.




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