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Interior view of one unit in the Ellington, located at 1217 Downing St., in Denver's Capitol Hill area, was built in 1910.  It seems to have started out as a dwelling for ladies.  It has been converted to condos and is still an elegant place to live.  Shown here is a contmeporay photo taken by Adam Krom.  Mr. Krom is very interested in learning more about the history of the Ellington as he owns this unit.  He is particularly interested in any early photographs and would like to know who the architect was.  The following is what Mr. Krom knows:

Here is the information I have jotted down from a trip to the library:
    Street Address: 1217 Downing St.
    Legal address: Inslee's Addition, Block 1, Lots 4 and 5

Information is on Microfilm, beginning in Denver Assessor Lot Indexes Volume 4, p. 371.

We think the lots were first purchased by Ella D. Kirby, who lived at 510 18th St., the "Julia."  I don't have the date, but is was sometime between 1900 and 1910, probably around 1904.

The vacant lots were then purchased by Edwin J. Warner of the "Collr. Smith-Brooks Ptg. Co.," 2322 Ash St. (volume 7?)

The lots were then purchased by Frank P. Lynch, a Department Manager at the May Co., who lived at 1279 Ogden, two blocks away (the sale was in volume 19?).  His house is no longer standing.  It was torn down to put up an apartment building.  I don't have it written down but I think he pulled the building permit to actually build the apartment building, the Ellington, in 1910.  No contractor or architect is listed.  Frank P. Lynch appears in Denver This Week, Aug. 24, 1960. v 52 #18, p. 2. I have not checked this reference and do not know if it is the same person. Not sure if the citation is an obituary--it might be.    The 1924 Denver Householder's Directory, Volume 1, lists four tenants:

    #1 (Mrs.?) Martha E. Taylor
    #2 (Mrs.?) Alma Melzer
    #3 (Mrs.?) Robert W. English
    #4 (Mrs.?) Maud Milliken

[They] don't have the titles, but I believe the directory listed them all as Mrs. It listed single women as Miss, and it generally gave the husband for married couples. So I think maybe they were all widows?    That's all the information I have. Of course, there are several years of City Directories for anyone who is interested, but I am, sadly, in . . .

Interior of on unit at the Ellington, Denver, CO

Exterior View

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