1887 Pueblo Business Directory
Contributed by Joy Fisher
Pueblo County.

    This place, which stands upon the site of a former pueblo or Mexican
village, is divided into Pueblo proper and South Pueblo by the Arkansas River.
It is an enterprising town, with a growing population. It derives its chief
importance from the railroad interests which center here, from the Bessemer
steel works, among the largest in America, and the smelters regularly employed
in reducing ore. Acquired a National reputation for curing Brights disease of
the kidneys. A qualitive analysis of the water gives the following constituents:
sulphuretted hydrogen (iron from silanic acid), bi-carbonate of lime, sulphite
of soda, sulphate of magnesia, manganese, potassium (trace), sulphuric acid,
arsenious acid. One remarkable peculiarity about the water is that knives are
readily magnetized by holding them in the water.

    Population, 20,000.    Elevation, 4,660 feet.

Abrahams Jos. grocer, 83 Union Av.
Adams Hardware Co. 04 Union Av. * 3
Albere V. bakery and restaurant
Albert Bros, coal and transfer, 203 Union Av * 8
Aldred S. saddler, 12 Union Av.
Allen C. C. attorney, 7 Hayslip blk.
Allen Harry, confectionery and ice cream, 42 Union Av.
American House, Cronio Bros., proprs., 113-19 W. 2d
Anderson Bros. whol. and ret. grocers, 122-26 Santa Fe Av * 86
Andrews F. J. whol. and ret. meats, 80 Union Av * 7
Anhueser-Busch Brewing Co. 126 W. Front * 78
Arkansas Valley Land and Cattle Co. J. C. Patterson, mgr., 120 W. Front-* 64
Arrington A. W. attorney, 117 W. 4th
Arthur Jno. blacksmith, 108 W. Front
Ather W. G. saloon, B and Union Av.
Atkinson R. G. real estate, loans and insurance, 510 Santa Fe Av.
Austin Chas. express, 175 Union Av.
Austin Ed. saloon, 6 nr. Union Av.
Bair Mrs. M. B. dressmaker, Santa Fe Av.
Baldwin B. F. druggist, 34 Union Av.
Baldwin Mrs. N. dressmaker, 231 Union Av.
Baltimore Dental Rooms, C. H. Beatty, mgr., Holden blk.
Bank of Pueblo, F. Rohrer, cashier, 4th and Santa Fe Av * 29
Barndollar Bros, bankers, 412 Santa Fe Av. * 95
Bartlett W. H. livery, 110 Santa Fe Av. * 118
Bauer Chas. saloon, Front and Union Av.
Bayle C. dyer. 107 Union Av.
Beatty C. H. dentist, 2 Holden blk.
Beaumont A. J. attorney, 4 Thatcher & Steinberger blk * 9
Beaver Land Co. E. K. Martin, agt.
Bella Union Theatre, O. B. Reynolds, propr., 110-12 Union Av.
Bennet J. H. & Co. hardware, 513 Santa Fe Av.
Bennett & Marmaduke, propr. McCaffrey, stables
Benson M. V. B. gen'l insurance, 301 Santa Fe Av.
Bergermann F. blacksmith. 116 W. 2d
Bergerman M. clothing, 317 Santa Fe Av.
Bergman Miss A. cigars and confectionery, B, near 6th
Bergman Mrs. A. lodgings
Berret E. & Co blacksmiths, 17 Union Av.
Betts F. attorney, Holden blk.
Betz H. G. jeweler, 408 Santa Fe Av.
Birch & Sanford, livery, 140 Union Av. * 121
Birnbaum C. junk dealer, 130 W. Front
Black Jno. boots and shoes, 40 Union Av.
Blake & Branhall, contractors and builders, 134 Front
Blunt M. L. land attorney, 119 W. 4th
Bowman J. florist, 902 E. 1st
Boyd G. F. whol. meats, 6 C
Bradfield W. B. boots and shoes, 84 Union Av.
Breed G. T. J. P. and notary, 108 E. 4th
Breed Geo. restaurant, 405 Santa Fe Av.
Breed & Wright, saloon and billiards, 505 Santa Fe Av * 14
Brewer James, grocer, 101 N. High
Bridge House, J. M. Kelley, propr., 8 Union Av.
Brougham P. hotel and saloon, 93 Main
Brown J. T. saloon, 16 Union Av.
