1923 Pueblo Business Directory
Contributed by Joy Fisher
    PUEBLO CITYŚcounty seat of Pueblo county, situated on the A. T. & S. F.
Railway, The D. & R. G. W. Railway, The Missouri Pacific Railroad, The C. & S.
(Burlington Route) Railroad, The Colorado-Kansas Railroad, and on the following
paved or surfaced highways Albert Pike Highway, National Old Trails- Santa Fe
Trail, Dallas-Canadian-Denver Highway, Colorado-to-Gulf Highway, Buffalo
Highway, National Park-to-Park Highway, Colorado-Kansas Boulevard, Rainbow
Route, at an elevation of 4,685 feet.

    Pueblo is the chief industrial and commercial city of southern Colorado. It
is near the center of the largest single irrigated area in the world, known as
the Arkansas Valley, extending from the Royal Gorge to the Colorado-Kansas State
Line, and it has an important trade in agricultural products, fruits, melons,
cattle, hogs, poultry. Pueblo is termed the "Pittsburg of the West" on account
of the large plant of the Colorado Fuel and Iron Company, which employs normally
about 6,000 men, being located there. The factories number 154, and the tonnage
of Pueblo comprises more than one-half of that -of all of the industrial plants
of Colorado. In addition to the large steel and iron works, rolling mills, and
coke ovens, there are also smelters, foundries, bridge and boiler works,
automobile factory, manufactories of nails, wire fencing, frogs, switches,
brick, mattresses, tents, awnings, overalls, confectionery, chemicals, packing
house products, saddlery and leather goods, brooms, brushes, large bakeries, etc.

    Pueblo is the gateway to the San Isabel National Forest, which forest
comprises 651,200 acres of scenic wonder. It is rapidly becoming an important
tourist center. Pueblo has sixty-two churches of all denominations.

    Pueblo's climate is delightful to live in and health giving in the extreme.
Mild winters, dry atmosphere, no foggy days, seventy-five to eighty-five per
cent of the possible sunshine in the year.

    Two great High Schools, twenty-three grammar schools, and excellent private

    Two daily newspapers.

    Five banks carrying one-tenth of all the deposits of the people in the State.

    Government land office.

    Many beautiful parks and places of recreation.

    Pueblo is a modern city, the second in size in Colorado, population claimed
to be 60,000 people, although within the city boundaries the U. S. 1920 Census
shows 43,050.

ADAMS CHARLEY, prop Hotel Vail
Adamson Adeline D, teacher of piano, 408 1/2 N Main
AETNA LIFE INSURANCE CO, Chas E Freed dist agt, 321 Thatcher bldg
Aguilera Teodoro, groc, 1500 E Evans
Ajax Realty Co (Henry O Morris, D C Ball) insurance, rentals, collections,
    601 Santa Fe av
Alamo Hotel. Mrs D A Wilson prop, 218 W 4th
Alexander T G, shining parlor, 415 1/2 N Union av
Al Kaly Temple Ancient Arabic Order Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, O W Fell acting
    recorder, 44 Masonic blk
Allee M E, hemstitching, 318 Thatcher bldg
Allen C O, livery, feed stable, 321 W 3d
Allen Printing Co, 714 Court
Alpha Floral Co, W E Quarles mgr, 204 W 3d
Alston Lucius C, phys, 1332 E Evans av
Alta Rooms, Mrs O C Murphy prop, 103 W 2d
Alta Vista Hotel, Anna P Gray prop, 617 1/2 N Main
Ambulance Co, L D Dutcher mgr, 208 W 2d
Amemiya K, Japanese gds, 618 N Main
American Bankers Life Ins Co, Lee Wood agt, 421 Thatcher bldg
American Business College, J A Clark pres, W & D blk
AMERICAN CAFETERIA, Mrs Gertrude E Murphy prop, 508 N Main
American Loan Co (M Rike), 302 N Union av
AMERICAN MACHINE CO, R D Lowrance mgr, all kinds of machine repair work,
    503 W 4th
American Produce Co, Jas Froney prop, 218 W 2d
American Railway Express Co, J H Sims agt, 214 W 4th
American Red Cross, Pueblo County Chapter, Anne F Smith sec. Court House
American Refrigerator Transit Co, C B Needham agt, S Main & R R tracks
American Sales Co, J A Clark mgr, mfrs agts, 209 W & D blk
American Shale & Metals Co, J W Hess pres, A E True vice-pres, D B Wiley sec and
    treas, 19-20 Pope blk
Amherst Hotel, Mrs S J Carter prop, 209 W 2d
Amsley H D, state hydrographer 404 Central blk
Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, J M Meales sec-registrar,
    44 Masonic bldg
Anderson Bros Co, army gds, 413 N Union av
Anderson C C Co, W J Ross, dry gds, clothing, 121 W 4th
Anderson-Hamill Construction Co cement work, 1143 Claremont
ANDERSON J W, mgr Pueblo Automobile Co, 220-230 W 4th
Anderson L W, ins, 107 Pope blk
ANDERSON THEO, commercial photography, enlargements, copying, McCarthy blk,
    tel 1149 J
Anderson Wm, rest, 320 1/2 S Union av
Anderson W L, coal, Division cor Abriendo av
ANDREW THOS, sec Elks Club, B P O E No 90, Santa Fe cor 5th
Anheuser-Busch Brewing Assn, Theo Schreiber agt, 206 Central Main
Anthony Hotel, Mrs Susan Linley prop, 103 1/2 West B
Arapahoe Butter Co, Ralph Parker mgr, 729 N Main
Arapahoe Food Stores Co, Ross P Grenard mgr, groc, 8th cor Main
Arddy Henry, groc, 615 W Northern av
Argyr Christ, phys, 1225 Taylor
Arkansas Valley Auto Co, W K Hurd prop, 7th cor Court
Arkansas Valley Ditch Assn, Bertha Hamilton sec, 404 Central blk
Armour & Co, W B Mullare mgr, whol meats, 101 S Main
Armstrong J J & Son, autos, 624 N Main
Army Goods Store, M Morgan mgr, 221 S Union av
Art Wall Paper & Paint Co (T H Serrin) 513 Santa Fe av
Arthur & Allen (F B Arthur, A L Allen) contrs, Court cor 3d
ASHCRAFT ELECTRIC CO (Harry C & William C Ashcraft) electrical contractors,
    engineers, supplies, electric farm lighting plants, radio apparatus,
    514 W Northern av
Ashley Lumber Co (H T Ashley) 331 E 4th
Askren Benj, groc, 77 Block L
Associates Realty Co, Will Keen pres
Austin F, soft drinks, 312 N Union av
Austin Wm J, contr, 1317 Carteret
Austrian Merc Go (Jno Gorsich) groc, 1202 S Santa Fe av
Automotive Electric Service Co (B H McElvain, J D Lavelett) 8th cor Court
Avondale Alfalfa Milling & Elevator Co, J W Setters pres, 432 Thatcher bldg
B P O E NO 90, Thomas Andrew sec, Santa Fe av cor 5th
B & B Furniture Co (W C Black, E H Beelar) 322 S Union av
Baca J F, phys, 2413 Grand av
Bacino K, groc, 117 W Northern av
Badovinac Nichl, groc, 1909 E Abriendo av
Baird Robt, laundry, clothes cleaner, 308 Bay State av
Baker Advertising Co (J C Baker) 417 Central blk
Baker Dental Co (Wm H Baker) 306 Central blk
Baker Steam Motor Car & Mfg Co H O Baker pres, mgr, 132 Central blk
Baker W H, phys, Pope Blk
Baker Wm H, dentist, Central blk
Baker W T H, phys, Pueblo Clinic 7th cor Main
Ball D C, real est, 601 Santa Fe
Baltassar Nichl, billiards, 209 1/2 W Northern av
Bankers Life Co, W H & H E Nangle agts, 404 Thatcher bldg
Bankers Trust Co, Carl E Evans rep, stocks & bonds, 326 Thatcher bldg
Baptist Church (First) Rev M D Austin pastor, 9th cor Grand
Baptist Church (Lake Ave) Rev C M Benight pastor, 1222 Carteret
Baptist Church (Mesa) Rev T E Volck pastor
BARBRICK J T (Hughes, Langdon & Barbrick) lawyer, dep dist attorney,
    212 Thatcher bldg
BARBRICK TIM, sec Andrew McClelland Mercantile Industrial & Realty Co,
    230-232 S Mechanic
Barksdale G H, clean, press, 610 E 4th
BARNARD JOHN B, lawyer, 209 Central blk, tel 210
Bartels L, groc, piano moving, 529 W 7th
Bartley & Walker (Lee Bartley, L B Walker) auto accessories, 723 N Main
Battaglia Joseph, notary, steam ship agency, 317 W Northern av
Battaglia Russel, barber, 317 W Northern av
Beach C W, eng irrigation division No 2, 404 Central blk
Bean A Lincoln, optometrist, 318 Thatcher bldg
BEATRICE CREAMERY CO, J A McKendry mgr, "Meadow Gold Butter," 5th cor Elizabeth
Beaumont Allen J, lawyer, 712 Thatcher bldg
Behrens Wm, groc, 700 W 14th
Belmont Hotel, Mrs A Brown prop, 220 1/2 N Main
Benedict Jos L, billiards, cigars, 413 N Santa Fe av
Benedictine College, Rev Fr Walter pres, 600 College av
Benfatti Bros, billiards, 118 W 1st
Benko Frank, groc, 301 Spring
Bensenberg F, bakery, 2135 Evans av
Berger Geo G, bicycles, 308 S Union av
Berger N, clothing, 233 S Union av
Bergerman Benj, clothing, Northern cor Evans av
BERGERMAN BENJ, 2d vice-pres Pueblo Commerce Club
Bernheim Siegfried, ladies wearing apparel, 210 N Main
Bernstein Bros Auto Parts & Tire Co, 225 N Santa Fe av
BERNSTEIN BROS IRON & METAL CO (S & A Bernstein) formerly Colorado Iron & Metal
    Co, scrap iron, metals, rubber, rags, bones, 164-184 N Mechanic
Berry Jas S, cigar mfr, 819 W 9th
Berta A, soft drinks, 113 West B
Bessee H M Mrs, millinery, 602 N Main
Bessemer Bread & Baking Co, Theo Poulos prop, 1328 Evans av
Bessemer Hotel, Pauline Yonko prop, 402 1/2 W Northern av
Bessemer Irrigating Ditch Co, C K McHarg sec-treas, 328 S Union av
Bessemer Motor Co, E M Sullivan mgr, Central cor Evans av
Bessemer Planing Mill, W E Smith prop, 1316 Abriendo av
Bessemer Transfer Co, W H Snover prop, 1237 Elm
Beulah Stage, J A Morris prop, 301 S Union av
Biebesheimer Edw, blksmith, 303 Grand av
BIELE L W, mgr Newton Lumber Co, 4th cor Court
BIG 4 AUTO PARTS & RUBBER HOUSE (H Simon, F Klein) wrecking, fuel and junk
    house, 110-118 N Santa Fe av
Big Four Furniture House (H Simon, Fred Klein) Jas Hutchinson mgr,
    103 S Union av
BIG 4 WRECKING, FUEL & JUNK HOUSE, 110-118 N Santa Fe av
Birber Jno B, mfg jeweler, 17 Franklin blk
Birch Sand & Gravel Co, 40 Block F
Birmingham Circular Letter Co, W E Birmingham mgr, 343 Thatcher bldg
Bishoff N P, contr, bldr, 222 W 2d
Bixler H A, furn, 722 E 4th
Black A, sec hd gds, 202 S Union av
Black G W, autos, 215 N Victoria av
Black H A, phys, Pueblo Clinic 7th cor Main
Black Max, clothing, 220 S Union av
Blackler H S, undertkr, 1144 Routt
Blain C A, bakery, 1145 E Evans
Blair J A, oculist, 108 W 4th
Blatnik Martin, blksmith, 812 C
Blazer C W, 46 Block V
BLIESNER A R, mgr The Polar Ice Cream & Supply Co, 102 Grand av
Bloom Land & Cattle Co, A S Booth sec, First Natl Bank bldg
Blouch Levi H, groc, 1110 Lake av
Boden A, groc, 1615 E 8th
Bohemia Hotel, E E Corken prop, 120 1/2 W 5th
Boitz & Yaklich (Frank Boitz, John Yaklich) garage, 1309 E Abriendo av
Bonacci Alberico, barber, 162 Richmond
Bond B O, barber, 600 W 4th
BONKER R G, prop Santa Fe Trail Garage, 208-222 N Santa Fe av
BONTEMS S B, mgr R G Dun & Co, The Mercantile Agency, 118 Pope blk
BOOTERIE THE (Inc) H R Thomson, J W.Witt, H H Eatton, 410 N Main
BOOTH A S, vice-pres First National Bank, 5th cor Main
Boukather Jno K, lawyer, 447 Thatcher bldg
Boukather M, groc, 313 W Northern av
Boukather M & Son, clothing, 307 N Union av
Bowlds Robt E, cigars, confecty, 1549 E Evans av
Bowling A L, groc, 1541 W 17th
Boy Scouts of America, O C Alverson scout executive, 4 Court House
Boyd S T, shoemkr, 409 1st
Brady J L, real est, Central blk
Brandon Al, billiards, 112 S Union av
Brandon E, signs, 516 N Santa Fe av
Branney Jno, agt Denver Post, 722 N Main
Bratton W R, cigars, 108 S Union av
Brauer Jno D, clean & press, 109 W 2d
Braun M, dry gds, clothing, 409 N Union av
Bravdica Geo, groc, 1144 E Abriendo av
Brayton Agency (J O Simpson, E Brayton) real est, ins, 407 Thatcher bldg
Brayton H E, lawyer, 447 Thatcher bldg
Breetwor H, groc, 316 W Northern av
Breetwor I S, shoes, 219 N Union
BRESSLER L S, mgr Purity Bread Go, Lamkin cor D
Bridgford Benj, drugs, 7th cor Main
Briggs A C Mrs, dressmkr, 337 Thatcher bldg
Briggs R, signs, 524 N Santa Fe av
Briley & Dorsett (B L Briley, J W Dorsett) real est, 113 Central blk
Briscoe N H, groc, 38 Block N
Broadacre Farms Co. Central blk
Brook F T & Co, real est, 1232 E Evans av
Brooking J C, ins agt, 418 Thatcher bldg
Broome Bros, books & staty, 504 N Main
Brosius S D, lawyer, 310 Central
