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                                               HEINRICH J. MÖLLER aka HENRY J. MILLER aka HEINE J. MILLER


 DOB     August 15, 1847

  BP        Hennstedt Germany

               M         November 1, 1884     Margaretha (Backens) in Saunders County, Yutan, Nebr.

        2nd M        April 18, 1893             Magdalena (Eggers,) Wahoo, Saunders County, Nebr.


 DOD      July 10, 1934 (Holyoke, Philips County, Colorado)


                         Passport Issued: July 4 1865, Heine was 18 years old, never to see his Parents again.   Heine worked his

                         way to the USA as a Captain’s boy  on the German “Suevia”.  Heine’s Father Heinrich Moeller knew the

                         Captain.  Heine sailed to the USA  1860, out of the port in Humburg Germany.


                         Description:   Blonde Hair,  Blonde complexion, Scar on left hand.


 Citizenship:  October 29 1872, Heine was 25 years old and received his citizenship in Newark, New Jersey.


                               FIRST MARRIAGE


                                  Spouse:   MARGARETHA  “MAGGIE” D. BACKENS



                                           Hans Jurgen Backens              1832 – 1927

                                           Anna Heldt                                1839 - 1891

                                          Immigration May 15, 1865, ship Saxonia

                                  DOB      December 21, 1864

                                  BP         Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

                                  M          Nov. 1, 1884   (Saunders County, Yutan, Nebr.)

                                  DOD     August 25, 1890 (Saunders County, Yutan, Nebr.)




             TWIN>        ANN DOROTHEA MILLER-BUTLER                 (DOB. 10-04-1885 – DOD 11-29-1774)

             TWIN  >       KATIE HELENA MILLER-RUSSELL                 (DOB. 10-04-1885 -  DOD 09-06-1946)

                                  MINNIE MARGARET MILLER-MATZEN         (DOB. 04-13-1888 - DOD. 11-28-1961)

                                  ALBERT HANS HENRY MILLER                     (DOB. 05-07-1890 - DOD. 03-23-1977)



                                                                               SECOND MARRIAGE


                                  Spouse:   MAGDALENA EGGERS



                        Father: Hienrich Eggers,           B. Aug 26, 1826 – D, May 22, 1893       M. May 22, 1826

                       Mother: Elsie Engelland,            B. Feb 8, 1836 – D. Dec 20, 1876,        M. March 30, 1862

                     Step-Mother: Stina Muentz          B. May 18/19, 1830-D. Sept 2, 1898,     M. June 10, 1881


                                  DOB     September 28, 1868

                                  BP        Rendsburg-Echernforde, Schleswig-Holstein Germany

                                  M         April 18, 1893 (Saunders County, Wahoo, Nebr.) The couple lived in Yutan, NE.

                                  DOD    June 12, 1946  (Phillips County, Holyoke, Co.)


                                            Passport Issued: February 18, 1887, 18 years old, Came With her two brothers

                                            Sailed on the ship “Suevia” out of  Humburg Germany, Citizenship: By Marriage

                                            Baptized Lutheran Church, Rendsburg, Germany)


                                                                                  8 CHILDREN


                ELSIE DOROTHEA MILLER-WALN                       (DOB. 04-18-1894 - DOD. 01-01-1965)

                GEORGE HENRY MILLER                                    (DOB. 07-11-1896 - DOD. 03-23-1965)

                JULIUS HENRY MILLER                                       (DOB. 08-20-1898 - DOD. 01-19-1967)

                RBERT NICHOLAS MILLER                                 (DOB. 04-02-1900 - DOD. 10-21-1960)

                 ENRIETTA KATHERINE MILLER-LANE               (DOB. 07-04-1902 - DOD. 12-21-1987)

                 MARGARET ANNA MILLER-MOULTON              (DOB 07-30-1904 - DOD. 12-29-1969)

                 MARIE HELENA  MILLER-McCONE                    (DOB. 09-12-1906 - DOD. 02-13-1999)

                 ALICE JOSEPHINE MILLER-HERB                      (DOB. 08-17-1908 - DOD. 11-02-1995)