Liberty District 41


In 1888, when this district was formed this area was still part of Logan County.  It was a rather large district and its boundaries changed frequently. At some point in time a portion of this district was annexed and formed district 19.

A new large framed school complete with a basement was built in 1916.  It has been said that the first hot lunches served at this school were baked potatoes which were cooked on top of the furnace. In 1917 the school had a phone and offered bus transportation.


 Location: 4 miles north of Holyoke on Highway 385.


Fairfield District 47(linked to pictures)


The first school was held in a granary on Edward Anderson's farm in early 1880’s and was taught by his teenage daughter. In 1888 the district was organized and became known as Fairfield.  School was held in a sod house.  In 1920 a framed school house was built that measured 20 x 30 feet and it was used for the next 16 years.


In 1916 this district joined with Sedgwick County and a new two room school house was built. Students were transport to school by bus. By 1925 an addition was added to the school bring the total classrooms to 3. There was a two year high school, an auditorium and teachers apartment in the basement. In 1959 the district was closed, the school and surrounding ground was turned over to the Fairfield church.


Morning View (Cox) District 48


This district was named by Charles Peter the County Superintendent of Schools. The first school was a small framed building. Second building which was located a ½ mile closer was a framed building that came from the parochial school in Amherst, which was purchased in 1920.  It had a basement but no teacherage.  The school also served as a Sunday school and a place for many community events. This school was later torn down.


Location: 9 miles north 1 ½ miles east of Hwy 385



Fairy Dell District 51 J


Established in 1888, this district was a joint district with Sedgwick County. This district was named by Reva Smelser, a teacher for the district for a number of years.

In 1915 a larger more modern school was built and served as a community hall and Sunday school. Once a month, a Literacy Meeting was held at the school and the teachers would make popcorn ball and candy to sell at these meeting. The money earned from these sales, bought books for the school library.


Location: Venango Rd south east of Julesburg.


Philorado District 57


 Even though it is believed that this district was in existence in 1888 there is no record of it till 1900. In 1909 a new school house was built which measured 24 x 30 feet which was late sold and moved. In 1918 the districts received the name, Philorado, which is a combination of the county (Phillips) and the state (Colorado) in which it was built. Before then, the school was known as the Johnson School. The school closed in 1946 and the building was sold to the Fleming School district and for a while was used as a school till a new building was built. The building is now home to the Fleming Museum.


Location:  3 miles east and 2 mile south of Haxtun.



Meakins and Glenwood District 58


This district was established in 1888 and at one time was a joint district between Sedgwick and Logan counties.  In 1921, the joint district was annulled and each county received a separate school district. By this time the school was located in Phillips County. District 58 had 2 schools, Meakins and Glennwood.  The Meakins School which was on the west side of district was moved to Haxtun where it was used as a shop, before being torn down. The Glennwood, which was on the eastern side of the district, was moved to town where it was remodeled as a residence. Both schools served the district for 16 years.

Locations:  Meakins 4 miles north and a little west and 1 ½ miles north of Haxtun.

               Glenwood was 4 miles north 3 miles east then 2 ½ miles north of Haxtun



Morning Star District 61


 Originally in Logan County this district was established in 1888.  The first school was held in a sod house but it soon became so unstable, that the “school” was moved to a home 1 mile north. Soon a new framed school and barn were built. By 1950 both were torn down, the lumber sold.

Local lore tell that a favorite prank of some of the students were to toss .38 shells into the stove to hear them explode.


Location: located 11 miles east of Holyoke on Hwy 6.



Amitie District 63


Established in 1888, the first school was a sod house and was named Fairview and had total enrollment of 10 students. In 1895-96 the school was moved and another sod house was constructed. This new school was called Amitie.

 A framed school was built in 1903 and was later used to house the teachers when the last school was built in 1919.   During the years 1920-26 a branch high was established here.  The school was used for many communities gathering, including Sunday school and church services.

 In 1948 the school was renovated. Both students, teachers and community member worked on the renovation and it was a source of community pride for many years.  The school was closed in 1959,


Location: 4 miles south and 6 miles east of Holyoke



Paoli District 66


The first school in this district was located 2 ¼ miles north of Paoli. The school, which was built from sod, was taught by Mrs. Williams.  Later when Mrs. Williams quit, the children attended school 1 mile west of town and stayed with the teacher, Mrs. Charley Chaney during the week.

In the late 1800's a framed school was built 1 mile east and ½ mile north of town along a small creek. This school became known as Wild Duck School, as it sat under the fly pattern for the wild ducks. Later this building was moved to the northeast corner of town and sat across the tracks. The building faced east and the playground was on the south side.

In 1918 a new building was then built on the south side of town. This school had two rooms, one for grades 1,2,3,4 the second for grades 5,6,7,8. The basement had a stage complete with curtains on the south end was used for community gatherings which brought “Standing Room Only” for many events.. Later this area was used to house the teachers and still later it was used as a lunch room.  The large bell a top the school could be heard for miles around.

The end of the year was a community event.  There was a picnic, foot races, and a baseball game with the Dad’s, who had to bat left handed.



Community Center (Olson) District 71


This district was established in 1888.  The actual school site moved several times before the new brick building was built in 1920. The brick building, which was located 1 mile east, 2 miles north and ½ mile east of Haxtun was struck by lightning during construction and burned. A second brick building was later constructed. Because this district was so large, the 1917 the Plainview District was formed from this and Paoli district in 1917. In 1921 this district started transporting students by private car and in 1953 the district consolidated with Haxtun and the building was torn down.

Location: 4 miles east and 3 miles north of Haxtun










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