 blk BROWN E F, treas & mgr Crews-Beggs Dry Goods Co, 4th cor Main
Brown Eugene H, phys, Abriendo bldg
Brown G T, meats, 305 N Santa Fe av
Brown-Hyde Shoe Co, 506 N Main
Brown Jno E, billiards, 2135 E Evans av
Brown J S Grocery Co, J M Metzler mgr, whol groc, S Main cor D
BROWN LEWIS S MUSIC CO, whol and ret distributors pianos, player pianos,
    Grafonolas, Brunswicks, player rolls and records, 522 N Main
Brown P K, builders supplies, 103 S Grand av
Brown W R, dentist, 1237 1/2 E Evans
Bucci & Vercelli, soft drinks, 300 W Northern av
Bucciardelli D. groc. Salt Creek
Buchanan J A, phys, Pueblo Clinic, 7th & Main
Buck Wm E, phys, 621 Thatcher bldg
Bunting Mfg Go, J L Bunting mgr disinfectants, polishes, 512 N Santa Fe av
Burch F J Mfg Co (F.J Burch, F W Burch) tents, awnings, 1st cor Santa Fe
BURCH T J, pres Pueblo Commerce Club
Burke D E, plumber, 318 N Santa Fe av
Burkhard E D, phys, 544 Thatcher bldg
Burkhardt Adam, shoemkr, 513 W Northern av
Burnett T A, barber, 639 S Union av
Burns J O, real est, 310 Central blk
BURRIS S J, pres Globe Fire Insurance & Investment Co, 223-224-225 Thatcher bldg
Butkovich Mercantile Co, J D Butkovich mgr, genl mdse, 1201 S Santa Fe av
Butterbaugh Wm S, phys, 529 E Abriendo av
Byrnes Jno, real est, 1214 E Evans av
C & M Stores Inc, 221 S Union av
Cadwell H B, ins, 19 Franklin blk
Caggiano Louis, groc, 1208 1/2 E Evans av
Calantini Theo, shoemkr, 213 E 4th
Caldwell C N, phys, 650 Thatcher bldg
CALKINS-WHITE BROS FURNITURE CO, N W Calkins pres, E F Brown vice-pres,
    G A Chatfield sec, C I Hoagland treas, 409 N Santa Fe av
Callahan Nell G, dressmkr, 16 Pope blk
Cambo S, shoemkr, 216 W Northern av
Cambridge Realty & Insurance Co Martin Walter Jr mgr, Southern Colorado Bank
Cambron Auto Repair Shop, 603 Van Buren
Cambron Chas H, real est, 120 Central blk
Cambron W F, real est, 509 N Santa Fe av
Cameron Jas, rest, 106 East D
Cameron W F, real est, 509 Santa Fe av
Cammel Undertaking Co, A C Jones local mgr, 945 Routt av
Campbell W M, ins, 710 Thatcher bldg
CAPITOL LIFE INSURANCE CO of Colorado, Geo H Sweeney local rep,
    226 Thatcher bldg
CARLILE B A, asst cshr First National Bank, 5th cor Main
CARLILE C B, auditor Pueblo Commerce Club, asst cshr First National Bank,
    5th cor Main
Carlton C H, groc, 118 W 3d
Carpenter C A, baths, Congress Hotel
Carpenter J W, city clerk
Carricatto & Marisco, soft drinks 211 W Northern av
Carrington W C, real est, 212 Central blk
Carroll A N, vet surg, 3d cor Court
CARY OPTICAL SERVICE, Dr Marie Cary mgr, optometrist, 208 W 4th
Cascio Calogero, groc, 22 Block V
Case Bros Grocery Co, 115 W 4th
Cassidy H N, shoemkr, 211 N Victoria av
Castaneda A, tailor, 413 1/2 W Northern av
CASTLE R S (J & B Garage) 310 W 3d
Catholic Church (Mt Carmel) Rev A M Valtino pastor, 421 Park
Catholic Church (Sacred Heart) Rev T J Walohan pastor, 1025 N Grand
Catholic Church (St Anthonys) Rev A Keclik pastor, 225 Park
Catholic Church (St Francis Xavier) Rev A M Bertram pastor, 1725 Spruce
Catholic Church (St Mary) Rev Cyril Zunan pastor, 320 Park
Catholic Church (St Patricks) Rev E Barry pastor, 228 Michigan
Cazaly Louise Mrs, rest, 110 W 3d
Central Block Law Library, 324 Central blk
Central Club, soft drinks, cigars, 118 W 2d
CENTRAL DRUG CO, Frank E Thomas mgr, 122 N Main
Central Furniture & Jewelry Co (S H Chenoweth, W L Garrett) 116 W 2d
Central Investment Co, Josephine Stockwell sec, 711 Thatcher
Cessna P A, fuel, feed, 305 W 2d
Chamberlain E H, filling station, 601 E 4th
Chambers E F, lawyer, 727 Thatcher bldg
Chanak Stevo, groc, 1707 Schley
Chandler C W, confecty, 1243 E Evans av
CHAPPEL J J, sec & mgr Pueblo Title Guaranty Co, 229-231 Thatcher bldg
Cheek F G, watchmkr, optometrist, 211 S Union av
Chew E R, real est, 320 Central blk
Chiariglione H & Co (H Chiariglione, V Massari) steamship agts, 109 West B
Chicago Burlington & Quincy R R Co, A S Cuthbertson agt, 440 Thatcher bldg
CHIEFTAIN PRINTING CO, owners and operators The Pueblo Chieftain (d) and
    Colorado Chieftain (w), G G Withers pres & bus mgr, Walter L Wilder sec
    & ed, 111-113 E 4th
Chilino Phil, groc, 1804 E Evans av
CHIPMAN & BROWN (C O Chipman, J Leonard Brown) real estate, loans, insurance,
    205 W 6th
Christian Church (Broadway), W T Hilton supply minister, 1231 E 9th
Christian Church (Central) L J Barnette minister, 1114 Blake
Christian Science Reading Room Mrs Eva Bruley librarian, 203 Thatcher bldg
Christiansen Lawrence D, rest, 317 Bay State av
Churchill-Hillabold Co, A B Hillabold mgr, jewelers, 308 N Main
Ciacco G, groc, 1200 E Evans av
Cidrich Victor, shoemkr, 310 S Victoria av
Clark Alex, shoemkr, 412 N Santa Fe av
Clark Edwin E, confecty, 1701 E Orman av
Clark J R, groc, 314 W 6th
Clark Pueblo Mineral Spring Co Inc. C B Walker sec, Spring cor B
Clark Ray J, dentist, 7 Erickson blk
Clark S K, garage, 409 W 4th
Clark & Canterbury (J W Clark, J L Canterbury) groc, 205 E 4th
Clark & Hyde, barbers, 304 W Northern av
Clarke Ostrich Feather Co( Mrs Clarke, Mrs Wilson) 5151 N Main
Clasby Fred O, auto repair shop and cylinder grinding, 220 W 4th
Clevenger Automobile Co (Mac Clevenger) 620 N Santa Fe av
Clink Frank, rest, 207 S Union av
Cloud Riley R, lawyer, 506 Thatcher bldg
Cloud & Bartley, groc, 1319 W Northern av
Clynes Theatre, Jas Clyne mgr, 419 W Northern av
CODDING BROS, wholesale stoves, furnaces, ranges, stay^ repairs, Santa Fe cor 3d
Cody Wm, plumber, 518 N Santa Fe av
Coffin Packing & Provision Co, F L Wilkinson mgrr 209 Court
Cohen A, sec hd gds, 115 W Northern av
Cole Bros (Jno & Ernest) bakery, 521 N Santa Fe av
Collection & Adjustment Co, C W Shaver mgr, 410 Central blk
Collins Commission Co, 226 W 2d
Colo-Mexia Sales Agency, John B Herriott mgr, oil stocks, 106 Central blk
COLONIAL FLOWER SHOP, Mr & Mrs F B Sauerwald props, "Say it with flowers,"
    518 N Main, tel 1633
Colonial Theatre (Edw Anderson) 216 N Union av
Colonial Watch & Jewelry Co (Wm Goodman) 214 N Union av
Colorado Automobile Assn, C R Liljestrom sec-treas, 308 Thatcher bldg
COLORADO CHIEFTAIN (w) owned and operated by The Chieftain Printing Co,
    G G Withers pres & bus mgr, Walter L Wilder sec & ed, 111-113 E 4th
Colorado Coca-Cola Bottling Co, Joe B Gordon mgr, 417 W 5th
COLORADO CULVERT & FLUME CO, L R Shallenberger genl mgr 408 E 8th
Colorado Electric & Battery Co (J B & A M Lepeska) 515 Court
Colorado Free Employment Office Ed Wells mgr, 242 N Union av
Colorado Fuel & Iron Co, E H Weitzel genl mgr, F E Parks mgr Minnequa Steel
    Works, D A Stout mgr fuel dept
Colorado Inn, 228 S Victoria av
Colorado-Kansas Railway Co, R K Potter genl mgr
COLORADO LAUNDRY CO, Chas Flutcher pres & mgr, J Will Johnson sec & treas,
    109-113 W 3d
Colorado Lithia Water Co, 99 Adams av
COLORADO MATTRESS MFG CO, M Nierenberg prop, 600 S Union av
Colorado Mercantile Co (Joseph Rosen) clothing, 207 N Union av
Colorado Motor Car Co, W T Mathis mgr, 901 N Main
Colorado Oil Shale Co, J W Hess sec
COLORADO PAPER CO THE, H Earl Morris mgr, wholesale paper, paper specialties,
    twines, 116 W 6th
Colorado Printing Co, John McLean mgr, 418 N Santa Fe av
Colorado State Fair Commission J L Beaman mgr, 442 Thatcher bldg
Colorado State Hospital, Dr H A La Moure supt
Colorado Supply Co, B F Pine mgr, genl mdse, Bay State cor Evans av
Colorado Supply Co, Edw Redmond mgr, whol groc, Bay State cor Elm
Colorado Transfer & Warehouse Co (CM Clutter, R G Knight) 124 W First
Colorado & Southern Ry Co, A S Cuthbertson genl agt, 440 Thatcher bldg
Commercial Investment Co, T J Downen Jr mgr, 322 Thatcher bldg
Concialdi Vincenzo, genl mdse, 1136 E Evans
Conferti Luigi, soft drinks, cigars 111 W 2d
Congregational Church (First) Rev Wm I Jones pastor, 220 W Evans av
Congregational Church (Minnequa) Rev C P Emery pastor, 607 Minnequa
Congregational Church (Pilgrim) Rev Roger G Boss pastor, 406 W 13th
CONGRESS HOTEL, The Philbin Management, Santa Fe av 7th to 8th
Congress Hotel Barber Shop, C A Hauth mgr
Conservatory of Music, 408 1/2 Main
Consolidated Ticket Offices, S C Baker agt, 109 W 4th
Conter Mary Mrs, groc, 303 S Union av
Continental Mfg Co (Ernest F Greene, M E Fuller) mail boxes 300 S Main
Continental Oil Co, A Cocks div mgr, Elm cor Division
Cook C C, ins, 221 1/2 N Main
Cook Frank, rest, 306 N Union av
Cook Jas W, printer, 526 N Santa Fe av
Cooper Edw G, plasterer, contr, 727 E 5th
COOPER & DESJARDINS, architects, 108-115 Pope blk
Cordier Anna Mrs, cafeteria, 212 W 4th
Corkish Cigar Co (Robt Corkish) 511 N Santa Fe av
Corley Coal & Teaming Co, C E Walton local mgr, 330 E 7th
Cornish Brokerage Co (J M Cornish) stocks, 504 N Santa Fe av
Coronado Hotel, 323 1/2 S Victoria av
Corson M E, justice peace, 34 Court House
Cortez Jno, barber, 316 N Union av
Corwin Rich W, phys, Minnequa Hospital
Costa L, soft drinks, cigars, 326 S Union av
Countryside The (w) F M Somers mgr, 216 W 2d
County Farm & Infirmary, 3 miles south of Postoffice
Cowan Jno, groc, 1400 Pine
Cowhick W J, real est, 120 Central blk
Cozzens Harmon, civil eng, 114 W Pitkin
Craighead J W, phys, 1317 Lake av
Cramer G W, dentist, 103 Pope blk
Crawford Carriage Co (Guy Crawford) 3d cor Grand
Crawford S F & Co (S F & C B Crawford) real est, 43 Masonic bldg
Crawford & Walker (Jno Crawford, W S Walker) auto reprs, 186 Central Main
Crays Geo E, plumber, 1505 E Evans av
CREDIT CLEARING HOUSE, 509 Thatcher bldg
Creek Nina B, masseuse, 312 Central blk
Crenshaw E D, groc, meats, 101 S Grand av
Crescent Apartments, Winer & Kushnir mgrs, 820 Summit
Crescent Service Station (O E Pelsue & F W Ramsower) 724 N Main
Creswell Investment Co, A S Booth sec, First Natl Bank bldg
CREWS-BEGGS DRY GOODS CO THE, C W Crews pres, W D Young vice-pres, Ira K Young
    sec & asst mgr, E F Brown treas & mgr, J D Kellogg supt L H Van Arsdale
    chairman board of directors, Chris Jensen mgr credit dept, department
    store, 4th cor Main
Crissman George Best, dentist and exodontist, 104-105 Central blk
Cristy Saml, chief fire dept
Critcher's Theatre, Mrs Frank Critcher prop, 1301 E Routt av
CROCKETT E I & CO, real estate insurance, Santa Fe av cor 5th
Crooks C L, billiards, 602 W 4th
Cross Dorr E, shoemkr, 321 S Union av
Cross Frank Osmer, real est, 515 1/2 N Main
Crossen & Dutcher (H A Crossen J W Dutcher) barbers, 105 S Union av
Crossman R A, lawyer, 327 Central blk
Crouch Bros Grocery & Meat Go, N R Crouch sec, 615 N Main
Crumley W H, groc, meats, 600 E Abriendo av
Crystal Millinery Co, Mrs M Abbott mgr, 502 N Main
Culig J & F, groc, meats, 413 E Northern av
Cureton A B, garage, 131 S Main
Curran Co, C P Gerould mgr, bill posters, 113 E 5th
Curran S A, constable, Court House
Curtis Edw, contr, 817 E 8th
Cusack Thos C Co, G P Gerould mgr, 113 E 5th
Cuthbertson A S, genl agt C B & Q and C & S Rys, 440 Thatcher bldg
Cuzak Jos, groc, 2522 E Routt av
D & M CAFE CO THE (E Miller, F Dixon, J G Hubersberger) J G Hubersberger mgr,
    good things to eat, 219 N Main
Dalio Fred, shoemkr, 1204 E Evans av
DALTON ADDING MACHINE CO, Fallis F Rees district sales agt 113 W 4th
Dalton E F, groc, 229 S Union av
D'Amico Frank, shoemkr, 425 W Northern av
Dammann Julius, groc, 830 E 1st
Darland G L, groc, 104 W Abriendo av
Davies Della M, bakery, 610 N Main
Davies G M & Co, real est, 327 Central blk
Davinsky G L, dentist, 3d cor Main
Davis Fruit Co (M G Davis) 200 Richmond av
Davis R E, phys, Minnequa Hospital
Davisson G B, bakery, dairy, 101 W Abriendo
DEAN-CREEL FURNITURE CO, Walter F Dean pres, J E Creel vice-pres & treas,
    2d cor Main
Dean & Lynch (Wm Dean, Frank Lynch) rest, 208 1/2 S Union av