Brown M. H. saloon, 4th and Elizabeth
Brown O. F. saloon, Union Av * 72
Bruner R. J. & Co., whol. and ret. druggists, 68 Union Av * 67
Buck & Clark, real estate and insurance, C
Buerger Bros, barbers' supplies and furniture, B and Union Av.
Burdick & Otero, jewelers, 303 Santa Fe Av.
Byrnes L. whol. and ret. liquors, 315 Santa Fe Av.
Caffman T. W. carpenter, 221 S. High
Carey M. A. grocer, 601 N. High
Casden D. tailor, 311 Santa Fe Av.
Cassiday H. N. boots and shoes, 146 Front
Cate T. saloon, 107 W. 2d
Chiarighon H. jeweler, 106 Union Av.
Champion J. groceries and meats, 230 Santa Fe Av.
Chieftain The (daily and weekly), Chieftain Pub. Co. 111 E. 4th. * 55
Childers & Logan, bed spring mnfrs., 10 C
Cidrich B. C. boots and shoes, B
Clemens C. W. saloon, 144 Union Av.
Cohet Mrs. E. J. restaurant, Union Av.
Collins D. W. physician, Holden blk. * 34
Collins J. N. jeweler, 52 Union Av.
Colorado Coal and Iron Co. J. K. Brewster, agt., 97 Victoria blk * 26
Colorado Methodist (monthly), 305 Santa Fe Av.
Colorado Telephone Co. J. W. Dougherty, mgr * 128
Commercial Hotel, 95-97 Union Av.
Continental Oil Co. J. A. Raynor, supt., 2d and D * 6
Cook M. saloon, 22 Union Av.
Corbin A. A. druggist, 231 Union Av.
Corwin & King, physicians, 66 1/2 Union Av.
Cowles C. A. undertaker, 118 W. 4th
Craft W. A. whol. and ret. fish, 47 Union Av * 68
Cranston W. saloon, Abraham
Crites G. W. hay and grain, 113 N. High
Crown Flouring Mills, Slitt & Middelkamp, proprs., * 30
Daniels A. C. druggist, 65 Union Av.
Davidson & Brodzak, dry goods, 50 Union Av.
Davison J. T. boots and shoes, 13Union Av.
De Remer House, F. H. Frankenberg, propr., B and Main
De Remer Opera House, G. M. Haight, mgr., 7th and Main. * 73
Devry Mrs. D. milliner, 516 Santa Fe Av.
Dew D. W. veterinary surgeon
Dofflemyer & Boob, clothiers, 180 Union Av.
Demestic Sewing Machine Co. 524 Santa Fe Av.
Double Header, (bi-weekly), J. A. Hill, editor, C
Douden C. N. grocer, 198 Union Av.* 84
Douglass E. F. meats, Abraham * 112
Douglas M. B. grocer, Union Av.and Abraham * 112
Downen T. J. real estate, 403 Santa Fe Av.
Doyle W. E. & Co. meats, 409 Santa Fe Av. * 92
Dunbaugh & Joy, whol. grocers, 221 Main * 20
Drake J. F. attorney, P. O. blk.
Drennan Mrs. A. milliner, 49 1/2 Union Av.
Drennan J. H. & Co., milliners, 316 Santa Fe Av.
Duggins G. G. physician, 420 Santa Fe Av.
Dunn R. M. physician, 301 Santa Fe Av  * 80
Dupps Antone, grocer, 190 Union Av.
Ebert A. meats, 517 Santa Fe Av.
Eclipse Livery and Sale Stables, T. Pearce, propr., C * 50
Ellis J. G. & Co, grocers, 72 Union Av.
Ellis Mrs. M. restaurant, B
Elwell J. C. attorney, 3 Holden blk.
Evans R. D. physician and dentist, 2 Holden blk.
Evening Star, (daily), J. L. Lacey, mgr., C near Union Av.
Everett & Powell, sales stables
Ewry C. E. whol. commission, 215 Main * 45
Fairfax & Linch, wall paper, 5 Union Av.
Fargo Hotel, W. Purdy, mgr., C and Main
Fariss Hotel, J. E. Fariss, propr., 187 Union Av * 126
Fearl C. E. ticket broker, B near Union Av.
Fensky C. saloon, 128 Union Av.
