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Darline Burke

Photo History

The address listed in the 1893 Denver Directory is 2604 Stout St.

We took the photo in 1982 when we were in Denver so there are automobiles there that wouldn't have been at the time Burkes lived there. While we were taking the photos, a man came out of the house and asked what our interest was for the house. Wayne told him his great-grandfather had owned the house at one time and so he asked if we would like to see the inside. Would we!! So he took us in and showed us all the original curved staircases, the beautiful wood floors, etc. He had purchased it some years before that and was in the process of restoring it. He said it had been pretty derelict with holes in the roof and bird droppings all over in the attic. In fact, he said he had found a packet of old letters in the attic and had put them in a safety deposit box in the Cherry Hills Bank. Since it was Sunday, the bank was closed and we couldn't go get them to see if they were connected with Wayne's great grandparents.




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