DEATHERAGE J PARKER, lawyer 209 Central blk, tel 210
Delabar Frank, meat mkt, 407 W Northern av
Delmedico Rocco, soft drinks, billiards, 307 W Northern av
DeLuca Bros, groc, Blende
De Lue Detective Service Co, W F Cummins mgr, 109 Central blk
Dennis Geo, clean, press, 1320 E Evans av
Denver Furniture Go (S Sher, N Lapin) 111 S Union av
Denver & Rio Grande Western R R System, O O Stanchfield genl agt,
    139 Central blk
Department of Vocational Education Pueblo City Schools, H C Stillman director,
    321 Thatcher bldg
Depot Drug Store, 335 S Union av
Deschamps J R, chiropodist, 3 Pope blk
Desiato Jno, groc, 1001 Box Elder
De TIENNE & WREN (H G DeTienne, Rodney Wren) osteopathic physicians,
    314 Thatcher bldg
Devine, Preston & Storer (Thos H Devine, J W Preston, Todd C Storer) lawyers,
    113 Central blk
Diamond A Cattle Co, A S Booth sec. First Natl Bank bldg
DIAMOND EXCHANGE, Mrs J E Spector prop, diamonds, watches, jewelry, guns, trunks
    leather cases, bags, musical instruments, 244 N Union av
Diomond G E, ins, Thatcher bldg
Diamond Hotel, Maud Peterson prop, 303 1/2 N Santa Fe av
Dibble R B, phys, 127 Central blk
Dician Jno. groc, 1001 Box Elder
Dicino Nichl, groc, 450 Kelly av
Dickason Audit Co, C G Dickason mgr, Metropolitan blk
Dickson F W, dentist, 119 Pope blk
Diefenderfer & Brown (F Diefenderfer, J D Brown) storage batteries,
    309 N Grand av
Diffendaffer I V, prop Mesa Feed Store, 7 Block S
Diggs C L & Co, rubber tires & reprs, Santa Fe av cor 3d
Diggs J D, auctioneer, 906 E 6th
Diodosio Mike, groc, 944 E Abriendo
Di Palma Tire Co (Tony Di Palma) A Goldberg mgr, 316 N Santa Fe av
Dixon Peter, soft drinks, 318 S Union av
Dixon & Miller, billiards, bowling 217 Main
Dixon-Stumpf Bottling Go, G J Stump sec-mgr, 110 W 2d
Dobin Saml, billiards, 119 S Union av
Doertenbach W F, furrier, taxidermist, 622 N Main
Donahew & Ferguson (B H Donahew, F W Ferguson) auto reprs, 309 N Grand av
Donehue Josephine B Mrs, rest, 1538 E Evans
Donnelly T D, real est, 121 Central blk
Dooner A J, dentist, 620 Thatcher bldg
Dorazio Nick, tailor, 409 1/2 W Northern av
Dorre Joseph, rest, 318 N Union
Dotson P T, real est, 119 W 5th
Douglas & Son (A V & F C) blksmiths, 710 Court
DOWNEN T J, treas Pueblo Commerce Club, real estate, 332 Thatcher bldg
Downen & Nelson, groc, 1601 E 8th
Dragash Andro, soft drinks, 1251 S Santa Fe av
DRISCOLL TRUCKING CO (Vance Leo & Lila Driscoll) 1st cor Greenwood
Drummond E, groc, 810 E 8th
Druva A A, groc, 519 N Santa Fe av
Ducasse Geo R, soft drinks, tobacco, 1700 Evans
Ducy G L, special rep Equitable Life Assurance Society, 441 Thatcher bldg
DUDLEY W K, cshr Pueblo Savings & Trust Go, Main cor 3d
Dugan P J, lawyer, 714 Thatcher bldg
Dukeman R H, garage, 706 Court
DUN R G & CO, The Mercantile Agency, S B Bontems mgr, 118 Pope blk
Duncan L C, mdse broker, 326 Central blk
Dundee Woolen Mills, C S Page mgr, tailors, 208 N Main
Dunlop Josephine N, phys, 118 Michigan av
Dunn R E, meats, 118 W 3d
Duplex Percolator Co (N H Schlieper, M M Hadfield) 103 W 6th
Dupps Frank J, cigars, billiards, 515 N Main
Durall B C, lawyer, 409 Central blk
Durbin Fredk A, piano tuner, 314 1/2 W 5th
DURHAM S R, lawyer, referee in bankruptcy, 726 Thatcher bldg
Durkin Michl, blksmith, 1216 E Orman av
Dye Jos, lawyer, 327 Central blk
Eagle Rock Oil Co, R A Stratton pres, Central blk
East Side Garage, Roy Mead mgr, 619 E 4th
East Side Groceteria (J F Damon F F Peschke, Alf Porter) 720 E 4th
EAST SIDE MILLINERY STORE, Mrs Lida M Redkey prop, quality hats, ladies
    ready-to-wear garments, 117 E 4th
Eastwood & Son, shoemkrs, 507 N Santa Fe av
Eclipse Moving & Storage Co (Robt Kefford) 108 D
Ecton Ford, groc, 1024 E 10th
Edelstein Bros (Saml & David) cigars, candy, 117 and 227 N Main
EDELSTEIN JUNK HOUSE, M Edelstein prop, S Santa Fe av & D & R G W tracks
EDEN EDWARD L, district mgr The Equitable Life Assurance Society of the United
    States, 441 Thatcher bldg
Edgell L B Mrs, photog, 408 1/2 N Main
EGAN JOSEPH M, prop & mgr Lithia Water Bottling Co, 120 E 8th
Ehrlich Saml, clothing, 320 S Union av
Elich Pete, groc, meats, 1701 E Evans
ELKS CLUB, conducted by B P O E No 90, Thos Andrew sec, Santa Fe av cor 5th
Ellington E E, rest, 317 and 605 N Main
Elliot Bros, clothing, 427 N Union av
Elliott Bruce H, auto laundry, 313 N Grand av
Elliott Frog & Switch Co, W H Elliott sec, E Abriendo av cor Agua
Elliott Jas C, lawyer, 518 Thatcher bldg
Elliott M R, meat mkt, 425 N Union & First cor Main
Elliott & Belcher, bakery, 703 N Main
ELLIS R L, traffic mgr Pueblo Commerce Club
Elm Street Grocery Co (Broberg, Carlson & Olson) groc, meats,930 Elm
Eloma Products Co, grocers sundries, 325 Lamkin
Else G W, groc, meats, 111 E Abriendo av
Empress Hotel, Mrs Anna K Medley prop, 104 1/2 W 4th
Endsley I I, groc, meats, 1228 E 8th
England H L, billiards, cigars, 309 N Santa Fe av
English Lutheran Church, Rev Henry I Kohler pastor, 722 Palmer
Enterprise Electric Co (J J Finnigan) 302 S Union av
Epler Crum, phys, 650 Thatcher bldg
Epstein E, army gds, 206 S Union av
Epstein M, clothing, 222 S Union av
EQUITABLE LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY of the United States, Edward L Eden district
    mgr, 441 Thatcher bldg
Erhard Jeff, auto painter, 301 W 7th
Essex C S, lawyer, 347 Thatcher bldg
Evanovich Jos, barber, 323 W Northern av
Everybody's Real Estate Office, S J Cambron mgr, 201 Central blk
Fairbanks J E, garage, 315 W 4th
Farabee W F, optometrist, 6 Pope blk
Faricy R S, groc, 717 Center
Farrar Massoud, dry gds, 313 E Northern av
FATH O F, local mgr N O Nelson Manufacturing Co, 118 E River
Fawkes A C, osteopath, 109 Central blk
Fazio G, groc, meats, 1000 Elm
Feder J M, phys, 621 Thatcher bldg
Federal Board of Vocational Training, Grand av cor 7th
Federal Flag Co, J G Baker prop 417 Central blk
Federal System of Bakeries (Wm S Casto, H G Martin) 603 N Main
Federazione Marsicana (Italian Federation) 109 West B
Feldman M, tailor, 206 W 4th Fell Jas, groc, meats, 2330 Grand
 av Fell O W, ins, 102 W 6th
Ferguson Jos C, groc, 1614 W Northern av
FERGUSON J W & CO, meats, groceries, 314 W 5th
Ferraro P, photog, 415 1/2 N Union av
Ferrett Augustino, confecty, 316 S Union av
Ferrier Service Co (W H Ferrier) auto elec service, 205 N Santa Fe av
Fidelity & Deposit Co of Md, S F Reno agt, 107 W 4th
Field H T, wallpaper, paints, 415 Northern av
Fifth Ave Hotel, I U Crowson prop, 503 1/2 N Santa Fe av
Fimple Lorin S, dentist, 629 Thatcher bldg
Finke Edw H, groc, 102 Michigan
Finnegan J J, elec contr, 2408 Court
Finney Royal H, phys, Minnequa Hospital
FIRST NATIONAL BANK, M D Thatcher pres, R G Thatcher vice-pres & chairman of the
    board, A S Booth vice-pres, Harlan J Smith cshr, C B Carlile asst cshr, B A
    Carlile asst cshr, C M Thompson asst cshr L T Rule asst cshr, 5th cor Main
Fischback Gene, garage, 415 Fountain
Fischer C L, chiropractor, 306 Central blk
Fisher G L Mrs, groc, 111 W 14th
FISHER JEWELRY CO THE (E R Fisher) jewelers, 325 S Union av
Fisher W N, groc, meats, 312 N Santa Fe av
FITTS MANUFACTURING CO, W A Fitts pres & mgr, A E MacDonald treas, mfrs and
    packers of grocers and druggists sundries, 325 Lamkin
Fitts-Smith Dry Goods Co, R Fishback rep, whol dry gds, 206 W 2d
Fitz-Gibbon J L, ins, securities, 310 Thatcher bldg
Fitzner Vic, soft drinks, 308 N Union av
Flemons J H, garage, 119 N Santa Fe av
Fletcher Ida, stenog, 222 Thatcher bldg
Flack Chas, rug works, 506 N Santa Fe av
FLORMAN MANUFACTURING CO, Joe Florman sec & treas, wallpaper, paints, oils and
   glass, wholesale and retail, 190 Central Main, retail and art store,
    111 W 4th
Flower Shop, 216 N Main
Floyd Jno W, photog, 2802 Cheyenne av
Floyd Wm E, cigars, 111 N Union av
Fluke Trading Co, P E Fluke mgr groc, coal, feed, seeds, farm machy, 325 E 8th
Flynn Thos, harness & saddlery, 132 S Union av
Foley T H Lumber Co, 1330 Elm
Forbes Plumbing Go (W S Forbes) 1213 E Evans av
Forbush Fuel & Ice Co, H S Forbush sec, 327 N Union av
Ford Exchange, C F Hurd mgr, autos, 191 Central Main
Ford Wm, rest, 227 S Union av
Forehand Chas, barber, 202 W Northern av
Forrester H E, dentist, 601 Thatcher bldg
Forshey Owen B, barber, 225 N Main
Fortwangle A, garage, 621 S Union av
Foster-Cushman Lumber Co, 75 Block H
Fountain Iron & Brass Foundry (W C Stoker, Geo Gindel) 9th cor Bradford
Fountain Sand & Gravel Co, 410 E 8th
Fowler E S, billiards, 319 W Northern av
Francis C W, rug weaver, 718 E 4th
Frank & Thomas (D C Frank, Harry Thomas) shoemkrs, 805 N Main
Franklin Auto Sales Co, Hoyt E Wilcoxon prop, 115 W 6th
Franklin Press Co, B F Scribner pres, printers, 112 W 3d
Frazier Althia, dressmkr, 408 1/2 N Main
FRAZIER R T SADDLERY, wholesale and retail saddles and harness, 115-117 W 2d,
    tel 910 J
Freed Chas E, ins, 321 Thatcher bldg
Freeman Vera C, notary, 33 Masonic bldg
French H J, dentist, 614 Thatcher bldg
French Jno S, phys, 5 Franklin bldg
French Pastry Baking Co (Jno Weber, Sam Polakaris) 512 W Northern av
Frey's Pharmacy, Karl M Frey mgr, 701 E 4th
Froney Pete, soft drinks, 218 E River
Futrell A, rest, 110 S Union av
Gaines J M, phys
Galligan M J, lawyer, 331 Central blk
GALLUP S C SADDLERY CO THE F H Wimmer pres, G B Kretschmer 1st vice-pres,
    Jas A Wimmer 2d vice-pres, R H Wimmer sec & treas, mfrs harness and
    saddlery, 111 W 4th
Gamble & Co, groc, 619 Main
Garcia Cres, barber, 209 W Northern av
Garden Dancing Academy, Opera House blk
Garino Bros, billiards, 301 W Northern av
Gamier H H, barber, 1240 E Evans av
Garrett D N, agt A T & S F & C & S Rys, 401 N Union av
Garrett Motor Co, D T Garrett pres & mgr, 7th cor Court
Gast Robt S, lawyer, 701 Thatcher bldg
Gates-Ewing Cattle Co, 337 Central blk
Gaymon Be Witt P, civil eng, 1639 E 9th
George Frank Mrs, cigars, confecty, 123 West B
Gibbons & McGrew ins, 10 Amherst bldg
Gibson G R, garage, 1329 E Evans av
Gile Jac M, architect, 35 Masonic bldg
Gilman-Salyer Motor Co, Geo C Gilman mgr, 210 W 7th
Ginther & Hamilton, barbers, 341 Thatcher bldg
Gioga Tony, blksmith, 1307 E Abriendo av
Gladstone Rooms, Pauline Yonko prop, 402 1/2 W Northern av
Glavich Matthew, barber, 321 E Northern av
GLOBE FIRE INSURANCE & INVESTMENT CO, S J Burris pres, Geo H Sweeney sec-treas &
    mgr, real estate, insurance, investments, 223-224-225 Thatcher bldg
Globe Stores Co, Herman Berliner mgr, clothing, 412 N Main
Glover Drug Co (E R Glover), 201 S Union av
Goe Chas, produce, groc, 716 E 4th
Golden Rule Refining Co, U Kemp rep, 645 N Santa Fe av
Golden Rule Store Co, S Friedman mgr, clothing, 301 S Union av
Goldman Saml, dentist, 7 Amherst bldg
Goldsmith Saml H, groc, feed, 625 E 4th
Goodbar B L, barber, 106 W 4th
Goodbar & Sparr, sheet metal wks, 110 W 5th
GOTTULA TRUCKING & TEAMING (John J & Ernest J Gottula) 409 W 3d
Grady J A, acting chief police
Graham Commission Co, Wm Milne prop, 209 S Main
Graham F P, auto reprs, 111 Bdway
Grahek Frank, confecty, 1144 S Santa Fe av
Grand Avenue Service Station, E L Lynch prop, 101 N Grand av
Grand Union Tea Co, A O Rector mgr, 112 W 4th
Granitoid Construction Co, Jos F Sprengle sec, E 9th cor Water
Grant B A, sheet metal wks, 505 W Northern av
Graphic Arts Press, Alb E Schroeder mgr, printers, stationers. 117 E 4th
Gray A W, lawyer, 408 1/2 N Main
Gray Geo E, phys, 121 Central blk
Gray G E, plumber, 1505 E Evans av
Gray Jno, barber, 122 W 2d
GRAY P A, genl see and commissioner of transportation Pueblo Commerce Club,
    4th floor Central blk
Gray W I, real est, 119 Central blk
Graybeal & Cline, fuel, feed, Northern av cor Elm
GRAYSON OUTFITTING CO, B E David mgr, ladies ready to wear apparel, 517 N Main