Fifth Ave. Hotel, J. T. Dorland, propr., 501-5 Santa Fe Ay * 49
Finnegan D. J. saloon, 46 Union Av.
First National Bank, N. D. Thatcher, cashier, 325 Santa Fe Av * 122
Fish E. P. & Co. plumbers and plumbers' supplies, 84 1/2 Union Av
Fist J. & Co. whol. liquors and cigars, 225 Santa Fe Av * 17
Flager W. T. cigar mnfr., 82 Union Av.
Fletcher I. M. jeweler, 11 Union Av.
Foot A. C. real estate and insurance, 324 Santa Fe Av.
Ford, Walsh & Co. whol. liquors, 202 Santa Fe Av.
Foss Mrs. M. A. dressmaker, 11 1/2 Union Av.
Foster C. H. hay and grain, 112 W. 3d
Francis & Co. plumbers, 84 Union Av.
Fruend B. second-hand furniture,113 W. 4th
Gale E. S. physician, 66 1/2 Union Av.
Galligan M. J. attorney, Holden blk.
Gallup, S. C. saddler, 118 W. 3d
Gann G. L. L. & Co. tailors, 211 Santa Fe and 69 Union Avs.
Garber J. R. physician, 311 Santa Fe Av.
Gast C. E. attorney, 2-6 Thatcher & Steinberger blk * 9
Gem Steam Laundry, Williams Bros. proprs., Holden blk.
Germania Hotel, Jno. Hahn, opp. Union depot
Gill & Belknap, furniture, 221 Santa Fe Av. * 12
Goldstein L. tailor, 104-6 Union Av.
Goodell L. P. real estate, loans and insurance, 6 P. O. blk. S. S * 117
Goodwin G. W. saloon, Union Av.
Gower Wm. barber, 210 Union Av.
Grady B. T. barber, 53 Union Av.
Graham & Co. employment, 107 Union Av.
Grand Hotel, _____ Palmer, propr., 8th and Santa Fe Av.
Granger Bros, grocers, 11th and B.
Grant Robt. whol. meats, 526 Santa Fe Av.
Gray G. E. physician, 5 258 Union Av.
Greene J. S. civil engineer, 117 W. 4th
Grimes W. S. barber, 89 Union Av.
Grome A. saloon, 22 Main
Hahn J. saloon, B. near Main
Hale F. A. architect, 43 Union Av.* 139
Hall W. H. barber, 110 Front
Hamilton R. saloon, 192 Union Av.
Hamilton T. F. saloon, 89 Union Av.
Hamilton & Studzinsky, livery, 509-13 Main * 54
Hard & Overton, furniture and carpets, 302-4 Santa Fe Av * 116
Hardan J. M. saloon, 101 N. High
Harrison James, meats, 103 N. High
Hart C. J. attorney, 2, Thatcher & Steinberger blk.
Hartman J. H. saloon and billiards, 229 Union Av.
Hartman W. L. attorney, 7-30 Union Av.
Hay Mrs. R. G. physician, 7 Thatcher & Steinberger blk.
Hayes D. saloon, 86 Union Av.
Hayes N. S. barber, 217 Santa Fe Av.
Hays Mrs. M. hair goods, 114 Main.
Heitler R. clothier, 309 Santa Fe Av.
Heller P. H. physician, 801 Santa Fe Av.  * 91
Henkel C. & Co., whol. grocers, 603-7 Main  * 27
Henry T. saloon, B. and Union Av.
Henson J. saloon, 75 Union Av.
Herod J. D. cigars, 70 Union Av.
Highberger W. A. coal, lime and cement, 181 Union Av * 105
Hilbish W. K. & Co. real estate and loans, C and Union Av.
Hildebrand J. saloon, 94 Main
Hill C. shoemaker, 524 1/2 Santa Fe Av.
Hills V. G. civil engineer, 2, 301 Santa Fe Av.
Hitchins G. photographer, E. 4th and Santa Fe Av.
Hitchens Jos. Artist
Hobson H. E. B. boots and shoes, 408 Santa Fe Av
Hobson & Reutsche, architects and surveyors, 318 1/2 Santa Fe Av.
Holmes & Sharp, real estate and loans * 120
Holme F. A. & Co. clothiers, 79 Union Av.
