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Here's my great grandfather George Popst's grave in Mt. Pisgah Cemetery. He was shot in Victor and died at his home in Altman in May 16, 1895. Born in NY Sept. 18, 1856 and migrated with his family to the Colorado goldfields after 1875, oldest son was born in Shadigee NY in 1875. His mother Mary Popst nee Hart is buried somewhere either in Cripple Creek or the surrounding area.
If you find her grave please let us know. We've been looking for years. She is supposed to have died in Sisters Hospital, in the Springs?
"In Loving Remembrance of My Husband
George Popst
Borne September 18, 1856
Died may 16, 1895
'No Pain, No Grief, No Anxious
Fears, Can Reach the Peaceful.'

According to family legend George Popst was a union organizer, plus he also had some claims the large mine owners, Stratton, wanted. So he was assassinated by hired gunmen. He was so loved by local miners they pitched in a purchased the tombstone. According to other sources George Popst (name spelled Pabst in "Money Mountain" by Sprague, P. 200) was a nere do well and my great grandmother, Honora Popst< was his gun moll. This has never set well with the older generations who knew her. Honora is buried at Evergreen Cemetery in the Springs (POPST HONORA 04 FEB 1920 Q from the El Paso County Genweb cemetery listing, I've been to this grave and we have her death certificate).
"General Jack Smith" was killed at the same time. It is historically accurate that he was the leader of the 1894 strike that resulted in the Battle of Bull Hill where the miners held of the Colorado Militia with a canon from the local Civil War monument. We know George also participated in this. When I first saw the stone ca 1984 it was toppled. Cripple Creek civic groups put it back up sometime in the late 1980s. Something for which we are most grateful.

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