Great Western Accident Insurance Co, E N Hill city mgr, 101 Central blk
Great Western Coffee & Tea Co, V A Terpenning prop, 610 S Union av
Great Western Detective Assn, A W Gray supt, 408 1/2 N Main
Great Western Ry Co, M D Thatcher treas, First Natl Bank bldg
Great Western Sugar Co, M D Thatcher treas, First Natl Bank bldg
Greenbaum M Mrs, groc, 726 E 4th
Greenberg Ida, groc, 628 E 1st
Greenberg Max, clothing, 212 N Union av
GREENHOOD A J, carpenter and builder, job work a specialty, 102 W 5th,
    res tel 2967 J
Greenwood B, clothing, 205 S Union
Greinetz David, clothing, 321 W Northern av
Griesemer Adam, oil operator, 205 N Main
Grigsby Joseph D & Co, invt bonds, Thatcher bldg
Groff Jean Mrs, music tchr, Metropolitan blk
Grove Pharmacy, 440 S Santa Fe av
Gugliuzza Lucy, rest, 121 West B
Gulliford Academy, Clare Gulliford prin, 530 Lake av
Gunnels H J, groc, confecty, 704 N Grand av
Gunter N C, dentist, 614 Thatcher bldg
Guzzo Fred, billiards, soft drinks 116 W 1st
Hacht Dave, shoemkr, 304 N Union av
Haimsohn Morris, clothing, 215 S Union av
Haines W H, office & typewriter supplies, 418 N Main
Halbert L M, radiator repr, 305 N Grand av
Halcomb Ambrose L, phys, 6 Erickson bldg
Halcomb Edith, osteopath, 1127 E Evans av
Hall Brokerage Co (Wm C Hall) 406 Thatcher bldg
Hamada & Hayashi, billiards, 310 W Northern av
Hamerslough Co, W F Frierich sec, ladies wearing apparel, 414 N Main
Hamill David Y, contr, 809 Beulah av
Hamlin R G, cigars, billiards, 127 W 4th
Hammond Fred, cigars, billiards, 317 S Union av
Hampton David, chiropractor, 23 Masonic bldg
Hanlin Supply Company, G S Miller local mgr, genl mdse, 164 Hobson av
Hannah R W, commercial artist with Schultz Engraving Go, 515 N Santa Fe av
Hardin W A Mrs, hair dresser, 37 Masonic bldg
Hardin & Nelson, tires, 223 W 3d
Harding Bernard S, jeweler, 408 Northern av
Harley-Davidson Motorcycles, Sasso Bros agents, 520 N Santa Fe av
Harris David W, rest, 117 & 123 W 4th
Harris H P, clean & press, 115 W 5th
Hart Realty Co, Wm Hart mgr, 110 Central blk
Hartman & Ballreich (W L Hartman, C A Ballreich) lawyers, 501 Thatcher bldg
Harvath Jno, meats, 1305 Routt
Harvey J G, real est, 309 Thatcher bldg
Haswell L M Mrs, ladies wear, 105 W 14th
Hatch S R, carp, 120 E 4th
Hatcher J, barber, 413 N Santa Fe av
Hatchett Cattle Co, A S Booth sec, Thatcher bldg
Hauth C A, barber, Congress Hotel
Haver Edwin B, real est, 119 Central blk
Haverstock W T, asst postmaster
Hayse Jas C, barber, 210 W 4th
Heard & Simmeth (Fred Heard, J G Simmeth) blksmiths, 312 W 4th
Hedlund Andrew, shoemkr, 717 Boxelder
Heigert A C, cigars, 118 N Main
Heller Fred M, phys, 650 Thatcher bldg
Hellstern & Reed, barbers, 309 S Union av
Henkel-Duke Merc Co, whol groc, 212 W 3d
Henkel L S, groc, 2328 Grand av
Hennebold A B Motor Co, 227 W 6th
Henninger J A, rubber tires & reprs, 521 Court
Henry Lyman I, lawyer, 2029 Grand av
Hensley H H, groc, 110 W Abriendo av
Herman Mercantile Co, A Alfred Herman vice-pres & mgr, 219 W Northern av
Hermsmeyer Chas, groc, 814 Elizabeth
Herrington J L, barber, 324 N Santa Fe av
Hicks J M, groc, meats, 159 Central Main
Hidaka K, groc, 1415 1/2 E Abriendo
Hilbert Ambulance Co, Geo D Hilbert prop, 229 S Main
Hill Edw, ins, Central blk
Hillabold A B, optometrist, 308 N Main
Hilton A A, public acct, 739 Thatcher bldg
Hilton W T, special rep Equitable Life Assurance Society, 441 Thatcher bldg
Hinsdale Hand Laundry, Mrs A Lindgren mgr, 810 W 14th
Hirsch R H, groc, meats, 326 N Santa Fe av
Hoag D E, phys. 117 W Pitkin
HOAG FRANK S, genl mgr Pueblo Star-Journal, Grand av cor Union av
Hoffman & Rees, real est, ins, 411 W Northern av
Hoffmire Thos R, lawyer, 217 Thatcher bldg
Hogan Anna Miss, groc, 1425 E Evans
Holcomb Frank C Realty Co (F C Holcomb, Dorothy Palmer) 220 Central blk
Holden J E, transfer, 322 Grand av
Holloran Investment Co, Frank Holloran mgr, 104 W 3d
Holly W J. auto painting, 316 W 4th
Holmboe W H, real est, 501 Court
Holmes Hardware Co (Alva & Geo Holmes) 402 S Union av
Holt E C, lawyer, 209 Central blk
Honeyman Jewelry Co, 416 N Main
Hopkins Guy H, phys, Pueblo Clinic, 7th cor Main
Horlbog O C, tailor, 1143 E Evans av
Horn Drug Co, C F Horn pres, 4th cor Santa Fe av
Horowitz Morris M, drugs, 201 N Union
Horowitz P B, dry gds, 424 W Northern av
Hostetter & Pierce (Geo Hostetter & W F Pierce) billiards, cigars,
    318 W Northern av
HOTEL CONGRESS, The Philbin Management, Santa Fe av 7th to 8th
Hotel Davenport, 2137 E Evans av
Hotel DeRemer, Mrs A Sabine prop. 7th cor Main
Hotel Hadlock, N D Prairie prop, 322 1/2 S Union av
HOTEL MAINE. Mrs J R Wilkes prop, Don Wilkes mgr, 710 N Main
Hotel New Albany, Adelia Brady prop. 518 1/2 N Main
Hotel Royal, E E Friend prop, 315 S Victoria av
Hotel Sherley, Mrs Harry Wells prop, 512 N Main
HOTEL VAIL, Charley Adams prop, H C Morehouse asst mgr
Hotel Wells, Tuthill & Burson props, 211 N Union
Hotel West, F J Hoover prop, 108 1/2 W 3d
Hotzel F G & Geo, chiropractors, 720 N Main
Houghton M B, freight claim adjuster D & R G W R R, 135 Central blk
Howard L Mrs, short hand tchr 12 Pope blk
Howard & Austin (E A Howard, F Austin) rest, 312 N Union av
Howe Drug Co, Northern cor Evans
Hub Shoe Store Co, J W Foley mgr, 407 N Union av
Hudspeth-MacIndoe (Mrs Jno Hudspeth, Jno MacIndoe) plumbers, 122 N Santa Fe av
Hughes Anna Mrs, rooms, 419 1/2 N Santa Fe av
HUGHES CHARLES B (Hughes, Langdon & Barbrick) lawyer district attorney,
    212 Thatcher
HUGHES, LANGDON & BARBRICK (Charles B Hughes, L E Langdon, John T Barbrick)
    lawyers, 212 Thatcher bldg
Hughes Peter, contr, 1401 Wabash av
Hughes Peter & J F, garage, 186 Central Main
Hupp Amon A, horseshoer, 106 S Grand av
Hurd C R Brokerage Co, W C Hall mgr, 406 Thatcher bldg
Hurst Jessie, dressmkr, 23 Franklin blk
Hustlers Realty Co, D M Kemp mgr, 116 N Main
Hutchinson Wm, phys, 1040 Berkeley av
Huyser Bros, hdw, furn, 309 W Northern av
Hydro-Stone Products Co, 10th cor Water
Ideal Metal Weather Strip Co, C O Nelson rep
Illinois Automobile Insurance Exchange, C R Liljestrom district mgr, 308
    Thatcher Block
Il Vindice (w) M Jachetta ed & genl mgr, 307 N Santa Fe av
Imblum J N Mrs; rest, 604 W 4th
Improved Power & Machinery Co, Thos Cureton genl mgr, G A Gerali sec,
    309 S Victoria av
Independent Service Station, 724 Main
Indicator (w), Patrick Byrnes ed & pub, 312 W Northern av
Inland Real Estate Co, A S Booth sec, Thatcher bldg
Inter-City Automobile Lines (Inc), 120 W 2d
International Agency, H Chiariglione & Co, 109 West B
Iron City Fuel Co, Gordon Scott mgr, 170 S Santa Fe av
Iron City Lumber Co, T N Young pres, Schley cor Logan av
Iron City Machine Works (Carl J Holmgren, Oscar Borg) C cor S Main
Iron City Warehouse Go, T N Young mgr, 2d cor Greenwood
Ives & Limbaugh (A F Ives, J W Limbaugh) drugs, 335 S Union av
Ivory Hand Laundry (Mrs A Lindgren) 523 W 7th
J P Clothing Co (Jos Pritekel) 414 W Northern av
J & B GARAGE (F H Johnson, R S Castle) auto supplies, repairs, tires,
    vulcanizing, battery service, 310 W 3d
Jachetta M, steamship agcy, 307 N Santa Fe av
Jachetta & Nigro, P Albo mgr, coal, groc, 307 N Santa Fe av
Jackson Anna A Mrs, W E Brewer mgr, hdw, agric implts, 3d cor Grand av
Jackson John M, comsnr finance and supplies, health, public grounds and
Jagger J A Produce Co, 331 West D
Jaharis P A, rest, 114 W 4th
Jarratt C Mrs, boarding house. 515 W 4th
Jasper C M, genl mdse, Blende
Jeter E E, invts, 113 Central blk
Jewel Co Inc, Ray W Jewel mgr, 107 W 7th
Jewel Oil Co, Ray W Jewel mgr, 7th cor Santa Fe av
Jewelers Oil Syndicate, L C Honeyman trustee, 515 1/2 N Main
Jockovich Pashko, soft drinks, 105 1/2 S Union av
John Peter, rest, 304 1/2 W Northern av
Johnke Nichl, shoe shining parlor, 119 W 4th
Johnson Allen, rest, 314 W 4th
James F Johnson prop, auto tops, seat covers and trimming 712 Court
JOHNSON BROS MOTOR CO (O N & Ebert Johnson) motorcycles, bicycles, accessories,
    repairs, 108 W 3d
Johnson C H Gottfred, notary, 429 Thatcher bldg
JOHNSON F H (J & B Garage) 310 W3d
Johnson Thos W, groc, produce, 900 Block W
Johnson & Castle (F H Johnson, R S Castle) garage, 310 W 3d
Johnston F A, radiator reprs, 512 N Santa Fe av
Johnston W S, phys, 127 Central blk
Jolly & Frazier, groc, meats, 725 N Grand av
Jones D W, coal, Division cor Evans av
Jones Drug Co, Walter A Jones prop, 509 N Main
Jones Hayden R, confecty, cigars, soft drinks, 705 N Main
Jones Jno J, optometrist, 309 Central blk
Jones L R Mfg Co, machine wk, 202 E 8th
Jones Roy D, real est, 410 Central blk
Jordan Danl, soft drinks, 120 W 1st
Kahn David S, pawnbroker, 217 S Union av
Kansas-Colorado Oil, Gas & Mineral Co, LeRoy Davis sec, 2 Amherst bldg
Kapelke A T, optometrist, 208 W 4th
Kay P G, wall paper, paints, 524 N Santa Fe av
Keating M P, prop Pueblo Typewriter Exchange & Rubber Stamp Works,
    422 Santa Fe av
Keck Anna Mrs, dressmkr, 217 W 8th
KEEN WILL D, realtor, farm lands, investments, loans, insurance, notary public,
    305 Thatcher bldg
Keir H H, groc, 311 S Union av
Keisters Ladies Tailoring College Wagner & Jones mgrs, 41 Masonic bldg
Keller L A, blksmith, 146 Central Main
KELLOGG J D, supt Crews-Beggs Dry Goods Co, 4th cor Main
Kelly Leo P, lawyer, 744 Thatcher bldg
Kelly Thos & Co (Thos Kelly, Edw M Kelly) real est, ins, 105 East C
Kelly & Waller, vet surg, 204 S Main
Kemp-Woods Shoe Co, 406 N Main
Kennerley Jas, drugs, Mesa Junction
Kenwood Hotel, Mrs D H Cordier prop, 221 W 3d
Kidwell W R, phys, 11 Erickson bldg
Killough H B, phys, 306 Thatcher bldg
Kincher O F, meats, 122 S Union av
King Fruit Co, Jno Hanley pres, 228 W 3d
King Wm Welding & Radiator Co 228 N Santa Fe av
King W S, confecty, 409 W Northern av
Kinkel Otto B, real est, 113 Pope blk
Kirgan A B, ins, 221 Thatcher bldg
Kirkpatrick W M, city passgr agt, D & R G W R R & Western Pacific R R,
    139 Central blk
Kiwanis Club, H B Cadwell, sec, 107 W 4th
Kizlin A, groc, 809 E Abriendo av
KLEIN F (Big 4 Auto Parts & Rubber House) 110-118 N Santa Fe av
Klein Isadore, jeweler, 216 N Main
Kletzky David, optometrist, 312 Thatcher bldg
Knapp L J, rest, 111 West C
Knebel Auto Go, Geo M Knebel pres, 112 W 2d
Knebel Auto Electric Service Co, Geo M Knebel pres, 114 W 2d
Knebel Sporting Goods Co, Geo M Knebel pres, 223 Main
Knight-Campbell Music Co, H E Mitchell mgr, 420 N Main
KNIGHT R C, mgr Pueblo Builders Lumber & Supply Co, office 310 S Main, yard
    B cor Mechanic
Knights of Pythias, Pueblo Lodge No 52, Amherst bldg
Knuppenburg & Foster, meats, 606 N Main
Kochiovelos A, groc, 220 W Northern av
Koen W D, real est, 120 Central blk
Kokonas Geo, barber, 305 W Northern av
Koller Jos, groc, 901 East C
Koperlik Benj F, lawyer, 324 Central blk
Koustas & Liascos, groc, meats, 1310 E Abriendo av
Krembzow R, real estate, farm lands a specialty, 21 Franklin bldg
Kress S H & Co, E E Pettingill mgr, 5-10-25 cent store, 209 N Main
Kretschmer Charles & Son, blksmiths, 102 S Greenwood
Kridelbaugh & Greene (L M Kridelbaugh, O H Greene) barbers 103 W Abriendo av
KRILLE-NICHOLS WOOL & HIDE CO, M J Bell sec & treas, hides, wool, pelts, furs,
    tallow 117-119 E River
Kunkle J R Mrs, music tchr, Metropolitan blk
Kushner H Fur Go, 314 N Santa Fe av
Kutrules Gust, billiards, soft drinks, 420 W Northern av
Kyle Electric Co, Robt Kyle pres, 226 N Union av
Lambie C S Co, Piatt Rogers Jr mgr, genl contrs, Thatcher bldg
Lammo Anton, groc, meats, 326 E Mesa av
Lamode Tailoring Co, Fernando Rosales prop, 304 N Union av
Lamond Geo, groc, 1142 W 13th
Lancendorfer J P, groc, 1500 Spruce
Landon Hotel, Paul E Overmyer prop, 302 W 6th