Hospitalier J. boots and shoes, 46 1/2 Union Av.
Howard J. G. W. grain and hay, 515 Main
Hubbard M. F. confectioner, 515 Santa Fe Av.
Hughes Bros, lumber, 102-6 Main  * 2
Hughes N. meats, 188 Union Av.
Hughes M. saloon, 91 Union Av.
Humphrey J. E. jeweler, 322 Santa Fe Av.
Hurd & Russell, agricultural implements, 202-4 Main * 93
Hyde W. H. agricultural implements, wagons, etc., 3d and Main * 43
Irvin J. C. second-hand goods, 125-7 Santa Fe Av.
Jackson A. H. commission * 124
Jenner J. F. fruits and confections, Union Av. and Front
Jenner M. J. grocer, 140 Front
Johnson W. L. attorney, 8 Postoffice blk, s.s.
Jones Fred. O. blacksmith
Jones Theo. R. live stock broker, lock box 37
Kaufman D. W. blacksmith, 118 High
Keff Jas. saloon, 185 Santa Fe Av.
Keplinger E. J. gen'l mdse., B nr. Santa Fe Av.
Killin J. M. & Co. hardware, 36 Union Av  * 85
Kirdner Jno. A. boarding
Knapp Mrs. J. E. milliner, 45 1/2 Union Av.
Knight-McClure Music Co. O. E. Pettis, agt., 322 Santa Fe Av. * 113
Kramer L. & Co. whol. and ret. meats, 186 Union Av * 114
Kretschmer C. agricultural implements, 139 Union Av.
LaClede House, J. C. Campbell, propr., 315 W. 5th
Langdon J. J. abstracter of titles, 73 Union Av.
Langworthy J. N. whol. liquors, C and Main
Lansing J. V. dyer, Union Av.
Lansing & Ritchey, coal, D, bet. Union and Mechanic Aves * 42
Lay & McDonald, physicians, 223 Santa Fe Av  * 65
Lehman L. cigars, 60 1/2 Union Av. and 425 Santa Fe Av.
Letellier T. R. photographer, 19 1/2 Union Av.
Liddy & LeConte, real estate, 4 C
Live Stock Review, (weekly), C. B. Bowman, propr., 305 1/2 Santa Fe Av.
Livingston Chas. second-hand goods, 3 Union Av.
Lodwig J. D. saloon
Lofland Mrs. C. W. restaurant, Union Av.
Lopez Antonio, saloon, 104 W. Front
Lorenz Jacob, baker, 206 Union Av.
Lowe & Stimpson, real estate, 37 Union Av. * 119
Lowell E. L. agt. Domestic S. M. Co., 509 Santa Fe Av.
Ludd M. grocer, 525 Santa Fe Av.
Lusby W. H. meats, N. High
Lynch G. E. cigars, 214 Union Av.
Mallahan R. J. saloon, 87 Union Av.
Manners H. grocer, B. bet. Main and Mechanic
Martin C. H. & Co. real estate, loans and ins., 73 Union Av * 31
Masfield L. A. meats, 136 Front
McCarthy F. gen'l repairing, N. High
McCarthy T. G. wall paper, paints, etc., 112 Main  * 132
McClees, Millison & Co. real estate, 10 C.
McClelland & Co. hay and grain, C. * 111
McCluer W. L. jeweler, 24 Union Av.
McConnell Thos. grocer, 403 Santa Fe Av. * 41
McCord, Bragdon & Co. whol. grocers, D. and Main * 32
McCurdy P. A. boots and shoes, 52 Union Av.
McDonald W. H. physician * 65
McGary, F. E. fruits and confections, 58 1/2 Union Av.
McGovern A. saloon, 26 Union Av. s.s.
McGrail J. saloon, C. bet. Union and Victoria
McGregor A. carpenter, B.
McGregor Mrs. A. lodging, 206 Union Av.
McLaughlin C. saloon, 3d and Elizabeth
McLaughlin M. & Co. whol. commission, 309 Main * 66
McKissack Bros, livery, 104 Santa Fe Av.
McWilliams Mrs. L. restaurant, 49 1/2 Union Av.
Merrill & Andreus, contractors and builders, 227 W. 6th
Miller Geo. baker Union Av.
Miller J. D. whol. and ret. grocer, 511 Santa Fe Av.  * 11
Miller Mrs. J. E. confections, 211 Santa Fe Av.
