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This is the same photo of the one listed earlier except it is not the closeup. This is very interesting. Do you know which one is Roy Rogers? Let us know please.
Kit Carson County Band 20 Mar 1901.
The names on the back are: Corra Hutchens, James Bezdicheck, Frank Bezdicheck, Carrol Bandy, Roy Rogers, Eddie Bezdicheck, Chas. Walton, Mr. Ed Evans, Grover Blake, Chas. Davis and J.S. Scheib. The list give no indication if it is naming left to right or back row and then front row. I
have no relatives in this photo. My grandmother, Mabel Frankfather (later Boger), gave piano lessons in the Seibert-Vona area at this time and I have all of her students' records. I do remember that Roy Rogers was listed as one of her students.

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