Landry V L, barber, 1330 E Evans av
Langdon J J & Co, real est, 412 Thatcher bldg
LANGDON L E (Hughes, Langdon & Barbrick) lawyer, asst district attorney,
    212 Thatcher bldg
Larson A, blksmith, 311 Mesa av
Larson Axel, groc, 2113 E Evans av
LaSalle Hotel, Wm O'Grady mgr, opp Union Depot
Lassen Fritz, phys, Pueblo Clinic 7th cor Main
Law Library, 306 Federal bldg
Leach Realty Co, 122 Pope blk
Leddy Harry, lawyer, 217 Thatcher bldg
Lee Albert, meats, groc, 106 W Abriendo av
Lee Charles W, whol crackers & candy, 110 W 6th
Lee T H, phys, 1304 E Evans av
Lee's Grocery & Market, 714 Arroya
Legge J F, groc, 37 Block U
Leischke Edmund, rest, 109 N Santa Fe av
Leiser H, sign painter, 200 1/2 W 3d
Lemley Geo, barber, 623 E 4th
Lenehan Bros, rest, 416 W Northern av
Leonge Chas, rest, 215 W Northern av
Le Roux Mabel, barber, 1229 1/2 E Evans
Leuthold John, printer, 718 N Santa Fe av
Liapes Jas, groc, 212 W Northern av
Liberto Anna, dry gds, jewelry, 319 S Union av
Liberty Electric Co, 322 N Santa Fe av
Liberty Shoe Repair Co (Cyrus Sheffield & Son) 210 W 5th
Ligarett & Williams, groc, 1401 E 8th
Liliestrom C R, ins, 406 Thatcher bldg
Linsley-Hopkins Optical Shop (F A Linsley, J W Hopkins) 200 W 3d
Lions Club, D N Wells sec, 633 Jackson
LITHIA WATER BOTTLING CO Joseph M Egan prop & mgr, soda fountain supplies,
    bottlers of soda waters, 120 E 8th
Litz Geo C, autos, Northern cor Routt
Lloyd Thos P, cigar mfr, 223 E 4th
Loewenthal Bros, elec contrs, 616 N Main
London Woolen Mills, Beasley & De Marco mgrs, tailors, 214 N Main
Long Burton R, plumber, 608 S Union av
Lorenz Geo, groc, 611 N Grand
Long Jno D, drugs, 685 S Union
Loretto Academy, Sisters of Loretto in charge, 10th cor Elizabeth
Lott Arthur, blksmith, 215 S Main
Lovsin Louis, tailor, 1238 E Evans av
LOW E N TIRE CO, F S Freeman sec, J H H Low Jr solicitor and salesman, Fisk Red
    Tops, Dayton Cords, Michelin Tubes, complete vulcanizing plant, 208 W 6th
Low Harold T, phys, 650 Thatcher bldg
Low Jno H, lawyer, 712 Thatcher bldg
Loyd A E, groc, 1939 Lake av
Lucas Wilbur, phys, 409 W 18th
L'Unione (w), Union Pub Co pubs 109 West B
Luqueer Fred A, phys, Pueblo Clinic 7th cor Main
McAlister Saml, constable, Court House
McCABE EDWARD, asst cshr Pueblo Savings & Trust Co, Main cor 3d
McCabe Millinery Go, 422 N Main
McCLARY TENT & AWNING CO. W F McClary prop, 109-111 S Grand av
McCarthy-Brown Undertaking Co (Geo F McCarthy, J T Brown) 210 W 8th
McCarthy T G & Co, undertkrs, 112 N Main
McClanahan Anna Mrs, coal, grain, 1323 E Abriendo av
McClellan Neil & Jno, auto accessories, 657 S Union av
    J F Sprengle mgr, whol hay, grain, flour and feed, real estate,
    230-232 S Mechanic
McClelland Orphanage Assn, Lake cor Abriendo av
McClelland Public Library, Mary L Strang librarian, Abriendo av cor Union
McCorkle & McCorkle, lawyers, 714 Thatcher bldg
McCormick Mary A, dressmkr, 510 Santa Fe av
McCoy Chas, barber, billiards, 210 W Northern av
McDonnell J J, phys, 6 Strait blk
McElhaney L B, barber, 224 S Union av
McGonigle J I, phys, Erickson bldg
McGovern Coal Co, Andy McGovern pres, Plum cor C
McHogan F H, groc, 614 E 8th
McKenzie R E, dentist, 426 Thatcher bldg

McLAGAN GEORGE, treas Pueblo Title Guaranty Co, 229-231 Thatcher bldg
McLucas A E, auto reprs, 501 N Santa Fe av
McMURRAY D M, florist, 105 E Abriendo av
McNeal Gordon, barber, 1310 E Evans av
McPherson S G, groc, meats, 101 E Abriendo av
McRay Mfg & Sales Co, Jno McRay pres & mgr, S R Durham sec & treas,
    726 Thatcher bldg
MacDonald M C, rubber tires, & reprs, 103 West C
MacIntyre-Fishback Mfg Co, R Y MacIntyre sec-treas, overalls, 217 W 3d
Macklem Baking Co, Louis F Peter mgr, whol bakers, 501 W 5th
Mack's Cash Grocery, 1326 1/2 E Evans
Macy N Dainwood Mrs, chiropodist, 314 Central blk
MADDEN JAS A, real estate, investments, Amherst bldg
Maddock Wm L, groc, 1141 Cedar
Maddux W S, phys, 415 Central blk
Maggard J A, phys, 107 W 4th
Magill J K P, groc, 107 W Abriendo av
Majestic Hotel, 712 S Union av
Majestic Theatre, Chas H Ernest mgr, 118 W 4th
Makovsky J, furn, 204 S Union av
Mallaby-Campbell Invt Co, J E Campbell mgr, real est, 130 Central blk
MALONEY JOHN A, The Tailor, pressing, steam cleaning, 310 S Union av
Manabe T, photog, 200 1/2 W 3d
Mandel Carl, shoemkr, 675 S Union
Manners Edw G, shoemkr, 623 1/2 E 4th
Manzanares A T, notary, 135 Central blk
Mapes Chas, sheet metal work, 123 N Santa Fe av
Marble Bros, contr, bldr, 509 Mesa av
Marich Bude, dry gds, 1708 E Abriendo av
Mark Coal Co, C Z Mark mgr, 216 W 4th
Marmaduke C V, phys, 1407 Lake
Marshall Harry J P, barber, 303 W Northern av
Marshall Verne R, shoemkr, Northern cor Evans
Marsica Nuova (w), Union Pub Co pubs, 109 West B
MARTIN JOHN A, lawyer, 209 Central blk, tel 210
Martin R Cecil, barber, 102 N Santa Fe av
Martinez Jas, groc, Fulton Hts
Martino Frank, groc, 201 River
Marvin Arthur D, monuments, 117 W 5th
Marvin Lester B, phys, 8 Franklin blk
Masciotro Agostino, groc, 1213 Elm
Mason A F, billiards, soft drinks, 311 N Union av
Mason C B, sec hd gds, 503 W Northern av
Masonic Protective Assn, F E Fields state agt, E L White special agt,
    112 Central blk
Mathews & Allen, lunches, cigars, 125 W 4th
Matteson Eliz & Inez B Richardson, millinery, 110 W 4th
Mattson V G, groc, 715 W 13th
Mauzey Wm A, groc, 1213 E Evans av
Mawhorter J K Radiator Repair Co, 209 N Santa Fe av
May & Cappozola, meat mkt, 721 N Main
Mayer P Leather Co, E A Jones pres, 309 W 3rd
Maynard C W. phys, Pueblo Clinic, 7th cor Main
Medill & Massey Shoe & Clothing Co (D L Medill. E S Massey) 218 N Main
Medovich Michl, groc, 1808 E Abriendo av
MENTER CO THE (Inc), Jas P Martin mgr, clothing for men, women and children,
    525 N Main
Mercado Marcial, rest, 304 W Northern av
MERCANTILE AGENCY THE, R G Dun & Co, S B Bontems mgr, 118 Pope blk
Mercantile Printing Co (H E Gibson, A S Porter) 108 W 2d
Mercantile Service Corporation, Clifton N Power pres and mgr, 739 Thatcher bldg
Merl Hotel, 114 1/2 W 4th
Merlone M, confecty, 109 West C
Merz Jno A, contr, 529 Van Buren
MESA FEED STORE, I V Diffendaffer prop, hay, grain, fuel, feed, 7 Block S
Mesa Hotel, Mrs S Wurzel prop, 689 1/2 S Union av
Mesa Junction Cleaners & Dyers 112 W Abriendo av
MESTON GEORGE D, real estate, fire insurance, investments,  Pope blk
Methodist Episcopal Church (Bethel) Rev Ray S Dun pastor 1201 E 7th
Methodist Episcopal Church (First) Rev F H Zimmerman pastor, 315 W 12th
Methodist Episcopal Church (First South) Rev C W Hall pastor, 215 E Pitkin
Methodist Episcopal Church, (St Paul) Rev W E Bell pastor, 111 Routt av
Metropolitan Drug Co, A B Tipple mgr, 4th cor Main
Metropolitan Land Co, A W Gray mgr, Metropolitan blk
Metropolitan Life Insurance Co, Francis H Bressi district mgr, Thatcher bldg
Meyers C P Mrs, confecty, 1002 Beulah av
Meyers Jas W, groc, 511 W 7th
Middelkamp Agency Co, T W Middelkamp sec, real est, ins, inv, 5 Pope blk
Middelkamp Marion S, phys, Thatcher bldg
MIDLAND HOTEL, D C Neuman prop, Victoria cor N Union av
Midwest Clothing Co (L Rosenberg) 115 S Union av
Mihoover J R Realty Go, 107 Pope blk
Mikatich Nichl, groc, meats, 207 E Northern av
Milano J B, soft drinks, 110 East B
Miles S A, drugs, Pine cor Northern av
Miller C N, groc, meats, 1 Block V
Miller F D, wall paper, paints, 717 E 8th
Miller Jno W, groc, 1335 E Evans av
Miller M E, used cars, 205 N Santa Fe av
Miller & Czarlinsky (R L Miller, L E Czarlinsky) clothing, 317 N Union av
Mineral Palace, 19th cor N Santa Fe av
Minnequa Bank, M D Thatcher pres, R C Thatcher vice-pres, H E Wheeler vice-pres-
    cshr, Geo H Hubbard asst cshr, Northern av cor Evans
Minnequa Hospital, R W Corwin chief surg, Minnequa cor Lake
Minnequa Merc Co, clothing, 2044 E Evans av
Minnequa Town Co, Geo Herrington mgr, Bay State av cor Evans
Misenhimer M E, groc, 313 W 12th
MISSION MONUMENT WORKS, Thomas Stanton prop, 605 S Union av
Mission Print Shop, 1500 E Evans av
Missouri Furniture Co, J L Gregory prop, 221 N Santa Fe av
Missouri Pacific R R Co, H H Coombs local frt agt
Missouri State Life Insurance Co, Jno Q Adams district mgr, 508 Thatcher bldg
Mitchell E G, notions, 1445 E 8th
Mitchell Jno H, lawyer, 320 Central blk
Mitchell Wm T, contr, 1211 E Orman av
Moch Saml, Harry Johnson mgr, ladies wearing apparel, 524 N Main
Model Dairy Co, Louis Nelson sec-treas, 201 S Main
Modern Plumbing & Heating Co. A H Buckley mgr, 503 Court
Modern Woodmen of America, Fred K Beard clk, 7 Pope blk
Mohor J W, barber, 205 W 2d
Molthan Julius J, groc, 2031 4th
Monahan Augustus J, phys, 518 Thatcher bldg
Monroe Nellie, dressmkr, 205 Thatcher bldg
Monroney Roy & Co, barbers, 623 1/2 N Main
Moore Bros (Chas & Robt) fuel, feed, 1240 Routt av
Moore Jno D, dentist, 304 1/2 N Main
Moore Jno H, contr, 609 N Grand av
Moore Jno H Supply Co, bldrs supplies, 609 N Grand av
Moore M S, ladies wearing apparel, 206 1/2 N Main
Moore Mary Mrs, groc, 1407 E 7th
Moore & Hatcher, barbers, 321 N Union av
MOREHOUSE H C, asst mgr Hotel Vail
Morimoto M, billiards, cigars, 228 S Union av
Morris Clarence, groc, 1712 Hooper av
Morris Robt, lawyer, 325 Thatcher bldg
Morrisey Carriage Co, Geo Morrisey prop, 230 S Main
MORTENSON F E, prop Dundee Pharmacy, drugs and druggists sundries,
    24th cor Grand av
Morton Loretto, public stenog, 732 Thatcher bldg
Motor Accessory & Tire Co, A V Fagerstrom pres & mgr, 217 W 3d
Motor Sales Co, Prather & Young props, 815 N Main
Mount W E, jeweler, 101 W 4th
MOUNTAIN ICE & COAL CO, R J Belcher pres & mgr, L L Belcher asst mgr,
    artificial ice and cold storage, 511 Elizabeth
Mtn States Inspection Bureau, R G Harris dist insp, 411 Thatcher bldg
Mtn States T & T Co, C T Hopkins mgr, 112 West D
Mourning C C, sec hd gds, 320 N Union
Muir C W, groc, notions, 707 S Union av
Mulay Jno, billiards, 224 S Union av
Muller & MacDow, sheet metal wks, 110 East C
Mullet Fred L, cigar mfr, 604 S Union av
Munger Fish Co, C H Philips mgr 305 N Santa Fe av
Muramoto Frank D, photog, 1142 E Evans
Murphey P H, watchmkr, 220 N Union av
Murphy Gertrude E Mrs, prop American Cafeteria, 508 N Main
Murphy Jno, lawyer, 319 Central blk
Murphy Thos F, groc. 28 Block M
Muse & Washington (B J Muse, H L Washington) blksmiths, 127 S Main av
Mutual Life Ins Co, H B Cadwell dist mgr, Franklin blk
Mutual Oil & Development Co, Jno H Olmes sec, 205 N Main
Muzzio Jno, groc, 944 Box Elder
Muzzio & Hutchinson (Mrs Anna Muzzio, Joe Hutchinson) rest, 222 N Union av
Myers Geo M, phys, Pueblo Clinic, 7th cor Main
Myers Jac, shoemkr, 122 1/2 S Union av
Naley Clyde M, dentist, 4 Franklin bldg
Nangle Mary Ryan, ins, notary, 404 Thatcher bldg
NAN KING CAFE, Harry Yow mgr 415 N Santa Fe av
Nardini Dante, groc, 419 Summit av
Nash Edgar O, phys, 115 E 5th
Nasiacos Jas, bakery, 1031 Box Elder
Nasiacos & Co, groc, 200 Arroya
National Broom Mfg Co, D Arbaugh mgr, 417 Spring
National Shale & Metals Co, Ed Rausch sec & treas, 19 Pope blk
Needham Wm C, chiropractor, 1 Franklin blk
Needles J W, phys, dentist, 611 Thatcher bldg
Neill J R, cigar mfr, 110 1/2 W 2d
Nelson Jno W, groc, 226 W 9th
NELSON N O MANUFACTURING CO, O F Fath local mgr, manufacturers and jobbers of
    plumbers, steam fitters, water works and mill supplies, 118 E River
Nelson J C, sheet metal works, 120 E 4th
Nelson Sam Furniture & Mercantile Co, Sam Nelson pres, 107 S Union av
NEUMAN D C, prop Midland Hotel, Victoria cor N Union av
New Union Hotel, Mrs L Bates prop, 228 N Union av
New York Furniture Co, R Katz prop, 212 S Union av
New York Life Insurance Co, G E Diamond agt, 413 Thatcher bldg
Newark Shoe Stores Co, C G Reynolds mgr, 224 N Main.