Miller & James, saloon, B. & Main
Mills P. P. architect, 3d and Santa Fe Av.
Mitchell J. H. attorney. 117 W. 4th
Monroe Chas. grocer, 519 Santa Fe Av. * 1
Moonbon A. saloon, 10 Union Av.
Morgan & Lloyd, cigar mnfrs., 4th and Santa Fe Av.
Morse's Sons H. N. sporting goods, 512 Santa Fe Av.
Morris H. O. gen. ins. and real estate, 324 1/2 Santa Fe Av * 47
Morris R. W. auctioneer
Morrisey T. J. saloon, 121 N.High
Moses Bros. whol. grocers and agricultural imp., 32 Union Av. and 21 Union
    Av * 81
Mosier Wm. grocer, 325 Elizabeth
Mt. Pleasant House, J. A. Kirchner, propr., E. 6th and Summit
Mullenx Ed. saloon, 71 Union Av.
Mumford, Works & Horn, barbers, 321 Santa Fe Av.
Murphy M. H. plumber, 216 Main
Murphy R. saloon, 74 Union Av.
Myers Bros, contractors and builders, 621 Main
Nash E. O. & H. -W. phvsicians, 13 P. O. blk.
Nathan A. E. clothing, 304 Union Av.
Neugebauer C. jeweler, 34 Union Av., s.s.
Newton Miss A. dressmaker, 721 Main
Newton Lumber Co.  near Union Depot * 108
Noble C. M. & Co. contractors and builders, 109 E. 7th
Numa Hotel, Numa Vidal, propr., 426 Santa Fe Av * 83
Nusbaum M. clothing and furnishings, 301 Santa Fe Av.
O'Brien C. P. saddler, 7 Union Av.
O'Brien Jas. saloon, 150 Union Av.
Ogden W. B. druggist, 186 Union Av.
Olin Bros, ice dealers * 90
O'Reilly T. saloon, B and Spring
Osborne B. H. leather and shoe findings, C and 5th
Owen W. R. physician, 413 Santa Fe Av.
Pacific Express Co. J. LaBarth, agt., 233 Union Av * 57
Parker House, E. T. Parker, propr., 316 W. 6th
Parker J. C. bowling alley, 88 Union Av.
Parker S. architect, contractor and builder, 316 W. 6th
Parr & Bergin, whol. and ret. grocers, 115 2d * 16
Patrick & Graves, saloon, 132 Front
Patton A. B. attorney, 324 1/2 Santa Fe Av.  * 47
Patton W. H. inventor, 3 Holden blk. * 34
Pierce T. carpenter, 235 S. High
Pierce Thos. livery, C * 50
Pille, Nobles & Co. real estate, loans and insurance, 219 Santa Fe Av.
Piper G. J. carpenter
Pittsburgh House, J. T. Hartigan, propr., 125 W. High
Porter C. M. physician, Union Av.
Prairie W. J. restaurant, 28 Union Av.
Prothrow J. H. dentist
Pryor F. furnisher, 102-4 Main * 36
Pueblo Building and Investment Co. E. J. Castle, secy., 1, 419 Santa Fe Av.
Pueblo Foundry and Machine Shops, Geo. Lannon, mgr., 258-64 Santa Fe Av.
Pueblo Gas and Electric Light Co. T. J. Morgan, supt., 410 Main * 106
Pueblo Hardware Co. G. T. Nash, mgr., 402 Santa Fe Av * 100
Pueblo Live Stock Market, Jones, Pierce & McGrew, proprs., C
Pueblo Marble Co. 114-16 W. 5th
Pueblo Marble Works, W. 7th and Santa Fe Av.
Pueblo Merchant Mills, Baxter & Thatcher, proprs., 419 Main
Pueblo Opera House, C. Kretschner, propr., Union Av. and High
Pueblo Press, (daily), W. B. McKinney, C. bet. Union Av. and Victoria * 18
Pueblo Public Sampling Works, C. Ruter, propr., s.s. * 46
Pueblo Smelting and Refining Co. A. W. Gast, mgr. * 52
Pueblo Street Railway Co. J. T. Clark, supt., 44 Union Av * 48
Pueblo Steam Bottling Works, Olin & Seins, proprs., 2d and D
Pueblo Transfer Co. Strang Bros., proprs., nr. A., T. & S. F. depot
Purcell Jno. saloon, B. and Santa Fe Av.
Purdy J. W. mgr. Fargo Hotel  * 99
Radfield B. barber, 200 Union Av.
Reed J. A. saloon, 229 Union Av.
Reilly P. C. saloon, B. near Union Av.
Reiss Bros, druggists, 422 Santa Fe Av.
Reiter & Tuchock, tailors, 207 Santa Fe Av.
Review and Standard, C. W. Bowman, propr. 305 1/2 Santa Fe Av.
Rey A. B. tailor, 49 1/2 Union Av.
Reynolds O. B. saloon, 48 Union Av.
Rice Jas. stationery and views, 323 Santa Av.
Richards B. restaurant, 101 Main.
Richardson H. attorney, 603 Santa Fe Av.
Richmond G. Q. attornev, 320 1/2 Santa Fe Av.  * 69
Ritchie M. M. wood, 515 Main
Robb C. E. dentist, 1 408 Santa Fe Av.
Robinson C. W. tailor and hatter, 74 1/2 Union Av.
Ross A. transfer and coal
Ross & Holmes, saloon, 55 Union Av.
Royal A. whol. liquors and cigars, 6th and C.
Russo L. saloon, 102 Union Av.
Salter J. N. & Co. meats, Abraham  * 112
Sanderson A. L. dentist. 701 Santa Fe Av.
Sawyer J. W & Co. restaurant, 51 Union Av.
Sayr J. P. second-hand goods, 40 Union Av.
Schenkein Bros, jewelers, 58 Union Av.
Schleier J. saloon, 319 Santa Fe Av.
Schmelzer C. boots and shoes, 16 Union Av.
Schreileer J. & Co. saloon 314 Santa Fe Av.
Schulte & McClintock, cigar mfrs., 93 Union Av.
Schwer Max, saloon, 307 Santa Fe Av.
Schofield M. E. confectioner, 76 1/2 Union Av.
Scott G. L. barber, 507 Santa Fe Av.
Seiter John, baker, 521 Santa Fe Av.
Sharp P. F. boots and shoes, 67 Union Av.
Shed Z. & Son, dry goods, 85 Union Av.
Sheldon M. & Co. lumber, D near Mechanic  * 42
Shepard J. W. restaurant, 57 Union Av.
Sherman House, Front
Shew F. livery and feed, 102-4 Santa Fe Av.
Shireman J. K. clothier, 73 Union Av.
Shultz J. H. saloon, 304 Union Av.
Siegel Bros, dry goods, 410 Santa Fe Av.
Simons & Simmers, blacksmiths, 139-43 Union Av.
Sleeper J. W. attorney, 8 Thatcher & Stienberger blk  * 22
Small C. H. & Co. real estate, loans and insurance, 43 Union Av—* 139
Smith J. H. C. livery, 112-14 6th
Smith O. J. assayer, 306 Santa Fe Av.  * 89
Smith S. M. physician, 1 416 Santa Fe Av.
Smith & Pollard, saloon, 120 Union Av.
Snell G. & Co. real estate, loans and insurance, 48 C
Snyder E. H. druggist, 1514 Santa Fe Av.
South Pueblo National Bank, D. L. Holden, cashier C and Union Av * 28
Spencer S. G. attorney, 312 1/2 Santa Fe Av.
Sponsilier & Frank, saloon, 132 Union Av.
Stanchfield & Mothermay, books and stationery, 30 Union Av. s.s.
Stearns C. tailor, 416 Main
Stein C. C. attorney, 7 Thatcher blk.
Stephens S. H. hides and taxidermist, 245 Union Av
Stevens C. H. livery, W. 2nd and High
Stevens D. S. architect, 73 Union Av.
Stewart A. blacksmith  * 133
Stewart F. H. & Co. blacksmiths and wagon makers, 2 Union Av  * 138
Stewart G. C. grocer, 1 Union Av.
Stock Growers' National Bank, A. V. Bradford, 413 Santa Fe Av * 25
Stone C. saloon, 124 W. 2nd
Stone Chas. livery, 3d and Main  * 122
Strait W. W. & L. B. real estate, loans and insurance, 414 Santa Fe Av  * 91
Stumpf L. agt. Rocky Mountain Brewery, B and 3d
Sullivan P. J. carpenter, D, near Union Av.