Newhouse H R, carp, 107 N Santa Fe av
Newlon Brokerage Co, W B Newlon mgr, 1211 N Main
Newlon E R, groc, 920 W 13th
NEWTON LUMBER CO, Whitney Newton pres, Wilbur Newton vice-pres, Geo E Newton sec
    & treas, L W Biele mgr, 4th cor Court
Nicholls T W, employment, 317 S Victoria av
Nichols A J, creamery, 525 Court
Nicoletti Frank A, phys, McCarthy blk
Nieto Hilario, shoemkr, 1322 E Evans av
Nikirk C G, city passenger agt, A T & S F Ry, 401 N Union av
Nitz Augusta, confecty, fruit, 115 West B
NORBERG L, shoemaker, 689 S Union av
Norman Ray, machine works, 624 N Main
North Dundee Land & Invt Co, A S Booth pres, Thatcher bldg
Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Co, J C Brooking district mgr,
    418 Thatcher bldg
NORTON E T, mgr Sunville Baking Go, 10th cor Santa Fe av
Novak Jno, filling station, Northern cor Spruce
Novelty Repair Go (H W Godwin) 107 W 2d
Nuckolls Packing Co, M C Crum sec, whol meats, S Santa Fe av & Arkansas River
Nussbaumer D & H, fruits, soft drinks, 210 1/2 S Union av
O'Brien Printing Co (J A O'Brien) 111 W 5th
Occhiato M Mercantile Co, whol soft drinks, cigars & confecty, 222 W Northern av
Odell Hotel, Clara B Cottrell prop 1151 W 4th
O'Grady Wm, billiards, cigars, B cor Victoria av
O'Hare Stella Mrs, groc, 1144 E Routt av
Okimoto Saml, billiards. 320 W Northern av
Olin Fred, city comsnr
Olin F E, groc, 503 W Abriendo av
Olmes Jno H, invts, 205 N Main
Olson A C Mrs, millinery, 1308 E Evans av
Olson Wm & Son, contrs, 107 East C
O'Neal Clyde, real est, ins, 104 W 3d
Opp's Barber Supply (Geo Opp, H M Shanstrom) 107 N Union av
Oppenheim M, mens furnishings, 226 N Main
Oppenheim O, clothing, 226 N Main
Order of Stags of the World, C J Bane dist director, 413 Central blk
Ortner R E, garage, 228 W 6th
Oto Kingoro, billiards, 305 W Northern av
Overdorf N T, rest, 417 N Union av
Pacific Mutual Life Ins Co, E A Predovich dist mgr, Y M C A
Pack Lock-Bolt Co, T H Murphy sec, 525 E 11th
Packard Sperry S, lawyer, 207 Thatcher bldg
Pagano Mateo, soft drinks, 100 W 1st
Page Harry, soft drinks, 118 W 2d
Paglione Toney, groc, 1220 Bohmen av
Palace Drug Co, Jno James prop, 4th cor Main
Palm Hotel, Dora Conner prop, 321 1/2 N Santa Fe av
Palm Theatre, Chas Ernest mgr, 106 W 4th
Palmer Roy S, cabinet mkr, 710 Court
Palms Theatre & Amusement Co Jos J Goodstein pres
Parino L, groc, 905 E Abriendo av
Parisi Ralph, soft drinks, 216 Richmond
Park Alex J, dentist, Erickson blk
Parker B J, real est, 227 Thatcher bldg
PARKS F E, 1st vice-Pres Pueblo Commerce Club
Parlapiano Saml, lawyer, 701 Thatcher bldg
Parr W D, novelty works, 211 E 4th
Parrish L J, groc, 601 W 11th
Patchen Coal Co, W L Patchen mgr, 24th cor Summit
Pate E T, real est, 220 Thatcher bldg
Patlogar Jos, tailor, 103 West B
Patlee Jas J, oculist, 511 Thatcher bldg
Patterson Chas L, civil eng, 439 Thatcher bldg
Patterson W O, phys, 113 Pope blk
Peach Wm, real est, civil eng, 207 N Main
PECK E J (The Wardrobe) cleaning, pressing, dyeing, 801 N Main
Peerless Baking Co, Henry T Meig& mgr, 206 W 8th
Peirce F J, phys, 650 Thatcher bldg
Pelsue Owen E, vet surg, 724 N Main
Pelta Milton L, ladies ready to wear, 120 W 3d
Peninsular Store Co, N A Eyer genl slsmn, 308 Thatcher bldg
Penter I T S, clothing, 217 N Union
Penter Morris A, cigars, 217 N Main
PENTER'S, A Penter prop, clothing, 230-232 N Union av
Peoples Coal Co (E E Hall) 1322 E Abriendo av
Peoples Golden West Hotel, S J McClure mgr, 104 Summit
Peoples Merc Co, David Roth mgr dry gds, clothing, Northern av cor Routt av
Pepper Creamery Co, R M Greene pres-mgr, Grand cor Victoria
PEPPER FURNITURE CO, A Pepper prop "A square deal to all" 311-313 N Santa Fe av,
    tel 897, res tel 2464 M
Pepper Jos, prop Red Cliff Furniture Co, 330 S Union av
Perricone Casper, groc, 120 S Santa Fe av
Perrine M, agt D & R G W R R System, Lamkin & West D
Perry Jas, transfer, 231 Victoria av
Peterson Harley R, dentist, 607 Thatcher bldg
Peterson Ida A, artist, 315 Central blk
Peterson W O, lawyer, 317 Thatcher bldg
Peterson & Branscomb, painters, contrs, 516 N Santa Fe av
Petris Louis, cigars, confecty, 107 West B
Petros Saml, billiards, soft drinks 217 E Northern av
Petta Jno, soft drinks, 118 S Union av
Pfannenschmid Fredk, groc, 1629 Beulah av
Phillips D Z Music Co, 521 N Main
Phillips F C & Co, tinners, 514 N Santa Fe av
PIERCE SEED & MERCANTILE CO, wholesale and retail seeds, poultry supplies and
    bee fixtures, Grand av cor Victoria av
Pierce W Mrs, millinery, dress-mkr, 1305 E Routt av
Piggly Wiggly Main Store, 315 N Santa Fe, W D Thomas local mgr, branch stores
    707 N Main, 1235 E Evans and 121 E Abriendo
Pike's Peak Cons Fuel Co, J H Gowdy mgr, 329 West D
Pingatore Angela, groc, 117 N Santa Fe av
Pipkin Geo P, phys, supt Minneque Hospital, 2328 Spruce
Pitcock C B, painter, contr, 525 Belmont
Pittman D A, contr, 1110 E 6th
POLAR ICE CREAM & SUPPLY CO, A R Bliesner mgr, mfrs and whol ice cream, ices,
    sherbets, jobbers of fountain supplies, 102 Grand av
Pollard H Invt Co, Horace Pollard pres, 302 Thatcher bldg
Pope O G, lawyer, 212 Central blk
Porrez Jesus, billiards, 324 S Union
Porter Bros, groc, 703 Jackson
Porter D P, supt water works, 319 W 4th
Porter Motor Co, Chas E Porter prop, 911 N Main
Porter Plumbing & Heating Co, 408 N Santa Fe av
Porter & Dubois (A H Porter, P Dubois) garage, 801 S Union av
Portland Hotel, 119 W 17th
Positive Lock Co (Edwin Crompton, Chas L Crooks) 614 W 4th
Postal Tel Co, W F Bibb mgr, 113 W 4th
Powell A, sec hand gds, 1227 Routt
Powell Fred A, ins, 11 Pope blk
Powell J C, rubber tires & reprs, 222 N Santa Fe av
Powell W W, groc, Northern cor Spruce
Power Foundry & Pattern Works 503 W 4th
Predovich Danl P, groc, 2042 E Evans av
Preferred Accident Inurance Co, J C Brooking genl agt, 418 Thatcher bldg
Prendergast-Russ Mercantile Co, whol soft drinks and cigars, S Main cor G
Presbyterian Church (First) Rev Hugh T Gary pastor, 2029 Grand av
Presbyterian Church (United) Rev W J Hawk pastor, 306 E Orman
Pressey Fruit Co, M F Saunders sec, 213 Court
Price Arms Co, L G Pederson prop, sptg gds, 406 Northern av
Price L B Mercantile Go, Thos F Hanaway mgr, installment specialties,
    308 Santa Fe av
Price W D, clean & press, 625 Court
Prijatelj Jno, billiards, 117 E Northern av
Pritekel Joseph, clothing, 414 Northern av
Pritz W S, pickles, 509 W 7th
Provident Life & Trust Co, O W Fell dist agt, 102 W 6th
Prudential Life Ins Co, J C Tapp supt, 31 Masonic bldg
Pruett Jos E, chiropractor, 239 Central blk
Pryor Frank Furniture Co, 127 N Main
Psitas Gus, barber, 413 W Northern av
Pueblo Alfalfa Milling Co, C A Trent pres, 437 Thatcher bldg
Pueblo Association of Credit Men 747 Thatcher bldg
Pueblo Auto Top Co, R G Carithers prop, 222 W 6th
PUEBLO AUTOMOBILE CO, J W Anderson mgr, 220-230 W 4th
Pueblo Baggage & Express Co, H L Hersperger mgr, 208 W 2d
Pueblo Bedding Co (J Makovsky) 202 N Santa Fe av
Pueblo Brass & Iron Foundry, Geo J Ortner prop, Victoria cor Greenwood
Pueblo Bridge & Construction Co Fred H Bullen pres & mgr, 410 E 8th
Pueblo Builders Assn, Central blk
PUEBLO BUILDERS LUMBER & SUPPLY CO, R G Knight mgr, office 310 S Main,
    Yard B cor Mechanic
Pueblo Business & Professional Womens Club, Florence E Crawford pres,
    426 Central blk
Pueblo Carriage Co (Jno Schulz) 300 W 4th
Pueblo Casket Co (Arthur Gregory) 1316 E Abriendo av
Pueblo Cemetery Assn, Aaron Sonneborn sec, 326 Thatcher bldg
PUEBLO CHIEFTAIN THE (d), owned and operated by The Chieftain Printing Co,
    G G Withers pres & bus mgr, Walter L Wilder sec & ed, 111-113 E 4th
PUEBLO CLAY PRODUCTS CO, W B Thomas pres, W N Thomas mgr, 406-408 Thatcher bldg,
    plant and quarries, Stone City, Colo
PUEBLO CLINIC (Dr W T H Baker, Dr H A Black, Dr Fritz Lassen, Dr J A Buchanan,
    Dr Guy H Hopkins, Dr Fred Luqueer, Dr C W Maynard, Dr George M Myers,
    Dr John L Schwer, Dr John G Wolf, Dr H S Rusk) 7th cor Main
PUEBLO COMMERCE CLUB, T J Burch pres, F E Parks 1st vice-pres, Ben Bergerman
    2d vice-pres, P A Gray genl sec & commissioner of transportation, T J Downen
    treas, R L Ellis traffic mgr, C B Carlile auditor, 4th floor Central blk
Pueblo County Democrat (w), Alien Printing Co pubs, 714 Court
Pueblo County Medical Society, Harold T Low sec, 650 Thatcher bldg
Pueblo Dainty Co, Jno H Willem prop, ice cream mfrs, 126 S Union av
Pueblo Electric Co, R J Moore mgr, elec contrs, 216 W 4th
PUEBLO FLORAL CO, George Bolt Jr mgr, whol and ret flower merchants, 523 N Main
Pueblo Flour Mills, R G Breckenridge mgr, 108 S Santa Fe av
Pueblo Gas & Fuel Co, J M Daily genl mgr, 122 W 5th
Pueblo Glass Co (J E Holderman, J C Black) painters, paper hangers, 106 W 6th
PUEBLO HARDWARE CO, J W Foushee mgr, 402 N Santa Fe av
Pueblo Ice Co, 707 W 17th
PUEBLO ICE CREAM CO, E B Darrow sec & mgr, 509 Elizabeth
Pueblo Iron & Wire Works, Henry Weyand prop, 314 S Main
Pueblo Jobbing Co, men's furnishings, 310 N Main
Pueblo Joint Car Inspection & Interchange Bureau, W D Isgrig chief joint
Pueblo Labor Temple Assn, W H Young sec & mgr, Richmond cor Union av
Pueblo Land & Irrigation Co, R R Potter mgr, real est, 304 Central blk
Pueblo Laundry, H W Sheldon mgr, D cor Victoria
Pueblo Loan Co (Mary & Abr Smidt) 219 S Union av
Pueblo Lumber Co, J A Rush mgr 416 W 2d
Pueblo Macaroni Factory, 833 Box Elder
PUEBLO MACHINE WORKS, J E McFeely prop, mfrs engines and machinery,
    302-310 E 8th
Pueblo Mfrs Assn, R L Ellis sec Commerce Club, 4th floor Central blk
Pueblo Marble & Granite Co, R Davie prop, 114 W 5th
Pueblo Masonic Bdilding Assn, Wm Peach sec, Masonic bldg
PUEBLO MERCANTILE & CREDIT ASSOCIATION, C O Stiles mgr & asst sec, collections,
    credit ratings, 339-341-342 Thatcher bldg
Pueblo News Co (T L Shaffer), 715 N Main
Pueblo Novelty Works, Knebel Sporting Goods Co props, 223 N Main
Pueblo Oil & Supply Co (Harry E Lynch) 101 N Grand av
Pueblo Oldsmobile Co, E J Beatty mgr, 214 W 7th
Pueblo Phonograph Co, O P Jones mgr, 520 N Main
Pueblo Produce Co (T Sarlo, S G Ferraro) 207 Central Main
Pueblo Real Estate Co, C O Marshall prop, 306 Central blk
Pueblo Real Estate Exchange, W D Keen pres, Thatcher bldg
Pueblo Realty & Development Co, C K McHarg vice-pres, 328 S Union av
Pueblo Rescue Mission, Robt Norman supt, 207 Victoria
Pueblo Retail Butchers & Grocers Assn, C O Stiles sec, 339 Thatcher bldg
Pueblo Retail Credit Men's Assn, 339 Thatcher bldg
Pueblo Rotary Club, S W Pressey sec and treas, 215 Court
Pueblo Sanitary Co (A L Allen) 301 W 3d
PUEBLO SAVINGS & TRUST CO, M D Thatcher vice-pres, W K Dudley cshr,
Edward McCabe asst cshr, W C Smart asst cshr, Main cor 3d
PUEBLO STAR-JOURNAL (d-evening and Sunday morning) Frank S Hoag genl mgr,
    Granl av cor Union av
Pueblo Steel Workers Union, 235 Labor Temple
Pueblo Store Co, E H Day sec-treas dept store, 115 W 3d
Pueblo Stove Exchange (V Morrow, E R Tucker) 314 S Union av
Pueblo Sunday Opinion, Jno W Lockin publr, 6th cor Santa Fe av
Pueblo Tanning & Mfg Co, 300 S Main
Pueblo Tent & Awning Co, F J Burch Mfg Co prop, 104 W 1st
PUEBLO TITLE GUARANTY CO, Walter A Saunders pres, Miles G Saunders vice-pres,
    J J Chappel sec & mgr, George McLagan treas, 229-231 Thatcher bldg, tel 227
Pueblo Transfer & Storage Go (J M Luqueer) 110 N Main
    accessories and supplies, 422 Santa Fe av
Pueblo Water Supply & Power Co A P Mowry local mgr, 209 E Adams
Pueblo Water Works, D P Porter supt, 319 W 4th
Pueblo Welding Works, A Corrin mgr, 512 N Santa Fe av
Pueblo Wet Wash (H G Carnahan) 206 S Main
PUEBLO WHOLESALE DRUG CO Wm Reinig mgr, 226 W 3d
Pueblo Wrecking & Fuel Co, Northern & D & R G W Tracks
Pugh Ralph J, tailor, 1212 E Evans av
Pulos Spirros, billiards, soft drinks, 306 S Union av
Puntar Johana, genl mdse, 1256 S Santa Fe av
PURITY BREAD CO, L S Bressler mgr, whol bakers and macaroni manufacturers,
    Lamkin cor D
Puterman L, cigars, billiards, 421 N Union av
Qualtiy Dry Cleaners, G H Barksdale prop, 610 E 4th
Quong J T, rest, 240 W 1st
Radovich Nichl J, barber, 219 E Northern
Ragle Gertrude, notary, 1241 E Evans av
RAGLE & CO (Logan Ragle) real estate, loans, insurance, 1241 E Evans av
Railway Savings & Building Assn T L Lewis sec-treas, Masonic bldg
Railroad Young Men's Christian Assn, Chas Kincaid genl sec, 101 N Union av
Rambo Ira D, real est, 33 Masonic bldg
Ramona Hotel, Mrs Ida Goodman prop, 311 1/2 N Santa Fe av
Rapalje Robt L, contr, 406 Thatcher bldg
Rashofsky Jac, clothing, 128 S Union av
Rashofsky & Berkovitz, notions, 308 W Northern av
Ratner's Apparel Shop, Mrs M Thiesen mgr, 203 N Main
Rausch A B, garage, 301 W 3d
Ray C F & Co, real est, 107 E Abriendo av
RAY ELLIOTT S, real estate, loans, insurance, 102 Central blk
Ray-McKinney Clothing Co, Robt L Walker mgr, 519 N Main
Reberger Addie G, bakery, 115 W Abriendo av
RED CLIFF FURNITURE CO, Jos Pepper prop, complete home furnishers,
    330 S Union av
Redkey Lida M Mrs, prop East Side Millinery Store, 117 E 4th
REES FALLIS F, district sales agt Dalton Adding Machine Co, 113 W 4th
Reese Chas A, civil eng
Reeve B D V, lawyer, justice peace, 219 Central blk
Reeves H C, clerk Hotel Vail
Reilley Mary J, confecty, 300 S Union av
Reinar Herman, jeweler, 215 N Union
Reiner Wm, clothing, 303 N Union av
Reiss Bros, drugs. 803 N Main
Reliable Loan Co (M Schvarcz, M Levy) pawnbrokers, 220 N Union av
Remington Typewriter Co (B H Hulbut. H W Holt) 103 W 6th
Renkel Geo W, butter, eggs, poultry) 107 N Grand av
Reno S F, ins, loans, 19 Franklin blk
Retail Coal Dealers Credit Bureau, 339 Thatcher bldg
Reynolds Geo E, contr, 1019 W 13th
Rialto Theatre, H S Gardner mgr, 609 N Main
Ribar Peter, shoemkr, 226 N Santa Fe av
Rich Wm F, phys, 539 Thatcher bldg
Richards Rooms, Mrs S Richards prop, 519 1/2 N Santa Fe av
Richardson J A, contr, bldr, 222 W 2d
Rickman Jno R, confecty, 907 N Main
Ridenour-Baker Mercantile Co, E A Raymond sec, whol groc, Lamkin cor D
Riggs Optical Co, mfg opticians, 14 Pope bldg
RIKE M, loan broker, jeweler, 305 N Union av
Ripley Wm J, contr, Central blk
Rising Sun Publishing Co, Almena Womack mgr, 1202 E Evans
Rising Sun Real Estate Loan & Insurance Co, A Womack mgr, 1202 E Evans
Riverside Printing Co, Pannebaker Bros props, 236 N Union
Rizer Edw F, civil eng, 413 Central blk
Robbe W B, welding, 710 Court
Robe Robt C, phys, 629 Thatcher bldg
Roberts A C, drugs, 2100 E Evans
Robertson Jno, real est, 106 W 3d
Robinson-Gardner Hardware Co, LA Horeish sec-treas, 103 W 4th
Rocky Mtn Bank Note Co, B F Scribner vice-pres, 114 W 3rd
Rocky Mountain Engineering Co, 108 Pope blk
Rocky Mountain Silver Fox Co, Amherst bldg
Roe Geo W, architect, 30 Masonic bldg
Roffman Geo, groc, 8th cor Center
Rogers Freeman C, sign painter, 517 N Santa Fe av
Rogers Sadie Miss, dressmkr, 22 Franklin blk
Rogers W C, barber, 116 W 1st
Rogers & Fleming (W M Rogers, Louis Fleming) soft drinks, 331 S Union av
Rogers & Pickard (Inc) bridge contrs, 344 Thatcher bldg
Rohn Mabel, rest, 421 N Santa Fe
Rood Candy Co, J A Rood sec-treas, 406 W 7th
Rose Frank, confecty, 602 W Northern av
Rose & Kelly (CM Rose, L P Kelly) lawyers, 744 Thatcher bldg
Roselawn Nursery, Aaron Sonneborn sec, 326 Thatcher bldg
Rosen Henry, dry gds, 117 S Union av
Rosenberg A, groc, delicatessen, 800 E 3d
Rosenblum A, clothing, 121 S Union av
Rosenthal Jac, shoemkr, 616 E 4th
Ross & Co, carps, 508 N Santa Fe
Roth H & Paul, clothing, 412 W Northern av
Rotolo Anthony, barber, 205 N Union av
Royal Cafe (Nick Collas & Tom Demas) 314 W Northern av
Rozich, Michl, clothing, 418 W Northern av
Ruben Nathan, clothing, 314 Union av
RULE L T, asst cshr First National Bank, 5th cor Main
Rushmer Jewelry Co, Esther M Rushmer mgr, 319 N Main
Rusk H S, phys, Pueblo Clinic 7th & Main
Russo Louis, groc, 420 W 4th
Ruzich Jno, groc, 1245 Bohmen
Ryan F H, electric equipment, 309 N Grand av
Ryan J H, rest, 119 West B
Ryan S W, tailor, 807 N Main
Sabatini Carl, tailor, clothing, 410 W Northern av
Sabo Joseph, soft drinks, 401 E Northern av
Sacred Heart Orphanage, Sprague
SAGE TRANSFER & STORAGE CO, N W Duke mgr, 100 S Victoria av
Sager & Lawrence, rest, 722 N Main
Salih Frank, rest, 307 S Union av
Salida Oil & Refining Co, H E Matthews sec, 334 Central blk
Salvation Army, Commandant Guy Chase in charge, Main cor 9th
Salvation Army Store, Edwin Clark mgr, 224 W 2d
Sam Woh, rest, 217 N Santa Fe
Sanadich Jno, billiards, 323 Victoria av
Sanchez A, groc, 1701 Schley
Sanchez & Elizondo, groc, 1703 Schley
Sandoval J G, billiards, 1248 Elm
Sandoval Manuel, rest, 200 W Northern av
San Isabel Cafeteria Co, Edyth C Webb prop, 616 1/2 N Main
SANTA FE TRAIL GARAGE, R G Bonker prop, auto accessories, repairs, storage,
    vulcanizing, cylinder grinding, oil, gas, 208-222 N Santa Fe av
Santos C D, billiards, 316 N Union
Sasso Bros, agents for Harley-Davidson Motorcycles, 520 N Santa Fe av
Satro & Lombardo, taxicab, 303 W Northern av
Sauerwald F B & Mrs, props Colonial Flower Shop, 518 N Main
Saunders M G, lawyer, 729 Thatcher bldg
SAUNDERS WALTER A, pres Pueblo Title Guaranty Co, 229-231 Thatcher bldg
Savant Antonio, groc, 423 W 4th
Sawyer Clothing Co, G G Sawyer prop, 222 N Main
Schaar Mary Eileen, dental hygienist, 103 Pope blk
Schade Pickle Works (Paul Schade) 1713 E 3d
Schmidt Harry, contr & bldr, Evans av cor Fairview
Schneider & Peach (Gus Schneider, W W Peach) novelty wks, 419 N Santa Fe av
Schnittler Aug, harness & saddles, 105 S Grand av
SCHULTZ ENGRAVING CO (Peter & Joseph Schultz) engravers, designers, commercial
    artists, R W Hannah artist, 515 N Santa Fe av
Schwartz Geo D, tires, 210 W 7th
Schwer Jno L, phys Pueblo Clinic 7th cor Main
Schwer M R & Co, M R Schwer genl mgr, bldg material, pumping plants, 114 W 7th
Schwinger's School of Music, Francis Schwinger director, 205 W 6th
Scott School of Music & Expression, M Florence Scott pres, 1024 N Main
Scott W M, phys, 7 Amherst bldg
SCRIBNER H F & CO (C P Muzzio) mfg jewelers, 210 N Main
Seeds J S, groc, 1545 Palmer av
Seidenberg J, groc, 200 S Union
Seiter Jno, baker, confecty, 221 N Main
Seits Geo L, state factory insp, Labor Temple
Semi & Ambroso (Chas Semi, Jos Ambroso) confecty, 415 N Union av
Senger Wm, phys, Minnequa Hospital
Sepesi Stephen, groc, 515 S Santa Fe av
Seversen Al, billiards, cigars, 323 N Union av
Seville Hotel, C I McCampbell prop, 111 W 7th
Sexton & Wall, groc, 1416 E 14th
Shaw & Baker (Wm F Shaw, Wm J Baker) dentists, Central blk
Sheldon Eli Insurance Agency, 10 Pope blk
Shepherd Melvin, garage, 506 Veta av
Sherman C F, auto reprs, 322 N Grand av
Sherman J F Merc Go, I E Meadows mgr, 104 S Victoria av
Shigeta H, rest, 311 1/2 S Union av
Shineovich Michl, groc, 1715 E Abriendo av
Shinn Harry, photog, 1318 E Evans av
Shonsbye-Beck Shoe Co, 2d floor Pueblo Savings Bank bldg
Shropshire J W, phys, Minnequa Hospital
Shubick Frank, notions, hdw, 213 W Northern av
Shuff J R, prosthetic dentist, 604 Thatcher bldg
Sills Lon L, real est, 2 Pope blk
Silver State Auto Co, Chas E Porter prop, 911 N Main
SILVER STATE MUSIC CO, F H Frankenberg pres & mgr, L M Yeager sec, pianos,
    organs, Victor talking machines and records, 206 N Main
Simala Jas, billiards, 217 W Northern av
Simin Krist, groc, 309 E Northern
Simmons Jas A, barber, 309 N Santa Fe av
Simmons Jefferson D, wall paper, paints, 724 E 4th
SIMON H (Big 4 Auto Parts & Rubber House) 110-118 N Santa Fe av
Simon & Klein, fuel, junk, 114 N Santa Fe av
Simonick J A, rubber tires & reprs, 315 W Northern av
Simons Brokerage Co, Frank M Hawley mgr, mdse brokers, 210 Thatcher bldg
Simony Bros, dry gds, Spruce cor W Northern av
SINCLAIR REFINING CO, R H Gaut local agent, 24th cor Santa Fe av, tel 1284
Singer Sewing Machine Co, E G Mewhirter mgr, 116 N Main
Singer Wm F, phys, 114 W 9th
Sisk & Engstrom (J O Sisk, F G Engstrom) auto painting, 222 1/2 N Santa Fe av
Skiff Michl, contr, 711 Berkeley av
Sloan Frank M, linotype composition, 104 E 4th
Sly G G, confecty, 915 N Main
Smalley & Howat, auto tops, 301 W 7th
Smallfield & Olson, soft drinks, 505 N Santa Fe av
SMART W C, asst cshr Pueblo Savings & Trust Co, Main cor 3d
Smith Candy Co (R I & R R Smith W J Secora) 1337 E Evans av
Smith Emma Mrs, art studio, 39 Masonic bldg
Smith G W, div frt agt, A T & S F Ry, 401 N Union av
Smith F M, billiards, 224 N Union av
Smith H A, upholsterer, 5th cor Granite
SMITH HARLAN J, cshr First National Bank, 5th cor Main
Smith Jno H, phys, 304 1/2 N Main
Smith Y, groc, meats, 679 S Union av
Smith & McDowell, contrs
Snedec Jno, groc, 819 East B
Snedec Jos F, phys, 650 Thatcher bldg
Snelling W G, garage, 316 W 4th
Snider Louis S, dentist 629 Thatcher bldg
SNODGRASS FOOD CO, 621 N Main and 423 W Northern, Bessemer
Sohns Albert, barber, 210 S Union av
Sopes Geo, tailor, 1326 E Evans av
Souders Harry B, soft drinks, 201 Central Main
South Colorado Tank Co, 1715 E 13th
South Pueblo Homestead & Building Assn, E Van Keuren sec, 103 East C
Southern Colorado Bank, Andrew McGovern Jr pres, Martin Walter Jr, vice-pres,
    R L Phillips cshr, D P Ducy asst cshr, 601 N Main
Southern Colorado Power Co, W F Raber vice-pres & genl mgr, Electric bldg
Southern Investment & Realty Co H S Middelkamp sec, Pope blk
Southwestern Brokerage Co, mdse brokers, 325 Lamkin
Spanish Peaks Grain, Coal & Produce Co, A H McCoy mgr, Summit cor River
Sparr & Goodbar, sheet metal works, 110 W 5th
Spector J E Mrs, pawnbroker, 244 N Union av
Speken Saml, furn, 124 S Union av
Spencer Earl W, dentist, 620 Thatcher bldg
Spencer Roland, tailor, 105 N Union av
Spitzer Bros (E A & C C) garage, 1316 Routt av
Sponsilier D M, billiards, cigars, 422 W Northern av
Spray C A, chiropractor, 339 Central blk
SPRENGLE J F, mgr Andrew McClelland Mercantile, Industrial & Realty Co,
    230-232 S Mechanic
St Francis Hotel, Mrs Ina West prop, 323 1/2 N Union av
St George Hotel, 322 1/2 S Union av
St Mary's Hospital, Sister Alexandrine supt, Pitkin cor Quincy
St Teresa's Convent, Benedictine Sisters in charge, 715 East B
Stalick & Papesh, groc, 303 E Abriendo av
Standard Fire Brick Go, F J Helwig genl mgr, 24th cor Summit
Standard Insurance & Realty Co, Jos Berliner mgr, 222 Thatcher bldg
Standard Plumbing & Heating Co, H H Cannon mgr, 414 N Santa Fe av
Stanko & Sajbel, groc, meats, 312 Park
Stansbeck Wm H, real est, 111 Pope blk
Stanton Thomas, prop Mission Monument Works, 605 S Union
Stanwood Harry D, dentist, 608 Thatcher bldg
Star Clothing Co, M Greenberg prop, 212 N Union av
STAR - JOURNAL PUBLISHING CO, Frank S Hoag genl mgr, pubs Star-Journal,
    Grand av cor Union av
Star Loan & Investment Co, G P Williams mgr, 43 Masonic bldg
Stark Bros (A & Robt I) jewelers 221 N Union av
Stark & Leiser, clothing, 411 N Union av
State Employment Office, Labor Temple
Staton J E, garage, 222 W 6th
Steel L R Service Corp, J Schultz mgr, 206 Central blk
Steen W H. rest, 208 W Northern av
Stein Max, fruits, 115 E 4th
Steinfield H, groc, 307 S Victoria av
Stephan Chas O, sanitary eng, 522 N Santa Fe av
Stephens Arthur, hosiery, 16 Franklin blk
Stevens F W, rest, 316 1/2 S Union av
Stewart Alex T, lawyer, 747 Thatcher bldg
Stewart F E, auto reprs, 615 Grand av
Stewart, Phelps & Baker (Wm B Stewart, J Arthur Phelps, Geo B Baker) lawyers,
    135 Central blk
Stewart R C, chiropractor, 338 Central blk
Stewart & Ragan Advertising Agency, 12 Amherst bldg
Stickney Chas H Agency (Mrs Anna B Stickney) loans, ins, 738 Thatcher bldg
Stickney William, architect, 738 Thatcher bldg
STILES C O, mgr & asst sec Pueblo Mercantile & Credit Assn,
    339-341-342 Thatcher bldg
Stimmel Edw C, dentist, 612 Thatcher bldg
Stine G E, clean & press, 209 N Union av
Stock Yards Hotel, L W Nichola mgr, nr Pueblo Stock Yards
Stoddard T A, phys, 544 Thatcher bldg
STOEHR FRED, cleaning, pressing, dyeing, 612 N Main
Stone Slatha Mrs, clothing, 324 N Union av
Storer Todd C, lawyer, Central blk
Strange-Maguire Paving Co, 114 Pope blk
Stratton Jas P, drugs, 100 Michigan av
STRAUB J, trunks, bags, suit cases, 620 N Main
Streamer Chas W, phys, 422 Thatcher bldg
Stricklett Grocery Co (F B Stricklett) groc, meats, 120 Lake av
Stuart J L, ins, 339 Thatcher bldg
Stumpf Conrad, real est, 111 Pope blk
Stumpf Geo J, city comsnr
Sturgis Benj F, groc, 325 S Victoria av
Suburban Land & Invt Co, C K McHarg vice-pres, 328 S Union
SULPHUR STEAM BATHS, Nina B Creek masseuse, 312-314 Central blk,
    office tel 1030 J, res tel 3336 R
Summit Pressed Brick & Tile Co, Jos Welte mgr, 14th cor Water
SUNVILLE BAKING CO THE, E T Norton mgr "Bakers of good bread" wholesale and
    shipping trade, 10th cor Santa Fe av
Superior Art & Frame Co (Wagner & Noviock) 111 N Union av
Superior Transfer Co (John Holden) 4th cor Grand
Supon Jno, rest, 314 S Victoria av