Sunday Opinion (weekly), J. Lockin, mgr., Holden blk.
Sweeney Ellen, confectionery and fruits, 40 Union Av.
Sweeney W. H. & Co. furniture and undertaking, 41 Union Av.
Swiss Hotel, E. Grumbling, propr., 6th, near B
Tangren & Honeywell, saloon, Union Av.
Tasker D. L. second-hand goods, 138 Front
Tate Bert, saloon, Union Av.
Thatcher J. A. & Co. hardware  * 100
The Merry World, Smith & Lamoreaux, pubs., 235 Union Av.
Thode R. whol. liquors, Barkley blk., s.s.
Thomas S. K. second-hand goods, 18 Union Av.
Thompson J. S. second-hand goods, 18 Union Av.
Thompson J. S. whol. woodenware, A & Main * 70
Thompson S. A. agt. Home Sewing Machine Co. 518 Santa Fe Av.
Thome H. boots and shoes, 403 Santa Fe Av.
Tingle C. L. ticket broker, B
Traeder W. boots and shoes, 222 Santa Fe Av.
Trankenburg F. H. hotel, 97 Main
Tremont House, W. T. McMurray, 115 N. High
Trone G. W. meats, 615 Main
Trumble C. J. second-hand goods, 117 Santa Fe Av.
Turf Exchange, F. L. M. Smith, propr., Union Av * 76
Union Depot Hotel, J. W. Purdy, mgr.
Union Trunk Co. W. R. Braun, pres't, 79 Union Av
U. S. Land Office, 117 W. 4th
Urmy D. F. attorney, 1, Thatcher & Steinberger blk.
Valentine J. R. furniture, 41 Union Av.  * 21
Vanoy W. saloon, 107 N. High
Veith E. H. meats, 603 N. High
Veith J. B. meats, 49 Union Av.
Victoria Hotel, F. Nicholson, propr., 93 Victoria * 110
Vigil & Saachez, saloon, 118 W. Front
Virgutz S. I. hardware, 308 Santa Fe Av.
Waldron J. M. attorney, 10 Thatcher & Steinberger * 22
Walker L. T. carpenter, B. near Union Av.
Walker Bros. clothiers, Union Av.
Walker M. C. notions, 506 Santa Fe Av.
Wall & Co. notions, 61 Union Av.
Wall C. L. stationery, 404 Santa Fe Av.
Ward M. Y. cigars, 108 1/2 Union Av.
Watkins H. gen'l mdse., 223 Santa Fe Av.
Watson G. W. barber, 110 W. Front
Way D. S. druggist, 315 Santa Fe Av.
Wayland & Craft, real estate, 47 Union Av,  * 68
Wayland J. A. job printer, C. near Union Av.
Webb B. fruits and confectionery, 38 Union Av.
Weidman F. boots and shoes, 522 Santa Fe Av.
Wells Alice N. lodging, 85 Union Av.
Wells F. A. pianos and organs, 601 Santa Fe Av.
Wells, Fargo & Co. Express, S. J. Roberts, agt. 420 Santa Fe Av * 62
Westcott N. B. attorney, 7 30 Union Av.
West G. F. household goods, 39 Union Av.
Western National Bank, C. E. Saxton, cashier, 62 Union Av.
White F. saloon, 114 Union Av.
White N. F. milliner, 411 Santa Fe Av.
Wiley O. L. & Co. real estate and insurance, C. and Union Av.
Willard W. H. groces, 39 Union Av.
Williams J. T. grocer, Elm and Summit.
Williams & Mallaby, real estate, loans and insurance, 1-3 30 Union Av.  * 115
Willis, J. B. shoemaker, 201 W. 2d
Wilson & Barnard, dry goods, 415-17 Santa Fe Av.
Wolf & Francis, saloon, 102 W. Front
Wolfsky L. clothier, 111 Union Av.
Wolfsky M. J. clothier, 207 Santa Fe Av.
Young R. saloon, 419 Santa Fe Av.
Young, L. K. & Co. whol. commission, Main near C * 96
Zeiger T. R. & Co. druggists, 320 Santa Fe Av  * 63

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Illustrated Business Directory
FOR 1887- 8.

Published by C. U. Boland