Sutton Eth, optometrist, 5 Labor Temple
Sutton Mercantile Co (H F Sutton) fruits & produce, 112 W 7th
Svea Insurance Co, O G Smith agt, 101 Pope blk
Swabb G W, groc, 38 Block M
Swanney & McDaniel, auto reprs, 603 N Grand av
Swearingen W B, magazines, 301 Central blk
Swearingen & Dunlap (W E Swearingen, C L Duniap) cigars, billiards, 625 N Main
Swedarsky Alex, billiards, 311 Bay State
SWEENEY GEO H, notary public sec-treas & mgr Globe Fire Insurance & Investment
    Co. 223-224-225 Thatcher bldg
Sweeney J E, rest, 213 W 8th
Swift & Co, R C Haley mgr, whol meats, 426 W 3d
Tanner Fruit Co, C F Tanner mgr 212 Grand av
Taravella Toney & Son, groc, 930 Currie
Tarbell & Prichard, auto tires & reprs, 253 N Santa Fe av
TAUB BROS, clothiers, men's furnishings, shoes, 310 N Main
Tawada H, billiards, 1400 E Abriendo av
Taylor Bertha A Mrs, confecty, staty, 103 E Abriendo av
Taylor C F, phys, 802 W 13th
Taylor Daniel, billiards, 119 W 4th
Taylor French L, lawyer, 747 Thatcher bldg
Taylor J P, contr, 1216 W 17th
Taylor Maude, drugs, 1230 E 8th
Taylor Porter C, chiropractor, Congress Hotel
Taylor Ray R, phys, 650 Thatcher bldg
Tenny Robt C, dentist, 414 Thatcher bldg
Terrones J Inez, barber, 228 S Union av
Texas Co, Jno W Huff local agt, 11th cor Water
Tharp Harry G, contr, 110 Michigan
THATCHER CATTLE CO, J H Thatcher pres & mgr, 429 Thatcher bldg
THATCHER M D, pres First National Bank, vice-pres Pueblo Savings & Trust Co
Thatcher M D, Estate Co, A S Booth sec First National Bank bldg
THATCHER R C, vice-pres & chairman of the board First National Bank,
    5th cor Main
THATCHER REALTY & INVESTMENT CO, J H Thatcher pres, R C Thatcher treas,
    429 Thatcher bldg
THOMAS-BROWN COAL CO, W N Thomas mgr, 406-408 Thatcher bldg
Thomas E H, rooms, 232 1/2 S Union av
Thomas R A, furn, 226 S Union av
THOMAS W N, mgr Pueblo Clay Products Co and Thomas-Brown Coal Co,
    406-408 Thatcher bldg
Thomas & Bowman (F E Thomas C D Bowman) garage, 203 S Union av
THOMPSON C M, asst cshr First National Bank, 5th cor Main
Thompson Edw C, barber, Union Depot
Thompson Geo A, groc, 1002 W 13th
Thompson H F, sec hd gds, 116 S Union av
Thompson Henry M, oculist, 514 Thatcher bldg
Thompson Jno W, phys, 514 Thatcher bldg
Thompson R L Mrs, ladies tailor, 215 Central blk
Thornton & Johnson (R L Thornton, Adolph Johnson) groc, 677 S Union av
Thunborg A, tailor, 323 Santa Fe av
Tishma Danl, barber, 1248 S Santa Fe av
Tizzi O, soft drinks, 130 S Union av
Tobin Furniture Co (W H Tobin) 405 W Northern av
Todaro Ciro D, rest, 322 N Union av
Todaro Saml, rest, 326 N Union av
Toedter Benj, auto reprs, 813 N Main
Toedter H C, groc, 1401 E Orman
Toledo Scale Co (J E Rogers, R L Keirsey) 102 W 3d
Toliopulos Steve, soft drinks, 518 W Northern av
Ton Geo J, whol lettuce, 331 West D
Tonti Frank, soft drinks, 114 S Union av
Tooke A J, barber, 704 E 4th
Towne C W, auto reprs, 1007 W Northern av
Traeder W, shoemkr, 106 E 4th
Treadwell Wilbur A, contr 1130 Topaz
Trencak Mike, groc, 1700 Spruce
Trenkenschuh & Gerland (J W Trenkenschuh, A G Gerland) groc, 1001 E Evans av
Triangle Oil & Supply Go (Gordon B Crowe, Alva Koontz) filling station,
    401 Grand av
Trimble Saml D, lawyer, 301 W 13th
Tripp & York, photogs, 304 1/2 N Main
Tschmelitsch F, tailor, 608 N Main
Tully Jno E, contr, 215 W Adams
Turano Martin, groc, 910 Currie
Turkey Creek Stone, Clay & Gypsum Go, R K Potter genl mgr, 304 Central blk
Turner Meyrle Mrs, hairdresser, 17 Pope blk
Tweed Oscar, florist, 1307 Berkeley av
Twin Lakes Land & Water Co, M G Saunders sec-treas, Thatcher bldg
Twombly W H, furn, 1200 Routt av
Tyler Tire Co (Wm H Tyler, Eli Tyler) 604 N Main
Tyree John W, contr, 611 E 11th
Udick J E, groc, meats, 1145 Routt av
Underwood Turner S, cert pub acct, 350 Thatcher bldg
Underwood Typewriter Co, W F O'Toole mgr, 102 W 3d
Unger H W, cigars, confecty, 1638 E Evans av
UNION BAGGAGE & TRANSFER CO (Union Depot Baggage & Transfer, Pueblo Baggage &
    Express Co) H L Hersperger mgr, 208 W 2d
Union Central Life Insurance Co W M Campbell, 710 Thatcher bldg
Union Coal & Grain Co, 550 S Union av
Union Depot Baggage & Transfer, H L Hersperger mgr, 208 W 2d
Union Depot Hotel, G H Karr mgr Union Depot
Union Depot Yellow Taxicab Co (E L Connor), Union Depot
Union Indemnity Co, J L Stuart agt, 339 Thatcher bldg
Union Publishing Co, Vincent Massari sec-treas, 109 West B
United Davis-Vories Undertaking Co (A R Davis, H E Davis) 128 Bdway
United Health Assn, Bruce B Schwerin sec, 221 1/2 N Main
United Home Builders of America Wm Raines agt, 425 Thatcher bldg
United Mine Workers of America Felix Pogliano sec-treas, 444 Thatcher bldg
United Rubber Co (C H Wildin) 811 N Main
U S Civil Service Commission, G Williams sec, 415 Federal bldg
U S Dept of Agriculture Forest Service, A G Hamel supervisor 213 Federal bldg
U S Employment Service, 244 N Union
U S Internal Revenue Office, 210 Federal bldg
U S Land Office, Fred Sisson reg Florence M West rec
U S Pension Board, Dr. Philip Work sec, 650 Thatcher bldg
U S Railway Mail Service, 408 Federal bldg
U S Trucking Co (S J Self, Roy Miller) 222 Santa Fe av
U S Veterans' Bureau, H C Dodge local mgr, 221 Central blk
U S Weather Bureau, H B Dick observer, 214 Federal bldg
U S Zinc Co, J D Thomas supt, nr Roselawn Cemetery
Utopia Rooms. F E Hendren prop 316 W 5th
Valle Rodrigo, groc, 1221 E Abriendo av
Valley Packing & Produce Co, G W Booth mgr, 604 W 6th
Van Meer Thos. ice cream. 1305 1/2 Routt av
Van Meter Jno. rest. 113 S Union av
Vantreese Bros, barbers, 323 S Union av
Varley Edwin W. dentist, 614 Thatcher bldg
VATES ROBERT W. lawyer, 509 Thatcher bldg
VATES WILLIAM B. lawyer. 509 Thatcher bldg
Veges Gus, shoemkr. 410 1/2 W Northern av
Veith-Spruill Invt Co. ins, 11 Franklin blk
Vendome Hotel, Mrs Josephine Watson Drop. 113 1/2 West B
Venuto Domenico. barber, 908 Elm
Victoria Hotel. Cora Lusink prop, 119 N Victoria av
Vidam Jacob, srroc. 2335 Spruce
Vidie M A. confecty, 218 N Union av
Vienna Rooms. Mary Kelley prop, 415 1/2 N Santa Fe av
Vincent Darr. phys. 814 N Main
Viola Tony & Co. srroc, 902 Elm
Virginia Hotel. Mrs Roy Collins prop, 205 1/2 N Santa Fe av
Vitullo Bros, billiards, soft drinks 100 N Santa Fe av
Vitullo Jos, billiards, 231 S Union av
Vogt H J, phys, 2 Strait blk
Voorhees Jno H, lawver, 124 Central blk
Vore C S, tinner, 2015 Spruce
Vories Harry P, lawyer, 405 Central blk
Vulcan Social Club, 1319 E Abriendo av
Wagner Harry C. real est, ins, 518 Thatcher bldg
Wagner J W & S L, photogs, 27 Masonic bldg
Waldman Frank X, bakery, lunch 323 S Union av
Walker Arthur, auto laundry. rear 112 W 7th
Walker E A, billiards, 118 N Main
Walker H E, soft drinks, 118 N Main
WALKER MOTOR CO. L G Walker pres & mgr, E C Mattes vice-pres & treas, G E Walker
    sec, Dodge Brothers Motor Vehicles, 224-230 W 5th
Wall C M, groc, 1416 E 4th
Wallace Franklin E, phys, 517 Thatcher bids:
Walling Geo S. dentist, 703 S Union av
Walmsley Ralph, osteopath, 401 Thatcher bids:
Walpole Anna, groc. 1800 Pine av
Walpole N S. invt securities, 329 Thatcher bldg
Walsh Leonard T. dentist. Central blk
Walter Motor Sales Co (C W Walter) 311 N Grand av
Walz Ernest, barber. 105 West B
Ward C W. books & staty, 333 S Union av
WARDROBE THE (E J Peck) cleaning, pressing, dyeing, 801 N Main
Warner Edith A, stenog, 501 Thatcher bldg
Warner Fence Co, J G Bruce mgr 2200 E Abriendo av
Wartenbee R H, groc, meats, Bdway cor Evans
Washkevich Gust, billiards, 323 W Northern av
Watkins Bros Furniture Co, 301 Santa Fe av
Watkins Bros Realty Co, 107 W 3d
Watkins Bruce E, notary, 107 W 3d
Watkins G L, dentist, Mesa Junction
Watkins Hat Co, Alfred A Watkins prop, 226 N Main
Weaver-Fagerstrom (Inc) O C Gibbs mgr, whol notions & staty, 215 W 3d
Weaver F L, ins, real est, Abriendo cor Union
Weber C F, bakery, 2331 Grand av
Weber & Weston Auto Co, auto reprs, 415 N Grand av
Weiland Engineering Co (A A Weiland) 721 Thatcher bldg
Weindling Jac, shoemkr, 110 1/2 S Union av
Wellhouse Chas, carp, contr, 115 East C
Wellhouse Chas Mrs, groc, 116 East C
Welton Land & Water Co, Stanley Grundy sec, 304 Central blk
Wennermark C A, jeweler, 1245 E Evans
Werner Henry, sec hd gds, 201 N Santa Fe av
West Bros Jr Furniture Co (L M West, R P West) Santa Fe av cor 2d
West Logan, contr, 1105 E 7th
Western Auto Supply Co, A L Nelson mgr, 500 N Main
Western Casualty Co, Lee Wood agt, 421 Thatcher bldg
Western Employment Agency. Jno Straney prop, 306 S Union av
Western Fruit House, Max Stein prop, groc. fruit, meats, 115 E 4th
Western Loan & Real Estate Co (J H McGeel 34 Masonic bldg
Western Malt Products Co (A E Fist, J Blum) 100 W 3d
Western National Bank, G F Trotter pres, W L Graham vice-pres, Chas E Saxton
    Cshr H M Mertz asst cshr, E E Musick, asst cshr. Main cor 2d
Western Pacific R R, O O Stanchfield agt, 139 Central blk
Western Sales Co, C M Clutter mgr, 122 W 1st
Western Shoe & Clothing Co (Jos Buckstein & Son) Abr Buckstein mgr,
    232 S Union av
Western Sign & Adv Co (R E Lee) 210 N Victoria av
Western Union Tel Co, W F Drake mgr, 514 N Main
Western Weighing & Inspection Bureau, Warren Hall agt, Lam-kin & West D
Western Well Works & Drainage Co, A A Weiland mgr, 721 Thatcher bldg
Wetzig Carl K, groc, 712 W 12th
White Auto Co, M Skiff mgr, 220 S Main
White Jno H, tire reprs, 226 W 8th
White Sewing Machine Co, O C Gentry mgr, 105 W 2d
White W P, barber, 306 N Santa Fe av
White & Davis, clothing, 301 N Main
Whitlock H E, contr, 1214 E 5th
Whitman Bros, drugs, Berkeley cor Northern av
WHITON - MAHAR MORTUARY (Mrs E T Whiton) morticians and embalmers,
    211-13-15 E Abriendo av
Wicks E B, postmaster
Wiesel Seed Co, J M Wiesel pres and mgr, 309 N Union av
Wigton W I, real est, 501 N Santa Fe av
Wilcox Mason A, phys, Pope bldg
WILDER WALTER L, sec & ed Chieftain Printing Co, 111-113 E 4th
Willey Morton B, lawyer, 119 W 5th
Williams Lee F, contr, 347 Thatcher bldg
Williams Sample Store Co (J H Williams) dry gds, clothing, 124 N Main
Williams Wardner, real est, 450 Thatcher bldg
Williams & Co, R R Williams mgr real est, 325 Central blk
Williamson Arthur R, phys, 114 Pope blk
Wilson A C Mrs, millinery, 515 1/2 N Main
Wilson Jos R, ins, real est, loans, 15 Pope blk
Wilson T B, chiropractor, 205 N Main
Wilson W M, groc, 528 W 7th
Wilson & Wilson (T B & P L) chiropractors, optometrists, 4 Amherst blk
Winch-Slayden Stationery Co, M C Slayden mgr, 122 W 3d
Winer & Kushnir (S Winer & Max Kushnir) furn, 410 Santa Fe av
Winsett L C, shoemkr, 213 W 7th
Wise Oliver C, oculist, 125 Central blk
WITHERS G G, pres & bus mgr, Chieftain Printing Co, 111-113 E 4th
Wold & Craighill, battery service 1315 E Routt av
Wolf Jno G, phys, Pueblo Clinic 7th cor Main
Wolther Frank E, rubber tires & reprs, 416 N Santa Fe av
Wood Lee, ins, 421 Thatcher bldg
Woodbridge J H, phys, 650 Thatcher bldg
Woodcroft Hospital, Dr C W Thompson supt, 29th cor Court
Woodmen of the World Camp No 2, H G Noble 218 1/2 W 4th Camp 29, W M Doherty
    clk, 107 A Pope blk, Camp 131 H H Garnier clk, 1240 E Evans
Woodrum Wm W, dentist, 2 Erickson bldg
Woolworth F W Co, 5 & 10 cent store, R C Dieffenbacher mgr, 311 N Main
Wooton Jno T, contr, 1705 E 7th
Work Hester, groc, 906 W 13th
Work Philip, phys, 650 Thatcher bldg
WREN RODNEY (DeTienne & Wren) osteopath, 314 Thatcher bldg
Wright Alf L, groc, 802 E 3d
Wukovih Spiro, soft drinks, billiards, 218 W Northern av
Wurth A, groc, 731 E 4th
Wyeth Jno, drugs, Evans cor Summit
Yatsko & Sajbel, groc, Orman cor Mesa av
Wyndle & Wyndle (L W & P E Wyndle), clean & press, 112 W Abriendo av
Yavornik Frank, shoemkr, 813 East B
Yeager H S, coal, 302 S Union av
Yerbj Jno, barber, 306 S Union av
Yost R, confecty, cigars, 417 W Northern av
Young C R, tires, accessories, 815 N Main
YOUNG IRA K, sec & asst mgr Crews-Beggs Dry Goods Co, 4th cor Main
Young Men's Christian Assn, B V Ruppel genl sec, 110 W 8th
Young Women's Christian Assn, Florence L Hillengas sec, 8th cor N Santa Fe av
Zang Ph Co, Joseph F Reilly agt, C cor Lamkin
Zayac Floryan, groc, 1428 E Orman
Zigich Michl, billiards, cigars, 1701 E Abriendo av
Zinke Shoe Repair Co (Jno D Zinke) 408 N Main
Zito Tony, soft drinks, 179 S Santa Fe av
Zoelsmann Otto, bakery, 912 E Abriendo av

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Colorado State Business Directory
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